Hot springs, pancakes from the Guinness Book of Records and other reasons to buy a ticket to Tyumen

“In Siberia of your own free will” is the name of the program of the Tourism and Promotion Organization of the Tyumen Region. And there is the gastroobserver BURO. Ivan Vasilyev went with Media Intelligence, a project of the travel and travel service And now he shares his impressions.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The plane takes less than three hours: the brand new Tobolsk Airport, which opened last September, is named after historian and cartographer Semyon Remezov. From here you can fly to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. From June 23 to July 8, direct Fun & Sun charter flights open from St. Petersburg. Arrival dates: June 23, June 26, June 29, July 2, July 5.

Tyumen is the oil capital of Russia and the first Siberian city to appear beyond the Urals in 1586. For a quick (and fun) immersion in history, you can take a tour of Merchant’s Tyumen. by the wife of the famous inheritor Merchant Apollinaria Ivanovna Sheshukova (ticket – 1,100 rubles). For interactive – the inflammatory music of Boney M (they came here on tour and sang about the local celebrity Rasputin) and hot tinctures that suddenly appear along the way.

There are no five star hotels in the city. But Tyumen is also a thermal resort, so you can book the new four-star LetoLeto (from 27,000 rubles for two for two nights) in the city. It is at the same time a hotel, a water park, a spa and a restaurant with a perfect breakfast. Children will definitely enjoy the water rides (from 1,500 rubles) and adults can take a dip in the pool with a water bar. The most chic is to swim outside the large pool on the street: even if the temperature is below zero, the water temperature is always +38. It is true that it is recommended to stay in the water for no more than 20 minutes.

The thermal springs in Siberia are almost an oxymoron, but it is an amazing truth. About 20 thermal resorts are concentrated around Tyumen, where the mineral water has a unique composition and more than 70 micronutrients useful for the body. 24 km from the city center there is the Taiga Ecological Park with hotel (room – from 4,000 rubles), a country village, a Polyanka restaurant and a mini zoo. From entertainment – riding in all-terrain vehicles of local production, horse riding, thermal spring with Russian bath and Finnish sauna (daily cost – 500 rubles).

In the private gallery of the artist Igor Ryazantsev (or Rene Reza) there is an excursion program “The Great Silk Road with a Golden Thread”. It is carried out by the author himself – the creator of the new painting technique “philumism”, which involves the use of fine threads of acrylic paints and gold leaf on canvas. Pay attention to the central image – it depicts Gregory Rasputin and his eyes really shine. At the end of the tour, you can take part in a large-scale show – become an artist and paint with acrylic on a large canvas.

In Tyumen, you have to try the cuisine of the Siberian people. The dishes on the premises are repeated, so choose where you want to try sliced ​​meat, venison, roe deer, wild boar or bear meat.

The city is located 85 km from Tyumen and is now famous for its gastronomic performances. In Maslenitsa, the largest pancake in the world is baked here to enter the Guinness Book of Records and they recently fried World Yaish from 1,500 eggs with onions and lard. Gulliver condensed milk and sweets were produced here. On the territory of the tourist complex “Yalutorovsky Ostrog” there is a Siberian carnival with costumes, competitions and round dancing. You can dine in the restaurant “Geasant’s Feast”.

Must visit. The most mysterious character in Russian history and the most famous Russian in the world, Grigory Rasputin, was born in the village of Pokrovskoye, where his private museum was founded. The site was opened in 1990 by the Smirnovs, who also lead excursions. You must register in advance. The exhibition is not very big, there are only two rooms in the museum, but a lot of work was done to collect material. Things were being investigated not only in the whole village, but all over the world – in addition to the real chair in which Rasputin was sitting, condoms and vodka with the Rasputin brand were on display.

The wooden tourist complex “Abalak” on the banks of the Irtysh is a reconstruction of a prison from the time of the Cossack conquest of Siberia by Ermak Timofeevich. The hotel rooms (from 3,000 rubles daily) are called chambers: boevodatos, archery, Kozakos. There is a wedding tower with a swivel bed (from 7,000 rubles), a White Owl tavern and a Russian wood-burning sauna. Fairytale scenes are played on the territory of the band – visit the real Baba Yaga, who lives in a chicken coop hut (in summer the structure makes a 180 degree turn) and take a photo with a background of three – snake head.

The ancient capital of Siberia with the unique Kremlin made of white stone beyond the Urals, a museum of Siberian criminal slavery and exile (here, by the way, sat Dostoevsky) and the first state museum in Russia of the family of Emperor Nicholas . From this building they started their last trip to Yekaterinburg. After the shooting of “Tobol”, the setting stayed here, so it is very easy to feel like an 18th century Siberian.

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