Green history textbook

For several years now, Lebedyan Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov has been creating his own memoir – planting trees with like-minded people, each dedicated to one of the Great Patriotic War fighters. Such a green history textbook can not be deleted or rewritten.

Zhemchuzhnikov plans to immortalize in pines and firs each of the seven thousand Lebedyans who did not return home from the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. The trees will be named. The first tablets with the specific names of the fighters who gave their lives on the battlefield are already ready. For several years, the first seedlings have become noticeably stronger. Special rings with information about the soldiers will be placed on them soon. They will not harm the growth of the tree. From the development of the trunk, such “zones” will be minimally removed.

Fresh air of Victory

A serious diagnosis prompted Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov to seriously start planting a forest, which, fortunately, turned out to be wrong. Lebedyanets considered the significant damage to health caused by environmental pollution and joined the work of the Russian Social and Ecological Union. And when I heard about the action of “Garden of Memory”, I realized that it was better not to think about it. And the air in your city will become cleaner and the memory will not go away with the veterans.

“Instead of a pharmacy, it is better to go to the forest,” the enthusiast is sure. – We choose conifers for planting, which clean the air and saturate it with herbicides, which strengthen the immune system. The monument is no less important, especially now, in the context of a special operation in Ukraine, where our children are fighting Nazism. Through ecology we educate the new generation. Not every student will hear the message of the traditional events where they talk about the achievements of our soldiers. It is much more effective when, during joint work – tree planting – this issue arises on its own, in between. Young people start asking questions about the events of those terrible times, are interested in the contribution of their families to the common Victory and learn about the fighters in whose honor trees are planted.

About pines and lindens

The president of the Lebedyansky District Public Chamber, Valery Golovan, has been planting saplings more than once.

How to stay away? He says. – My grandfather left his head near Staragia Rousse, my wife’s grandfather got lost near Stalingrad. I still remember with horror my aunt, who every morning for many years went out the gate and looked away. She waited until the end of her days for her missing son. There was no funeral and hope lived in her. With the youngest grandson they planted their pines in their memory, together they went to water the seedlings in the hot summer. Our generation will leave, and these trees will remind us that a terrible war took place, and in our family there are those who forged the Victory so that we can live.

“Of course, even before Zhemchuzhnikov there were tree planting campaigns,” said Nikolai Dubinin, a former district attorney. “But it is one thing when the authorities organize it, it is another if the initiative comes from below, from the people. Vladimir Vasilyevich is a real inspirer, people unite around his personality and a common goal brings people together. I hope that his power and our joint efforts will help preserve another unique natural area – the linden alley on Sovetskaya Street, planted in the early 20th century. It would be nice to give it the status of a natural monument of local importance.

The number of trees in the geoglyph in the form of a five-pointed star is symbolic: 75 pines in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

more kind to nature

Zhemchuzhnikov is quite enthusiastic about this business. In terms of funds, it has already stopped counting how much money is spent on planting seedlings, fuel for equipment, planting and care.

“For the sake of health, it is not a pity,” Vladimir Vassilievich modestly explains. – Let the Lebedians have a walk in the fresh air somewhere. And closeness to nature, I’m sure, makes people kinder to each other.

Hundreds of seedlings grow on the plot of Zhemchuzhnikov. He is particularly proud of the Kremlin’s silver Christmas trees. Once, having collected cones, he studied the technology, took out the seeds, placed them in storage and in the spring sowed them in rows like carrots. Five years later, the trees were transplanted into special pots. The beauties on New Year’s days excite the inhabitants of the city. By the way, the idea continued: on the initiative of Zhemchuzhnikov, students and teachers of the Lebedyansk Pedagogical College created their own project. He was recently named among the winners of the Steel Tree competition.

With love, Vladimir Vasilyevich shows the lands that are going to become forests. The Square of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory on Mira Street is experiencing its second birth. The vegetation was destroyed by the fire, and only a lonely tall tree that escaped from afar near the edge of the ravine reminds what this area would look like. But caring people are sure that the forest monument will definitely grow here. Even the pandemic did not intervene – they came ashore in small groups. A residential complex is being built nearby – the new settlers will be able to take a walk, listen to birds and even pick mushrooms.

Behind the Monastery Garden, there is another site overgrown with young trees planted for another anniversary date – the 75th anniversary of Victory. This is not just a suburb, but a sports and leisure area with an excellent ski slope. It takes time for the trees to gain strength and the place will not become less popular than the Voronezh “Olympic” in the forest. Green spaces appeared along the city park, the embankment, near the house of the author Yevgeny Zamyatin and on other city streets.

Lebedyansk Geoglyphs

Of course, there will be skeptics who will say, they say, what an unprecedented initiative for tree planting. However, they have something to say. No wonder Zhemchuzhnikov, attracting seniors who were still finding living veterans in plantations, regularly invites young ones. Lebedyansk students and students of the local pedagogical school and the business and economics technical school are actively responding to the request for participation. Communicating with the young allows the older generation to keep up with the times. Thus appeared the first geoglyphic.

If the most famous landforms on the Nasco Plateau in Peru depict animals and humans, then the corresponding Lebedyan, with the light hand of Zhemchuzhnikov, took the form of a five-pointed star, a symbol of the Red Army, whose warriors forged the Hyper. While the pines are small, each was surrounded by a wooden fence. But now the star is visible not only from satellite images and photos of a quadcopter. The geoglyphic is located on the slope next to the ski slope and the athletes who train, making the next ascent, can admire this figure.

Neighboring territory will also cease to be desert. A new square has already begun to be dismantled here, as well as a geoglyphic one. At first they planned to plant swan-shaped trees, but at the development stage of the project they realized that there had to be two birds. Installed opposite each other, with beaks and necks, they form a space in the shape of a heart, which fills the geoglyphic with new meanings. Now it is not just a bird from the city coat of arms, but also a symbol of love for the homeland, for which the fighters gave their lives in the war and the faith in the swan of women who have been waiting for them for decades.

Photo by Gennady Logunov and Irina Shurshakova

Every year, dozens of people who want to contribute to the creation of a memorial forest respond to the initiative of the environmental activist.

Every year, dozens of people who want to contribute to the creation of a memorial forest respond to the initiative of the environmental activist.

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