Today 13,000 seedlings were planted in the Orekhovo-Zuevsky area

30 Apr. 2022, 16:15

Today, in the territory of the urban area Orekhovo-Zuevsky, the action “Victory Forest – Garden of Memory” took place. 13,000 tree seedlings of various species were planted in 25 sites with a total area of ​​6 hectares, about 700 people participated in the action

The action “Forest of Victory” is carried out on the initiative of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov for the tenth time. Since 2013, residents have been planting forests and landscaping urban areas in memory of those who gave their lives during the Great Patriotic War. For the third year in a row, the action is under the auspices of the international “Garden of Remembrance”, which plans to plant 27 million trees – according to the number who died in 1941-1945.

Link between past and future

The main platform this time was the area near the Yellow Mountain, where activists, representatives of public organizations, students and ordinary citizens who want to contribute to the common cause planted more than 12 thousand pine saplings in an area of ​​3.4 acres. The landing point was not chosen at random. Aleksey Gaidukov, a senior forester in the Zuevsky Forestry area of ​​the Mosoblles Orekhovo-Zuevsky branch, said that a few years ago, a bark beetle printer severely destroyed mature trees growing in the forest:

“We carried out a continuous sanitary felling here, removing dead trees, preparing the ground and plowing ditches for planting pine saplings and today, all together, we are beginning to restore the forest in the desert that has emerged.

As usual, the action attracted a lot of young people. Dressed in green-themed T-shirts, the students unanimously began to work. Yana Aleksakhina, a student at GSTU Humanities and Pedagogy College, worked with everyone. Participates in the action for the third time:

“Who will help nature if not us,” says Yana. “By planting trees, we not only restore the lungs of the planet, but we also pay tribute to the memory of our great-grandfathers who defended the world from fascism. The enlarged forest will please the new generations and thus a thread will be stretched between the past and the future.

Svetlana Tarasova.jpg

Svetlana Tarasova, president of the Public Chamber of the city district, also spoke about the fact that the “Forest of Victory” unites different generations:

“It’s nice that our students are planting forests with the veterans today. Only together can we make our planet beautiful and maintain peace on it. Every tree planted in the memory of our victorious heroes will grow for the joy of the people.

Instead of wilderness, a pine forest

Despite the cold wind that did not blow in April, the work of the participants in the action was friendly. They worked in pairs: one made a hole with Kolesov’s ball, in which the other put a pine sapling and hit it with soil. The observance of the planting technology was vigilantly monitored by the employees of the forest department.

“In fact, there is nothing complicated about it,” Alexei Gaidukov explained. – The main thing is to properly press the soil into the root system so as not to form an airbag inside. Then the sapling will surely take root.

State Duma deputy Gennady Panin and Moscow Regional Duma deputies Eduard Zhivtsov and Maxim Korkin took an active part in the action.

The Burtsev family at Victory Forest.jpg

Young Grisha and Lenya Burtsevs came to the Yellow Mountain with their dad. Holding the seedlings in their fists, the boys carefully watched how he cut and carefully glued the future trees to them. “I have already planted nine seedlings”, Grigoris boasted to us.

Family Burtsev.jpg

“Every man should not only raise his son and build a house, but also plant his own tree, which is why I am here today,” said Pavel Burchev. – I regularly participate in the action, but I got my sons for the first time: let them learn to take care of their native nature from an early age.

Tamara Belotserkovskaya.jpg

For Tamara Belotserkovskaya, a member of the Veterans City Council, planting trees is a personal contribution to the renewal and revitalization of indigenous nature. Last year, together with the other veterans, he participated in the planting of an oak forest near the Yellow Mountain and, returning here after a year, he saw with joy how the trees he had planted began to take root.

So it was not all in vain! shared with us.

Planting seedlings is only the first step towards reforestation. After the end of the campaign, the employees of Mosoblles will carry out agricultural care so that the future trees will not be clogged with weeds and in five to seven years the pine forest will grow here for the joy of present and future generations.

Julia Olegovna Ladorenko

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