The Segezha Group is piloting the Smart Timber computer vision system

The Segezha Group (MOEX: SGZH, part of AFK Sistema) and Computer Vision Systems (LANIT Group) have completed the acceptance test of the Smart Timber computer vision system. The first phase of the project to automate the counting of round wood using computer vision algorithms and machine learning successfully passed the test mode. Based on its results, it was decided to pilot the system, copy and extend the functionality, zones and application methods.

The system minimizes labor-intensive and routine procedures, significantly improves measurement accuracy – allows you to calculate timber in piles and timber trucks, including during transport, shipments and receipts. At the same time, Smart Timber is integrated with the Segezha Les ASD timber accounting system. The integration is implemented at the level of mobile applications and between servers. All Smart Timber data is collected from Segezha Group’s cloud storage based on MTS. The human error factor is reduced to almost zero and the economic efficiency of production is increased.

At the control event, which took place based on the “Kipelovo” timber industry in the Vologda region, 1600 m3 of round timber were measured. The manual measurements were performed by an independent specialist company and compared with the Smart Timber measurements. The accuracy of the measurements with the digital method was 98.6% compared to the geometric method. The accuracy of the digital measurement in relation to the reference method (the so-called “dot”) is 97.07%. In total, more than 30,000 m3 of round wood were measured by the digital method during the test operation, the average statistical accuracy compared to the geometric method was 99.86%.

“We have come a long way from pilots to a full-featured system, proving in practice that digital measurement methods can be applied to measure round wood in the field, their accuracy is comparable to conventional geometric methods and in the future may be overcome . The digital method of measuring round timber, in the medium term, can become the new industry standard. “Smart Timber algorithms can be used not only in mobile devices, but also as part of stable software and hardware systems, and in the near future, and are complemented by augmented reality glasses,” says Sergey Merkulov, Director of Digital Transformation at Segezha Group.

Smart Timber technology demonstrates high convergence of results with the results of acceptance of the pieces. Thanks to the application, you can determine the height and width of the stacks, the diameters of the logs, the number of pieces. Allows you to take measurements by photographing stacks both in transport and on the ground. Digital solutions and innovative methods for determining the volume of wood are possible with the help of fixed and mobile photo-scanning frames, which can be both foreign and domestic production. At the same time, if a part of the object is blocked by foreign objects, for example, elements of an operator, an ice or snow axis, then this problem can also be solved by setting the appropriate conditions in the program and indicating that there are also logs – the closed part will be calculated automatically.

Smart Timber is one of the most important digital options that supports the input of information in the format required for transmission in LesEGAIS. This year, our project was recognized as the best in the Digital Transformation in Industry category by the independent RB Digital Awards 2022.


The Segezha Group is a unique Russian timber company. It stands out in the industry with a full cycle of its own logging and specialization in the production of a wide range of products with a high profit margin. The focus of the development is the environmentally friendly technologies for the deep processing of wood and the most waste-free use of raw materials. The Group is one of the largest forest users in the world. The total area of ​​the leased forest fund is 15.7 million hectares and the volume of the allowed cutting area is 22.7 million cubic meters. m (including PIP – priority investment projects). The stability of the company is ensured by a high degree of self-sufficiency in raw materials – 84% of the company’s needs in wood are covered by own resources. The international status of forest user responsible for society and the environment is confirmed by the fact that 88% of the company’s forest areas are certified according to the standards of international voluntary forest certification (except Inter Forest Rus). In order to increase the contribution of Russian forests to the global fight against climate change, as well as to improve their productivity, the principles of sustainable forest management based on a scientifically proven intensive model are introduced in all the forest assets of the Group. The Segezha Group is a leader in a range of highly environmentally friendly carbon deposition products in the timber industry. Thus, the holding ranks 1st in Russia in the production of paper for multi-layer bags, in the production of industrial paper bags and timber. Globally, the Group is ranked # 2 in kraft paper and industrial paper packaging. and also the 5th – for the production of large birch plywood. The company is also ranked 3rd among the top European timber producers. The Segezha Group is an international holding company whose assets cover 14 countries, while all the main production facilities are concentrated exclusively in the Russian Federation. The company feels confident in the global forest products market and responds flexibly to the slightest changes in the business conditions in the world – it is represented in the markets of more than 100 countries. The working class is growing and growing along with the exploitation – it now has about 20,000 people. More details at:

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