Weather for NO tomorrow

Because the weather reports we use often do not fall into the top ten. If you decide to learn the weather forecast, for example, on a mobile phone or computer, on local TV or in newspapers, as well as in the Pavlodar section of RSE Kazhydromet, you will find that this data varies. But this can not be, since the weather with its parameters is the same in the area for both television and print media! This, I note, is observed in almost all regions of the country.

I wanted to know the reason from the director Pavlodar Branch of “Kazgidromet” Marzhan Kusainova and her deputy Galina Shpak. As they explained to me, this should come as no surprise, as today most media and mobile providers, as well as citizens, prefer to receive free weather data on the Internet, linked to their location.

At the same time, speaking of these predictions, my interlocutors do not know exactly who and where is processing and issuing these meteorological reports, which, in their opinion, arose by the method of mathematical means of calculation with reference to a specific area.

I ask the question: why, in this “background”, our branch in Pavlodar is one of the best in Kazakhstan, as in the shadow of the weather forecast, which should be much more accurate? I was told that there is no “shadow”. Today, in the system of the regional “Kazhydromet” of the region there are 19 meteorological stations, of which four are automated. There are also 21 meteorological agronomists. Of these, 10 are independent. An additional six hydrological stations – five rivers in the Irtysh and a lake in the Bayanaul.

Also, ten posts monitor the environment of Pavlodar, Aksu and Ekibastuz. All meteorological data of the area are systematized and transferred to the head Kazgidromet. Planned work is also being done to make predictions for the future. That is, Pavlodar industry staff can not be blamed for the fact that somewhere “underperforms”. The existing claims of various economic structures and citizens to meteorologists about inaccuracies in meteorological forecasts and unfulfilled expectations should be attributed to the fact that they receive the data from the Internet and not from the Kazhydromet regional branch. And you have to pay for his predictions.

“We are a self-sustaining company,” says Marzhan Kusainova. – The state provides us with equipment, pays the work of the workers and the rest of the expenses we have to take from what we earn. Therefore, we enter into contracts with companies and other economic and administrative bodies and on the basis of these we deliver our weather reports. And to sensitize the population, we offer such cooperation to the media in the area. But at the moment, only the Irbis TV channel works with us on an equal footing and the rest of the media prefer to use the internet weather. But these reports, as already mentioned, are “arithmetic average” and do not claim to be one hundred percent accurate.

This is a moment. In the “Kazgidromet” annex I also heard such views: they say, the akimat of the area or the agriculture department receive reports from Pavlodar meteorologists. At best they will be read by the head of the region and the head of the agricultural industry and at worst they will remain on the tables of secretaries, assistants or in one of the top offices.

And why not transfer this data with the help of the same computer to neighborhoods? That’s why, as I was told, akimat says they are transferring funds for meteorological forecasts to the regions and they themselves have to receive reports and send them to limited liability agricultural companies and farms. And in the neighborhoods they answer that no one gives them anything for the “weather” and they, therefore, use the Internet. That is, there is a low efficiency of weather monitoring in the area.

It seems to be a small inconsistency. But in reality it is a loss for the economy and the strategic security of the state. Simple everyday examples. For example, a rural farmer hoped for the promised rains, did not irrigate, saving money, vegetable plantations and reduced the harvest. In another case, not finding confirmation of rain in available sources, he flooded his garden and then clouds came and rained the soil again. This seems to be good, but production costs have increased due to previous artificial irrigation.

The same is true of economics and strategy in the energy sector, road and rail transport, public utilities and other sectors. Teams in these areas need to know exactly: how much coal needs to be stored for the winter for power plants and boilers, what equipment and how much staff to prepare for severe frosts and snowstorms, spring floods, and other emergencies. Here, too, hopes for the Internet can hurt.

Therefore, it seems that Kazhydromet branches should be fully funded by the state. It is essential that Pavlodar industry reliable weather forecasts are widely disseminated through television, radio and newspapers and that people are not forced to “think” forecasts. And that’s perfectly justified. Take, for example, the state police, emergency services and medical services, who work for the population for free. Can you imagine a firefighter, rescuer or policeman asking for payment first to put out a fire, eliminate the consequences of a natural disaster and neutralize a criminal and only then start working?

So why not make regional meteorological services also free and widely available? To a large extent, the country’s food security, crop and animal profits, winter preparedness and natural disasters, safe road conditions and simply the well-being of the people depend to a large extent on publicity. work of Kazhydromet.

That is, the weather forecast should be in a special account in Kazakhstan. Every year in Kazakhstan, including our region, fines (even multi-million dollars) are imposed on companies that ignore the environment for various violations of environmental protection activities and damage to the environment. All these amounts, as a rule, go to the democratic budget. And why not leave some of these funds in the area that has been damaged in nature and send some reservations for the development of the Kazhydromet branch network?

With his direct participation, such negative events were identified and silenced, which should be encouraged. So “home weather”, more specifically – its predictions – depends on the human factor and the approach to this problem.


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