State of forest fires on weekends and holidays

The first breaks of May were accompanied by hot and stormy summer weather, which greatly complicated the state of fires in the republic. For 4 days, 5 forest fires were eliminated, 2 fires were detected, from May 4, 3 forest fires are active, – the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Khakassia Vladimir Lebedev gathered emergency information.

In the Ust-Byursky and Abakansky forestry areas, the extent of the forest fires was 345 and 1650 hectares, respectively. The extinguishing process is complicated by a strong stormy wind, which often changed direction. All the forces and the means from autonomous institutions and forestry departments were drawn into the liquidation. Volunteers from the regional ecological public organization “EkoSreda” also helped with the extinguishing.

Forest fires were also extinguished in the Shirinsky and Ordzhonikidzevsky areas of the Tuimsky and Goryachegorsky forests in areas of 75 and 72 hectares.

Two fires were detected in Sayanogorsk and Saralinsk forestries. Teams of forest firefighters and forest firefighting equipment continue to work on the ground until the fires are completely extinguished.

As of May 4, 3 forest fires remain active, 2 of which are located in the Birikchul forestry in an area of ​​over 1.3 thousand hectares. A forest fire on the territory of the Bazinsky district forestry office at the Birikchulsky forestry was cleared today on an area of ​​about 800 hectares. Early in the morning on May 4, a forest fire broke out in the forest department of the Berenzhak district, near the settlement. Menthol. 7 forest firefighters and 4 equipment participated. The situation at Birikchul Forest Office remains particularly difficult, where the fight against forest fires has been going on for several days. Recall that on May 2, an emergency regime was introduced in the lands of the Askizsky Forest Fund, which made it possible to attract additional forces from the Federal Reserve. Thus, 50 aviation firefighters from the FBI of Avialesookhrana provide assistance in extinguishing fires. Also involved are all the forces and means of renting forest plots.– said Vladimir Lebedev

It should be noted that all fires in Hakasia are ground-based, with strong winds the speed of the fire is high, the fire proves to be dramatic and the area covered by fire does not always mean that the forest has been destroyed.

In total, since the beginning of the forest fire season in Hakasia, 25 forest fires have been recorded in a total area of ​​over 6.2 thousand hectares. The cause of most forest fires is the human factor and the transfer of fires from lands of other categories.

Please note that in Khakassia a special fire regime has been extended until 25 May 2022 (Decree of the Government of the Republic of Khakassia dated 28 April 2022 No. 230), which strictly prohibits fire and burning of grass. Violation of the fire safety regime is subject to administrative or criminal liability.

FBU “Avialesookhrana” deputy head Dmitry Celine also urged the public to comply with the requirements of the special fire regime and to immediately report all fires to the dispatch service. We provide all possible assistance to our colleagues, in addition, our forces are located in Abakan, which, if necessary, will be transferred to any area of ​​Khakassia. All services are on alert. I also ask the mayors to clean the area, to avoid meadows on the borders with settlements, so that the fire does not passsaid Dmitry Celine.

Vladimir Lebedev thanked the leadership of Rosleskhoz and Avialesookhrana for their immediate help in extinguishing the fires.

In view of the second series of May holidays. The Ministry of Natural Resources of Hakasia urges the residents and visitors of the republic to strictly observe the fire safety rules and, if a source of fire is found in the forest, to immediately report the dispatch service 24 hours a day by calling the telephone line 8- 800-100-94- 00 or 112.


Additional information on the media by phone (3902) 35-83-01 Julia Bredikhina, press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Republic of Hakasia

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