after a warm March, a dry April will come, read the details. Weather forecast. Long-term weather forecast. Weather 2022. What will the weather be like in 2022?

Early calculations of long-term models showed what awaits us in early spring. Meteorologists have published a new forecast, which reports temperatures and rainfall.

What will March 2022 be like?

After an icy, snowy February, big changes in the weather are waiting for us. According to the provisional forecast, March will please with temperatures above the climatic standards by 3-6 degrees.

According to meteorologists, the amount of rainfall, as well as the temperature in March 2022 will remain within the long-term average. It is determined by analyzing the lowest and highest percentages over a period of 30 years, from 1981 to 2010.

In March 2022, periods of intense frosts and the influx of arctic gas masses await us in the central region of Russia. However, the whole month will not be cold. After frosty weather, periods of positive temperature anomaly will be observed here.

In early spring in northern Russia there will be no lack of snowfall and the temperature will drop to minus 8-10. At times the frost will break last year’s records.

What will the spring of 2022 be like?

La Niña is projected to be stronger than usual in 2022, which will significantly affect the weather this spring. On a global scale, Russia needs to be cooler than in previous years. However, meteorologists have identified areas where the temperature abnormality will be positive. This means that here it will be warmer than the corresponding accounting periods of the last 30 years.

Spring weather 2022: what will March be like in Crimea and Krasnodar Territory?

In early spring, Crimea and southern Krasnodar Territory will once again be in the zone of active sea cyclones, which will cause excessive rainfall and strong winds.

Hot, humid masses will come to the south of Russia. The temperature will rise, but the weather will not be good due to thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.

Meteorologists do not rule out periods of pleasant, sunny weather in April and May. However, the wave dynamics of temperatures will remain. Due to the unstable weather conditions, the start of the swimming season will be postponed for two weeks.

Weather in spring 2022: dry April in central Russia

According to the long-term weather model, a dry April awaits the inhabitants of central Russia. Rainfall irregularities are forecast in the Volga and Predupralie regions.

Model calculations show that in the Leningrad, Novgorod, Pskov, Smolensk regions, heavy rainfall is also possible.

Meteorologists, with many signs, have found that in April 2022 we expect temperature anomalies again. The warm Asian winds will offer them, but falls to zero are not ruled out. The cooling and thawing periods will continue in May, however the temperature range is expected to be shorter than in March and February.

How is the weather in May 2022?

Spring promises to repeat the turbulent autumn scenario experienced last October and November. In May, the regions of Moscow, Vladimir and Ivanovo will be 3-5 degrees warmer than in previous years, but frost and sleet are possible at the end of the month.

Cyclones in the North Atlantic will provide European Russia with rain and strong winds. Hot seasons will be associated with cold anomalies.

More stable sunny weather is expected in late spring. Also, in the northwestern regions, high temperatures are forecast that exceed the climatic norm by 8-10 degrees.

The preliminary forecast for the spring of 2022 promises a dry May in the Chernozem region. Wet fronts with rain will pass at intervals higher, in the north and central. The weather will make up for the lack of humidity in the summer. Balkan cyclones are expected to cause rainfall in the Belgorod, Oriol and Kursk regions.

What will spring be like in the eastern regions of Russia?

According to meteorologists, after a harsh winter, spring in Siberia and the Far East will begin with positive temperature abnormalities. However, the cyclones will have a record rainfall.

Floods, heavy rainfall, hurricane winds are expected in the Far East. March 2022 in Khabarovsk, Primorsky region will take place against the backdrop of storms and severe thunderstorms.

The forecasts for temperature anomalies and rainfall show that the spring will not be much different from the weather conditions of March, April, May that have been observed in recent years. However, we should not expect accurate forecasts for the long term today, as the increase in La Niña activity this year contributes to a great deal of confusion in the forecasts.

The weather forecast is based on materials published on Yandex. Weather, Fear, Hydrometeorological Center, Gismeteo and Meteoinfo

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