A unique journey: THE WE Premium Wellness Experience

A unique journey: the premium wellness complex “THE WE”. Photo: “WE”

WE– the only official premium wellness complex in Korea that combines a hospital and a hotel. Opened in February 2014, it offers a comfortable stay at the 5-star WE Hotel, as well as a variety of wellness and medical spa programs at WE Hospital.

The complex has been recognized as a popular medical tourism destination on Jeju Island since its inception and holds an annual leading position in attracting foreign patients, developing medical tourism in Korea. The abbreviation WE (Water Energy) means “Water Energy” or “Getting Energy from Water”, and because the literal meaning of the word We is “We”, it means “All (us) together for a new future”.

THE WE (WE Hotel & WE Hospital) is located in the middle of Halla Mountain in an ecologically clean area of ​​Seogwipo. A mysterious place with a good location overlooking the Hull Mountains and the endless sea.

The complex is equipped with indoor and outdoor water pools, a medical spa for water treatment, a “Health Promotion Center” and a “Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”, while the complex employs highly qualified Korean specialists.

A unique journey: the premium wellness complex “THE WE”. Photo: “WE”

In addition, the water in THE WE contains a large amount of bicarbonate, vanadium and magnesium, so it is very beneficial for health. Cleanses the body, regenerates the body and normalizes skin tone. Water is used for drinking and cooking, as well as in all water facilities, including showers, swimming pools and saunas.

In the center Haeam Hydro There is a water treatment program: swimming and performing various exercises in the water to stabilize the mind and body, relieve tension in the body, stress, depression. The Aqua Meditation, a hand-shaped pool, maintains a temperature of between 34 and 37 degrees all year round and is designed for patients to enjoy music during the program through a speaker installed in the pool. Hot water promotes blood circulation in the body and protects by helping the immune activity.

The pressure of the water pushes the blood of the lower body towards the heart to help the circulation, while the buoyancy of the water reduces the pressure on the body and promotes the painless development of the muscular strength.

There are other water programs:

Aqua Circuit is a program that combines functional pools with various functions, such as stimulating the metabolism, increasing the elasticity of the skin, strengthening and relaxing the muscles, etc.

In a program Exercise in the water There are weight training, flexibility and strengthening exercises with the use of various equipment, such as aqua noodles, aqua dumbbells, hydrotonus and hydroboots to increase physical activity. An effective water program to improve health and the body.

Program Surf Yoga: surfboard exercises that help strengthen muscles, improve body shape and improve flexibility and are also useful for those who want to start swimming and for those who are afraid of water.

Thus, water treatment with the use of natural native water is varied and can be scientifically tested, which makes it even more special.

THE WE has a dense forest of 210,000 square meters, which is the best natural environment in the middle of the UNESCO recognized Hull mountain.

Unique Journey: Premium Wellness Experience

A unique journey: the premium wellness complex “THE WE”. Photo: “WE”

As Alexander Ivanovich von Gauguin said: “The forest is the best medicine for the prevention and treatment of mental and physical ailments of a person.”

Many elements such as negative ions, oxygen, landscape, sound and sunlight produced in the forest help to stabilize the mind and body. The effect of the green color and the sound of the branches of the trees swaying in the wind, the chirping of the small birds and the noise of the flowing streams heard in the forest give calm and comfort. In addition, the herbicide, a bactericidal substance produced by plants in the forest, enhances cardiopulmonary function, helps treat asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis and also cleanses the surface of the skin.

Unique Journey: Premium Wellness Experience

A unique journey: the premium wellness complex “THE WE”. Photo: “WE”

On the path in the forest, you can find hydrangea, horn with thick rhizome, oak, camellia and various local plants of Jeju Island, while in the cypress forest you can enjoy herbicides.

Visitors have a unique opportunity to take part in the forest hiking program healing forest. Walking through the beautiful forest every morning under the guidance of a guide, you can enjoy the view of the forest of Jeju Island as it was many centuries ago. Through meditation in the forest, you can improve your inner and outer state. The Healing forest hiking program is widely accepted by many as it is a representative outdoor program which is carried out according to the condition of the patient’s body through gait measurements by specialists.

Unique Journey: Premium Wellness Experience

A unique journey: the premium wellness complex “THE WE”. Photo: “WE”

THE WE combines “Health Center”, “Health Promotion Center” and “Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Center”.

Through consultations and examinations of specialists, the current physical condition is checked, which programs are suitable for the patient and whether he can maintain a healthier body, e.g. with an individual diet or exercise program, selected individually. Specialists inform the patient of any changes in their body with the help of scientific research and provide recommendations, prescribe treatment.

Unique Journey: Premium Wellness Experience

A unique journey: the premium wellness complex “THE WE”. Photo: “WE”

Korea offers a wide range of medical services for foreign tourists, but in most cases only plastic surgery and shopping services are sold.

Unique Journey: Premium Wellness Experience

A unique journey: the premium wellness complex “THE WE”. Photo: “WE”

The world’s top politicians are also showing interest in the WE health complex. Former Indonesian President Megawati visited the complex twice and in honor of this event, the largest garden of the complex was named Megawati Garden.

Former Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, who attended the 2019 Jeju Forum as a representative of the Chinese side, visited the hotel and Japanese Ambassador to Korea Yasumasa Nagamine visited the hotel and praised it.

WE Hotel has been selected by Travelers’ Choice by Trip Adviser, an international travel site, for 4 consecutive years and has been selected as a “Recommended Wellness Travel Destination” by the Korea Tourism Organization for 4 consecutive years.

Earlier in 2017, THE WE became the first Korean company to be certified by the European Environmental Management Assessment System (EMAS) and an environmentally friendly hotel recognized for its environmental management system.

“We will create economic value through medical tourism, the new growth engine in the 21st century,” said THE WE CEO Kim Seong-soo (President of the Halla Medical Foundation).

THE WE CEO Kim Song-soo

THE WE CEO Kim Song-soo. Photo: “WE”

He stressed: “While previously medical tourism was intended for medical care, THE WE focuses on health tourism that promotes health. In a word, it is a premium resort that combines a hotel and a hospital “.

THE WE, a premium health resort, attracts a lot of attention due to the merger of the two sectors “medicine” and “tourism”.

Correspondent Chung Hyung-jun.

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