Delicious Oriental Secrets or What to Eat at Uraza-Bayram

47news asked chefs on a festive occasion – read how pleasantly they talk about their favorite dishes from Morocco to Urumqi, where 40 meters of pasta are on one plate.

On May 2, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr. It completes the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, during which the faithful fasted. Oriental cuisine appears on the tables. We found a couple of non-trivial recipes and two classic, but subtle ones.

Chefs of the restaurants “Moscow”, “Terrace” and “Cucumber” Vadim Skliarov told 47news about the Moroccan way of cooking fried meat. This is a ceramic bowl with a conical lid. At the top there is a pea-sized hole.

– Marinate first. We get lamb, cut into large pieces of 200-300 grams. There are also fresh tomatoes, we crush them to give more juice and to soften the lamb. I use a Lebanese spice mix – it includes allspice and black pepper, dried coriander. Leave for 12 hours.

And in the morning the mystery begins.

– Chop the onion, tomatoes and fry. Put the lamb on high heat with almost no oil. It is quickly “sealed” – there will be a crust on the outside and the juice remains inside. Spread them all in a pan, add water and on top of plums, dates and a bunch of coriander. Close the lid and do not open for an hour and a half – the fire is moderate. The secret is that steam circulates inside, which practically does not come out. Because of this, the meat acquires the aroma of all spices. Open – check if the lamb is ready. If not, then hold for another twenty minutes. When serving, garnish with pomegranate seeds.

Couscous is a necessary accompaniment.

“We steam it and put mint on top,” advises Sklyarov.

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Chef of the restaurant Gatchina “Sultan” Dmitri favors the classic Uzbek pilaf, but not with lamb, but with beef. His favorite is a seven-liter cast iron cauldron. Gas is very desirable, not an electric stove: “It must be played with fire.”

– We use Krasnodar rice, coarse. From the meat, it is better to take the buttocks (cut from the carcass, made in the area of ​​the ribs – ed.). Of the spices, cumin is widely called zira. Everything is made in a ratio of one to one – carrots, meat and rice. Pieces of beef cut into 30 gr. Fry in boiling oil, add the onions and carrots – simmer for about half an hour, add the spices.

It’s time for rice.

– Rinse with warm water until it is no longer cloudy. Load the rice over the pan and pour water so that it is about an inch above the rice. And in a strong fire! Wait until the water level is equal to the rice – it “opens”. Stay close, do not leave. Stir the rice gently, moving the bottom up, but under no circumstances touch the meat and carrots at the bottom. And on low heat, under the lid – 20 minutes and the pilaf is ready.

At the table – simple and aesthetically pleasing. “I serve with red onions and tomatoes, drizzled with lemon. Drink not cold. Ideally, sweet green tea or weak black tea is made with thyme.


Photo – public at the restaurant VKontakte “Sultan”

Co-owner of the Uyghur Urumchi restaurant in St. Petersburg Anvar Rakhmatullaev said about the most famous dish of this people – lagman. According to him, all lagmans are similar, but there are extremely important nuances.

– In the first stage, knead the dough, let it boil for 20-30 minutes. Wrap it in a rectangle – one meter two and cut into strips 4-5 mm wide. Stretch the strips into noodles, per serving comes out approximately forty meters, thickness one and a half to two millimeters. We wrap it in our hands and hit it. Maybe it looks like in Chinese movies? After that, in boiling water, always salty – does not let the noodles shrink and change thickness. Cook for one minute, at most one and a half.

Video: Anvar Rakhmatullaev

As it turned out, you will need an assistant (however, you can cook noodles and set it aside).

– While one pulls the noodles, the other cooks in a wok pan, ideally on the gas. This is a Chinese version, the temperature is high, everything is very fast – the ingredients retain vitamins. Thirty grams of oil, onions and meat cut into thin slices (beef or lamb) – one millimeter thick, plates 2 by 2 cm. You do not need to marinate. Stir constantly, add spices: garlic, paprika, green beans, celery stalk and Chinese cabbage. Then spinach leaves, a stalk of coriander and twenty grams of tomato paste. All for two minutes at most.

The final is near, after all there is a lot of time in words, but in reality the score is in seconds.

– Pour 200 milliliters of prepared strong beef broth into the pan. But that is not all. Our chip is in boiling spices. Before you start cooking the wok, pour half a liter of water into a saucepan and add 50 grams of star anise, cardamom, pepper. Boil for ten minutes. No longer needed, the perfumes will evaporate. This broth is right there with the meat.

Serve: first pull the noodles in a deep dish and pour the delicious mixture from the pan on top.


Photo – Urumqi restaurant

Unexpectedly it turned out with Tatar cuisine. As it turned out, if perfect, then in St. Petersburg you will not find authentic restaurants. We called Kazan, but it was late at night – in some iconic places they apologized: full boarding, the cooks were overworked (we were happy for the people of Kazan). Helped in the Moscow restaurant “Kunak”. Chef Gulnara Akhmedeyeva said about ζουρμπάλες (big pie). First, knead the right dough: butter, cream, salt, a little sugar, flour and baking soda. We rest it, it gets up and then we divide it into two parts – one bigger and one smaller.

– Most of it is spread in a round pan lined with oil paste. And spread it – and on the sides of the pan.

More on the filling.

– We take the soft part of the beef, cut into cubes slightly larger than the peas, onions, potatoes – finely chopped. Everything is raw. Salt-pepper-mix and spread on the dough. Close the second wrapped part of the dough from above, carefully pinching all the edges. Decorate with cuts. Make a hole in the middle and cover it with a dough lid.


Photo – Gulnara Akhmedeeva

We put this beauty in the oven at 160-180 degrees. And so for an hour and a half. Ten minutes before the end, remove the lid and pour in 50 milliliters of beef broth. “You can also use water, but in the first case it will definitely be juicier and tastier.”

Photo – restaurant “Kunak”

– You do not need anything else, the cake is ready to serve. The top can be removed and eaten directly from a dough plate. Some are cut, but then all the juice will flow.

Well, no, we will do everything right.

I dreamed of eating everything at once Viktor Smirnov, 47news

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