What to do in the May holidays

We have prepared for you 10 ideas for recreation both in nature and at home.

In order not to get bored at home all weekend and not to waste your free time, it is better to think about what you can do. You will always have time to lie on the couch, do not miss the opportunity to spend the holidays with interest with your family or friends.

1. Kebab

Of course, it’s no news for anyone that the May holidays are a time for barbecue. Nature comes to life, the weather pleases – which means it’s time to go out in nature! Take balls, tennis rackets, toys with you – and go!

2. Games

Which “tables” may you be interested in? Sure, many people know “Monopoly” or “Jenga”, but do you know about “Ekiwoki”, “Explosive Kittens” or “Memo”? You have time to get to know them better. Toys can also be transferred to nature and combine work with pleasure.

3. Horse rides (6+)

Hiking is hard to surprise if it is not a trip to another city. Equestrian sport is widely developed in many areas. But if you are not a professional rider, it does not matter: that’s why he’s a coach.

So, for example, in Voronezh, the equestrian club Rancho offers its visitors walks in the woods, as well as a route to the reservoir, which costs 1000 rubles per hour.

4. ATV (16+)

Not happy with the horse? Then rent a quad bike! Wind in the face, off-road, forest or field, nature, in a word – freedom. It is very easy to ride, unlike a motorcycle, it has four wheels, which is more practical. However, do not forget about safety. ATV riding is only allowed from the age of 16.

In Belgorod, you can rent this type of transfer for one hour for 1600 rubles at the BelBike club.

5. Travel

You do not have to travel far to the farthest kingdom to see something new. Domestic tourism is very developed in Russia. Even more than you think. Open a map of cities or even areas close to yours and think, “Where have I not gone yet?”

Do not look for an excuse to go, just do it. How long have you been in Tula, for example? Or maybe never? But what about the famous Tula gingerbread, the weapons museum, the Kremlin, the blue lakes? Then what are you waiting for!

6. Trampoline (6+)

What kind of recreation will be interesting for both adults and children at the same time? In the winter it was cheesecakes, but what to do now? Visit the trampoline center! Everyone loves fun and if you combine it with sports, you will have double enjoyment.

In Kursk, the ZkidZ trampoline center features a trampoline arena, foam pit, hive, climbing wall, slackline, balance board and bungee. Price: from 350 to 1050, depending on the time and the number of people.

7. Shipping (12+)

The city is falling asleep – the monsters are waking up. Those looking for emotion can order a scary mission to tickle their nerves.

So, for example, in Lipetsk there is a search room “Saw”. The creators announce it as “the scariest” of the city with a high degree of realism. The participants are locked in a room from which they have to solve puzzles in an hour and escape from their pursuers (actors).

8. Laser and paintball label (6+)

Be sure to try them if you have not tried them before! Such fun will surely be enjoyed by all ages, and who does not love “shooters”?

The Military-Tactical Club “Armada” in Orel organizes laser tag, paintball, airsoft and quests. The price for one person starts from 500 rubles.

9. Hobbies

Why not dedicate your free time to your favorite hobby? After work, you do not always have the strength to do this, so what prevents you now? If you are not creative, no problem. The weekend will be a great opportunity to find yourself in a new direction.

Draw a picture, enroll in a dance class, try knitting a scarf – create and develop. If you get carried away, you will not notice how time flows.

10. Cooking

It is also a kind of hobby. Try cooking something you have never done before, find a recipe online, ask your mom or grandma. Surprise your family!

Bake a cake with your family, teach your child how to make pancakes and see how the collaboration will bring you closer and give you a lot of warm feelings. You can enjoy not only the food, but also the process.

By the way, in Bryansk on May 2, at 12:00, in the fairytale park in Bezhichi, will be held a master class on making cold ice cream from condensed milk and cream. The cost of the course is 500 rubles, the entrance to the park is 150-250 rubles.

The main thing is not how you spend your time, but with whom. Do not forget to pay attention to your loved ones, meet friends and enjoy this spring!

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