How To Control Internet Traffic On iPhone

Due to sanctions, providers began to gradually remove unlimited internet offers from the price line. It’s time to dump her and move on. Remember what happens when precious gigabytes run out? The internet is starting to slow down so that not even a WhatsApp message can be sent. In order not to get into such an unpleasant situation, it is better to look from time to time data usage on iPhone and save traffic when needed. Today we will talk about many life hacks that will allow you to see used traffic and see deeper statistics using third party applications.

We tell you how to view Internet usage statistics and how you can save traffic


Use data on iPhone

IOS has a built-in data usage tracking feature that lets you know how much Internet you are spending on a given period. You can also find out how much data a particular application consumes. It’s very easy to control this.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Mobile.
  • Scroll down the screen and see how much data each application consumes.

Here you can find all the necessary information about the traffic used.

Numbers should not scare you: IPhone measures the amount of data used for a certain period of time, which is called the “Current Period”. In my case, the smartphone counts the used traffic from September 22, 2020 – from the moment the current backup version was restored. Statistics can be reset if you want to start counting again – just click “Reset Statistics”.

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How to save data on iPhone

To turn off Internet in iphone applicationsfor example, for a trip or just to save money, you can choose some applications.

Disable Internet usage in individual applications if you need to save traffic

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Mobile.
  • Move the slider to the inactive position for applications from the list.

First of all, it’s worth turning off the traffic from the Photos app so it doesn’t fly again files in iCloud via mobile, and at the same time iCloud Drive synchronization, which is listed below. Backing up in the cloud is very convenient, but if the cellular network signal is insufficient, the operation will only worsen the situation, it is better to do it when IPhone is connected to Wi-Fi. It is also worth checking the market applications and the weather widget, which pulls a new weather forecast from the home screen when your location changes. You can also simply turn off the background work of the programs by going to “Content Update”.

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Wi-Fi help on iPhone

In this menu, you can also find the “Wi-Fi Help” item. What is? It’s very simple: when you use a hotspot, but the Internet speed is not desirable, iOS automatically switches to mobile data usage.

The feature only works if your iPhone has one data transfer enabledand also shows how much data was used to speed up Wi-Fi. Turn it off if you do not want the megabytes in the price of gold to fly away when you are in another country, with weak Wi-Fi connected.

Why does the Internet not work well on the iPhone?

While in “Mobile Data”, pay attention to the “System Services” bar: if you go to this item, you will see how much data your iPhone is constantly using for iOS. You can not turn them all off at once, but you can turn off unnecessary push notifications (yes, they also consume traffic), as well as App Store updates.

Disable all downloads in the App Store if you want to save bandwidth

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select App Store.
  • Disable automatic downloads of applications and software updates by disabling the appropriate components.
  • A little further down, turn off “Automatic Downloads” to prevent unnecessary traffic consumption.

And below, I advise you to turn off Auto Video Playback: thanks to this setting, you will not play automatically application preview in the App Storewhich also consumes a lot of traffic.

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How To Control Internet Speed ​​On iPhone

If you want to learn more about the performance of a cellular or Wi-Fi network, use a third-party application to analyze statistics. I myself have been using the DataMeter utility for a long time – this application displays perfect data usage statistics. It has a separate widget that can be pinned to the screen – it shows the data transfer rate of the mobile operator, as well as Wi-Fi. At the bottom, the movement used and the rest of it is displayed.

It is very convenient to use third-party applications for traffic analysis

You can also try the Data Usage Plus app for more detailed mobile usage statistics. From there, you can activate the daily internet usage limit, as well as monitor your internet usage on your phone, setting the desired period.

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