What is life like in the South Tushino area of ​​Moscow?

This text was written in the Community, retains the style and spelling of the author.

Because I chose this area

I was born and raised in South Tushino for 25 years. In the 90’s, my parents got an apartment here, so I live in my own.

When they talk about Tushino, they usually do not divide it into North and South, so in fact I will talk about both of these areas, although I live in South Tushino.

A little history

Tusino became widely known at the time of the unrest, when the False Dmitry II, nicknamed the “Tusinski Thief”, set up camp here. But the area began its history long before the time of the problems: traces of human settlement have been found here since antiquity.

The region has a rich history, inextricably linked to industry and the aviation industry. When Tushino was annexed to Moscow in 1960, a hosiery factory, the Tushino Machine Shop, where Buran was built, and the Krasny Oktyabr factory were already in full swing.

In 1929-1930, the Osoaviakhim School and Zakharkovo Airport opened in Tushino, later the USSR Central Aviation Club, named after AI Tskalov. For many years there was an air parade in the area, archives of which can be found on the Internet.

With the development of industry in the area, the active construction of barracks for workers near the factories began. Part of this functioning building can be seen now. Also in the territory of the district is part of the legendary Moscow-Volga canal.


Upon joining Moscow, a tram line was built and started in Tushino, tram route No. 6 crossing the area from the Bratsevo estate to the Sokol metro station. The area has excellent transport accessibility: in addition to the tram, there are two metro stations – Skhodnenskaya and Planernaya.

The T70 bus leads to Belorusskaya Metro Station. The journey to the center by bus or tram takes an average of 40-50 minutes, by metro – from 20 to 30 minutes. At the same time, the need for travel is rare: everything is close by.

What are the advantages of the area

The area is still considered quite good, it is always quite quiet and it is very green. I also like the strong local community of locals. Many people have lived here since childhood, some received apartments from TMZ (Tushino Machine-Building Plant), some – during the resettlement of community apartments in the center of Moscow.

I think this contributes to the fact that people are very careful about the past and the future of their area. It seems that the regional forum “Tushinsky hamster” lives to this day, where you can find many interesting photos and stories of the area told by the locals.

What are its shortcomings

As in many parts of Moscow, there is frequent traffic jams at the exit from Tushino. You can get to the center from Tushin via Svobody Street along the Volokolamsk highway. This is the only transport highway connecting the area with the center of Moscow, so traffic is always difficult on both roads during rush hour.

From Tushin, you can also go to the Moscow ring road via the same Svoboda street or via Trikotazhny Proyezd. It is easy to guess that traffic is also difficult there during peak hours.

What house do I live in?

I live in a five-storey brick house of the II-14 series built in 1959. We have a quiet courtyard, sometimes it even seems to me that I am in the garden of Eden – the birds sing so loud and beautiful. The house is five minutes from the metro and land transport and two minutes from my school, where I studied for 11 years.

In addition, within walking distance of the house there is a city clinic, a shopping center and grocery stores, many cafes, a post office. Despite the abundance of attractions, my yard is always very quiet and not crowded, many neighbors know each other.

Where to relax outdoors

Park and pool. Tushino is really very green and there are many places to walk. Along Svoboda Street on the canal. Moscow, the culture and leisure park “Northern Tushino” spread. In summer it is pleasant to take a walk along the coast, treat yourself to ice cream and relax on a specially equipped beach overlooking North River Station.

However, swimming in the canal is prohibited. But there is a cafe “Pool”, the name is given for a reason. The cafe floats and has a real pool, in summer there is a lot of traffic there, the locals love sunbathing and swimming.

Garden for active recreation. The park also includes a part of the apple orchard, which has remained from the time of the village of Zakharkovo. This part of the park, located closer to the Moscow ring road and at the end of Svoboda Street, is more “wild” and less crowded, but there is an excellent bike path. In winter, you can meet many skiers and children skiing on the ice rink, up to the middle of the canal.

The park also houses a submarine, a watercraft and a naval museum. I remember at school we went on an excursion to this submarine, it was very exciting!

Bucket with panoramic views. For lovers of forest recreation in the area there is the Alyoshkinsky forest and the natural monument “Skhodnensky bucket”. The latter is of particular interest. The origin of the bucket is covered by various myths, but in reality everything is small: this natural “amphitheater” was formed during the shallow process during the post-glacial period of the Skhodnya River, which now flows to the bottom and is called the Dirty River.

