Nature expects us to be responsible and careful

Spring flood is a natural state of emergency. Therefore, the attitude towards him should be as responsible as possible.

During this period, we must remember that spring ice is very insidious, the sun and fog long before the opening of the tanks make it porous, loose, although from the outside it looks strong. Such ice can not support the weight of a person, not to mention the vehicles.

During the floods, ice shifts are observed in the rivers. This is a very exciting spectacle. However, we must not forget that this period is very dangerous, especially those places where underground springs come to the surface of the ice, hot water drains from industrial enterprises, near shrubs protruding into the ice, reeds, jams and other things. During the flood period, nature expects from us order, attention and compliance with the rules of safe behavior on ice and water.

Flood is a significant flood (flood) of the area as a result of rising water levels in rivers, ponds, reservoirs during the snowmelt period, thunderstorms, water explosions, during traffic jams, blockages, etc.

In advance, together with the territorial authorities of the Yakutsk Regional Administration, arrange the removal of existing cattle, horses and pets in prepared areas.

The biggest risk of spring floods is for children.

Remaining unattended by parents and the elderly, unaware of the safety precautions, as the child’s sense of danger is weaker than curiosity, they play on a steep bank and sometimes ride on ice sheets. Such carelessness sometimes ends tragically. In the spring, it is necessary to strengthen control over the places where children play.

Parents and teachers!

Keep children out of the water without adult supervision, especially during ice skating. warn them of the danger of being on the ice when a river or lake opens. Tell the children about the rules of behavior during the flood season, forbid them to make jokes near the water, stop recklessness.

Action in case of flood threat, flood:

  • Listen carefully to the emergency information and instructions on how to proceed, do not use the phone unnecessarily, so that communication with you is free. Stay calm, warn your neighbors, help people with disabilities, children and the elderly.
  • Find out where the residents are for evacuation and prepare for it.
  • Prepare documents, clothes, the most necessary, food supply for several days, medicines. Put everything in a suitcase. Store the documents in a waterproof bag. It does not hurt to have a flashlight with spare batteries – for sending emergency calls in the dark.
  • Disconnect all appliances that consume electricity from the mains, turn off the gas.
  • Carry valuables and food upstairs or pick them up on the top shelves. Drive the animals you have on your farm to higher ground.

In the event of a sudden flood, it is essential to get to the nearest safe elevated point as soon as possible and be prepared for an organized water evacuation. Steps must be taken so that rescuers can identify people who have been cut off from the water and need help.

Actions in the flash flood zone during a flood, flood:

  • Stay calm, do not panic. Quickly collect the necessary documents, valuables, medicines, food and other essentials.
  • Help children, people with disabilities and the elderly. They must first be evacuated. Leave the flood zone as soon as possible.
  • Before leaving the house, turn off the electricity and gas supply, put out the fire in the stoves. Close windows and doors if there is time – close windows and doors on the first floor with planks (shields).
  • Open the barn – give the cattle a chance to escape.
  • Go upstairs. If the house is single storey – occupy the attic space.
  • Until help arrives, stay on the upper floors, roofs, trees or other heights, alert rescuers to find you quickly. Check for casualties nearby, provide assistance if possible.
  • Once in the water, remove heavy clothing and shoes from yourself, look for nearby items that you can use before getting help.
  • Do not overcrow lifeboats.
  • When you return home after a flood, first check if the foundation has been flushed, if something will fall on your head from above. Ventilate the premises – harmful gases may accumulate in them. Do not turn on the gas stove until you are sure that there is no gas leak.
  • For safety reasons, it is best not to eat soaked foods, as they can be contaminated with pathogens. For the same reason, before taking water from a well, you must first drain it, clean it and then pump the water until it becomes drinkable.

Yakutsk District Administration Press Service.

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