Moss against construction. Racing on the boulevard from St. Petersburg to Vsevolozhsk has begun

The environmental department of the Leningrad region government has begun studying the Rzhevsky Forest Park. Judging by the documentation, there is not enough space for Irinovsky Prospekt. In addition, you need to make mushrooms.

The Directorate of Specially Protected Areas of the Leningrad Region has launched a comprehensive study of the area where a specially protected natural area (SPNA) is planned. “Rzhevsky Forest Park and Kovalevsky Forest”. Unlike many other similar objects, this one has a direct impact on the life of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

In late January, 47news reported that the Leningrad Regional Planning Committee had announced the start of a spatial planning project to continue construction on Irinovsky Avenue. The new route should connect the northern capital and Vsevolozhsk and simply pass through the protected area.
The terms of the order say that the contractor should collect information about the current and planned situation of the territory. It is necessary to pay attention to the “local, geobotanical, flora, fauna, natural and geographical characteristics”.

In more detail, you need to study in detail which properties are located in this area, including roads of different values. At the same time, you should keep in mind which documents are being developed for the planning of the territory. Of course, the study must reflect what water bodies are, if there is military territory here. Under a magnifying glass, all mosses, plants, mushrooms, animals, especially those from the Red Book, will be examined.

The work must be completed by October 1, 2022, for which 700 thousand rubles will be allocated from the budget.

The nuance is that the terms of reference are accompanied by a diagram of the boundaries of the planned creation of a specially protected natural area. And it clearly has no place for Irinovsky Prospekt. At the very least, a simple comparison of the provision attached to the spatial plan by the Committee on Urban Planning suggests that it is planned green where they want to place the continuation of the Irinovsky Prospekt.

Head of the Directorate of Protected Areas Fedor Stulov On this occasion, he told 47news that today there is no question of the prevalence of one or the other version of the regime, since it is the duty of the scientists to give an opinion on the current situation in the planned special zone.

– All the necessary work will be done, it has been established what is subject to protection and much more. “All the documents will be sent for approval, including the urban policy committee, so that in any case they can express their opinion”, he commented.

However, when asked directly what would happen when the interests of environmentalists and builders intersect, he said: “The city policy committee knows for sure that any construction-related activity is prohibited in the reserves. In this case you should – Route. ”

According to the chairman of the city policy committee Igor KulakovAt the end of December last year, a letter was received from the Committee on Natural Resources stating that “they consider it inappropriate to make changes to the layout of the protected areas, as the plans for their creation do not contradict the plans for the construction of Irinovsky Prospekt. . “

– We warned them and they are officially aware. “I hope that at the stage of creating the SPNT zone itself, there will be a place for Irinovsky Prospekt,” he told 47news.

It turns out that two departments will study the same area at about the same time, without really agreeing on what is most strategically necessary.

– I agree with that. “If our colleagues create a document without taking into account our plans, then it will be very difficult to prove that the plan for the creation of protected areas needs to change,” Kulakov said.

Remember that all parts of the government, commenting on the fate of Irinovsky Prospekt, insisted that the disputed Rzhevsky Forest Park was worthless. The road, which will finally allow driving here without traffic jams, on the contrary, is an extremely important element of the transport infrastructure.

According to the laws of bureaucracy, most likely, the structure that will quickly deal with the project will be able to dictate the conditions. The event that remains at the end of this race will have to prove later that in fact its plans are more important. So far, judging by the timing, environmentalists are more likely to succeed.

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