We combine the diet and the May holidays with the mind: how to eat barbecue and not earn much

The holidays are approaching in May and many are wondering: is it possible to eat kebab for those who follow their silhouette and diet? It is worth noting that consuming this dish in moderation does not harm the silhouette at all.

However, you should follow some rules for preparing and consuming this dish. Here are the important rules to keep in mind.

What to choose meat or fish

People who are prone to being overweight often have the question: is it worth eating meat or not? Shish kebab is a dish quite rich in calories. However, you do not need to be limited.

It is important to simply prepare this dish properly. You should not choose fatty meats such as pork or lamb for barbecue. You can limit yourself to chicken or turkey fillets. Beef or rabbit skewers can also be delicious. If you do not want to cook meat, then you can grill fish. It turns out to be a delicious and low-calorie dish.

Meat and fish cooked over an open fire, rather than fried in oil, are considered quite dietary and healthy foods.

The right marinade

Shish kebab is a fairly healthy food if cooked properly.

For the marinade, do not use ketchup and mayonnaise. This will make the dish more nutritious and less healthy. For those who follow their silhouette, the kefir marinade is perfect, preferably with the lowest fat content. You can use mineral water or vinegar.

Also, meat or fish for barbecue can be marinated in lemon juice, tomato, orange or pomegranate. An interesting taste of the dish will turn out if you add kiwi to the marinade. To make the barbecue just great taste and aroma, do not be afraid to add different spices.

How to serve barbecue

It is best to serve this dish with a side dish with vegetables. You should not eat potatoes with barbecue. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates and when combined with fats and proteins, you get a calorie bomb. It is best to replace it with fresh or cooked vegetables.

Also, do not eat sausage sandwiches and drink beer. There should be no different pieces of meat and sausages on the table. These foods are high in calories and can lead to weight gain.

It is worth eating as many greens, leafy fresh vegetables as possible. These foods are high in fiber. They will help improve the function of the digestive system and will contribute to better absorption of proteins.

It is possible to eat bread with barbecue

It is best to serve meat or fish without bread. Alternatively, you can get compressed wholemeal bread or pie.

Which sauce is best

Instead of the usual mayonnaise and ketchup with barbecue, it is better to serve something lighter and less caloric. For example, a sauce of natural yogurt, mustard and lemon juice would be a great solution. This sauce helps break down fats and improve digestion. You can make tomato sauce. To do this, beat the fresh tomatoes in the blender, add garlic, salt and pepper. It turns out to be a delicious and low-calorie sauce.

What drinks to serve

Do not drink hard liquor. This leads to the fact that a person does not control the amount of food consumed. When choosing alcohol, you should prefer dry wines – white or red. They help improve digestion and are excellent antioxidants. These drinks contain a minimal amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Do not drink juices and carbonated beverages. It is best to drink a glass of clean water without gas about 30 minutes before a meal.

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It is best not to drink kebabs with large amounts of liquids, especially water, tea or coffee. This will interfere with the normal production of gastric juice and worsen the digestive process.

Pay attention to the size of your portion

You need to take a medium-sized dish and put vegetables in one half and a barbecue and a side dish in the other. This amount will be enough.

Use snacks

If you have to be in nature all day, then you should consider adding some snacks. One of them should be consumed before cooking the barbecue, so as not to starve.

As a snack, you can use fruits, eggs and cucumbers, nuts, cheese pie, curd.

Be active

Between meals, you should try to move as much as possible. To do this, you can play with children in badminton, ball, running. If you are still eating too much at a picnic, then the next day you should arrange a day of fasting for yourself. It is recommended to eat only vegetables, fruits and buckwheat porridge.

In order not to eat too much at a picnic, you should follow the usual daily routine on this day, eat every 3 hours and drink enough water.

There should be no desserts in nature. If you want something sweet, it is better to have fresh fruit with you.

By following these simple rules, you can be sure that the barbecue season will be great and this will not affect the silhouette in any way.

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