Russia beat Belarus 5-2, goal scorers, an overview of what Tretiak and Rotenberg said, Russian goalkeeper scoring

For many years, right after the end of the KHL season, the attention of hockey fans in Russia traditionally turned to the World Championship, in which our national team participated. But this year, the usual hockey world order was violated. The International Ice Hockey Federation has suspended the participation of the Russian team in the world championship, so the tournament in Finland will be held without the participation of our team.

Russia was cut off from world hockey. And they removed the MFM, which was so expected in Siberia

In order to maintain the institution of development of young players by attracting them to national teams, the Russian Ice Hockey Federation organized a series of control matches, which will involve players from the nearest and farthest reserves. In early May, the Russian team led by Sergei Zumbov arrived in Tula to have a pair of meetings with another team temporarily suspended from world hockey activities – the Belarus team.

In recent years, we have become accustomed to the fact that the Russian national team plays mainly matches in Moscow and does not travel to the regions, if we do not take into account the participation of the Olympic team in the summer training tournament in Sochi. . But now the FHR leadership has decided to hold matches in Tula in the recently assigned arena, where the Mikhailov Academy is located and plays in the MHL.

It is rather doubtful that during the May festivities in Moscow, young Russian players could collect at least some view of a crowded house on the capital’s stadiums, at least, but in Tula, not spoiled for big hockey events, they managed to fill the 33-seat arena people to the fullest. The same number of spectators in the arenas of Moscow would look completely different due to the capacity of the stadiums.

“Why did they choose Tula to host the Russian national match? We now have such a plan in the FHR to show the team as much as possible in all regions of Russia – this is Omsk, Novosibirsk and Kazan. During the breaks of the season, we will try to have the national team play with the best teams.

We want hockey fans to see the team not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in other areas. Therefore, it is very important that we play in Tula today. The popularization of hockey is very important to us. “And in Tula, everything is organized at the highest level,” commented Vladislav Tretyak, President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

Russia will play Belarus in Tula.  Because these games are important for the national team
Russia will play Belarus in Tula. Because these games are important for the national team

The leader of the Russian team was 19-year-old Marat Khusnutdinov, who last week won the Kharlamov Cup with SKA-1946. Six hockey players were selected as his assistants at the same time, including Traktor striker Nikita Tertyshny, Neftekhimik striker Marat Khairullin, Lokomotiv defender Daniil Misyul, Traktor defender Sergei Telegin, Ak Bars striker Ilya Safon “Spartacus” Egor Savikov. They were all part of the Zubov team for the first match in Tula and SKA goalkeeper Dmitry Nikolaev took his place at the gate. The role of reserve goalkeeper was played by Maxim Tretiak.

Missed the opening match of the improvised series Russia – Belarus Salavat defender Shakir Mukhamadullin and 17-year-old talent Matvey Michkov. These hockey players will almost certainly appear on the ice in the second meeting, which will be held in Tula on May 2.

“Today’s team is the team of the future, they are the best players of their age who have a very high draft, but they still want to play and stay in Russia. And now it is very important to try them, to see how they will play at this level. Without giving them this opportunity, we would never know what they would look like. And then there will be food for thought. The Russian team always has only one task – to win. “We are moving forward and our task is to win every game,” explained Roman Rotenberg, First Vice President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

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Tretiak: the show is a star match and the game for the Russian national team is pride and exams

It is worth noting that the composition of the Belarusian team for these games was also highly experimental. A huge number of young players were represented in it and only the names of 25-year-old Severstal striker Vladislav Kodola and Dynamo Moscow goalkeeper Ivan Kulbakov paid close attention to themselves. For the 25-year-old goalkeeper, the last season of the club developed in an amazing way. The Belarusian goalkeeper started it as a free agent and then signed a trial contract with Vityaz. While in a televised deal, Kulbakov recorded two wins in three games, including an excellent meeting with Dynamo.

Just days after the disastrous defeat by Vityaz, the blue and whites lured Kulbakov out of the Moscow region club, immediately concluding a full deal with the goalkeeper for two years, but the next time by the end of the season, Ivan passed only 44 minutes on the ice in the capital team. As of October 31, 2021, the goalkeeper’s official playing experience has been limited to just a few games as a member of his national team. And it was he who trusted Belarus national team coach Craig Woodcroft to defend the gate in the first match against the Russian youth.

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The composition of the Russian team for the match against Belarus in Tula

It is strange that today’s match turned out to be an anniversary, 800th in the history of the Russian team. And already in the sixth minute of the first period, Kulbakov had to take the elf out of his net. A beautiful combination was made by the players of the top three of the Russian national team in this match – Khairullin put the elf in Tertyshny and the striker of Traktor did not miss from a deadly position. With a shot at nine, Nikita scored the first goal he scored in the match.


At about the same point in the second period, the Belarusians also stood out. Woodcroft won the majority after the dismissal of Maxim Kirileichenko and the conversion of one more – Yegor Chezganov’s shot reached the goal from the left circle of the rebound. However, the hosts quickly regained the advantage in the long run – and the representative of the first three scored again. This time, Khairullin already took over the game and did not share the elf with a teammate, but independently took responsibility for the shot and sparked Kulbakov.


The teams went to the break already with an equal score – the Belarusians had a quick attack, at the end of which Daniil Sotishvili succeeded. Nikolaev faced the first goal of the guest player, but Dmitry was no longer able to help the Russian team after the second finish. Towards the end of the season, the Russian team had a great opportunity to come forward again – Khusnutdinov shot a completely empty goal with an awkward hand, but Kulbakov at the last minute made a spectacular football jump and took the elf into a trap, not allows Marat to score.

In the middle of the third period, the Belarusians made a series of attacks, but in one of them they retreated and ran into a sharp counterattack – the Russians quickly ran two to one, 19-year-old Svechkov broke out in the belt on the left side and hit the opponent’s goal with throwing.


For the third time in a row, although the majority helped them, the Belarusian team did not manage to win again. In addition, the goalkeeper of the Russian national team then scored! Yes, yes, in the end, the Belarusians replaced their goalkeeper with the sixth player on the field – and Nikolaev hit the empty net with a shot all over the area! Thus, Dmitri entered the history of our hockey, and became the first goalkeeper of the national team, who marked an abandoned elf. Yes, we remember Khudobin’s goal in the 2004 World Cup, but a goalkeeper has never scored for the national team.


The final score was set by Khairullin, who scored a double, who also scored an empty net. The jubilee, 800th match in the history of the Russian national team was remembered with the unique goal of the goalkeeper and the victory, which pleased the spectators who gathered at the stands of the Ice Palace in Tula.

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