Before the 2000s, the slopes of the ladle were used for vegetable gardens by the locals, and even at the bottom of the bowl one could find Red Book animals. Now there are some playgrounds and barbecues are fried in summer and ice rides are taken in winter. Here, by the way, the disappearance of the boy Alyosha in the movie “Dislike” was filmed. The view from the bucket is wonderful, it is especially pleasant to walk there at night at sunset.

Small squares. The area is also full of small squares and parks for after-night walks. I prefer Oak Grove Mayak People’s Park. It got such an interesting name because of a real radio beacon with masts, which was located in the area of ​​today’s school. And the oak grove is a remnant of a real forest relic, one of the few that have survived in Moscow.

Where to go for a good meal

For nostalgia. In the area there is a cafe “Thrylos”. My parents still remember it, all weddings and events were celebrated here. Today the cafe remains a pole of attraction for the locals; in the evenings the Legend never empties.

Recently refurbished space and menu extension, so it is very tasty and relatively cheap. Our typical Legend order is: french fries, suluguni fried cheese with cranberry sauce, buffalo wings and sea buckthorn tincture – everything is so delicious that we prefer to choose our Legend rather than a bar in the center.

For pizza and beer. Our favorite pizzeria is La Gatta, there are two of their facilities in the area and most often we order pizza there. For craft beer lovers, the tiny 69 Pints ​​bar is in the area and for classic lager lovers, there are some simpler bars.

If you are not in the mood to sit in a bar, then there are some beer shops in the area with a very interesting variety, for example, “Thirst for a degree” and “I take a day off!”. Well, it is not a sin to get shawarma with beer, next to Thirst for a Degree, the most delicious is for sale. My favorite is curry, but my friends prefer Tom Yum.

For grid dishes. But there are also more famous coffee chains and pizzerias, for example, Papa John’s, Dodo, Shokoladnitsa with summer terrace, Chaihona No. 1 and Yakitoria. In addition, there are many restaurants in shopping malls on food courts.

What sights do we have

Bratsevo Mansion. Tushino attractions include the Skhodnensky bucket, which I wrote about above. And also the amazingly beautiful Bratsevo estate, in autumn this place changes to colorful colors and becomes completely magical.

On the territory of the estate there is a two-storey house in the style of classicism, a bridge and a kiosk-rotunda. As you walk around the estate, you can also see a red brick water tower, a wooden apartment building and a vegetable shop.

Hock factory. If you want to dive into Tushino’s industrial past, then you can take a stroll through the former Tushino sock factory. Specially for the workers of this factory, the Trud Stadium and the House of Culture were built, which now houses the Evangelical Church – all next to the Skhodnensky bucket and its stunning views.

“German” district. After the Great Patriotic War, the captured Germans lived and worked in Tushino, after which there were many very nice apartment buildings in the area of ​​Skhodnenskaya Street, as well as the building of today’s “Flight” cinema. In general, this whole part of the district looks like a small provincial town and not Moscow.

Showroom. If the soul demands cultural leisure, then Tushino has its own showroom. There are regular exhibitions of various artists, including young painters in local circles.

In summer, you can see how busy the children are with the paints in the fresh air. But the concerts can be visited at the Salyut Cultural Center, once built by the workers of the Tushino Machine Shop.

Where would I go my friends

If I were going on an excursion, it would be something like this: take a walk along Skhodnenskaya Street to the production canal, along which are the buildings of the Tushino Machine Shop.

From there, along Lodochnaya along the canal to them. Moscow to reach the Northern Tushino Culture and Recreation Park, admire the North River Station, drink coffee and then head to Planernaya Metro Station and trams.

Jump to “six” and reach the final, which is located near the Bratsevo estate. Take a walk and look at the park and the estate itself, take a look at the Moscow ring road from afar and go to the former buildings of the Tushino hosiery factory and from there, at the edge of the Skhodnensky bucket with a beautiful view, go to the metro station Skhodnenskaya through Mayak Park.

I really love my area for its interesting history and modern infrastructure. I certainly do not want to move, like my friends, whose families have lived in Tushino for many generations. For me my area is almost a special city in which I feel wonderful and very calm.

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