stories from the lives of Cellni taxi drivers

While working, taxi drivers face different situations and each of them has many stories – funny, unpleasant, scary

It’s funny to remember

“Once a deer, a pirate and the prince of darkness got into a car,” says taxi driver Dmitry Makarov. “That is, people dressed in strange costumes. They walked around the city for two hours, entered a bar for ten minutes, asked to wait and went to the next one. The children said that they were watching the “last trip” of the one dressed in the devil’s costume, they had such a bachelor party, “this is the only funny story that the taxi driver Dmitry Makarov remembered. There are many more events that are marked as” unpleasant ».

It is unpleasant to remember

Unpleasant stories are mostly associated with drunken passengers.

“It happened more than once that drunk people got into the car and could not hold the contents of their stomachs inside, once a passenger sitting right behind me vomited so that some of the waste fell on me. However, they do not want to compensate for the damage caused by dry cleaning. “Now, seeing customers intoxicated or with a bottle of alcohol in their hand, I just leave, canceling the order,” said taxi driver Ainur Khalitov.
“I do not put drunk passengers in a car, but I recently received a high-rate order – I received 400 rubles for a seven-minute journey. But the passenger turned out to be drunk and vomited. And when I asked him for money for dry cleaning, he replied with confused language: “There is no money, you can break my face.” Of course, I did not hit him, “said taxi driver Timur Nikolaev.

But even more unpleasant when the passenger is in a state of drug intoxication.

“A young man got into the car, decently dressed, and there was no smell from him, as soon as we drove, he started to contract in his seat. At first I was scared, I wanted to call an ambulance, but he started laughing out loud. I just wanted to chase him, nevertheless, I decided to take him to the place, God forbid, he would be hit by a car. On the way, he started saying that the belt was strangling him, the seat was falling. “Such situations only look ridiculous in the video,” said taxi driver Dmitry Makarov.

Even sober customers can force them to turn to dry cleaning.

“As soon as an elderly grandfather turned out to be a customer, they ordered a taxi, put him in a car and gave him an address. When my grandfather came out, I noticed that his pants were wet, it turned out that he had urinated right on the seat. “I understand that he is probably ill, but it remains an unpleasant aftertaste,” said Ainur Khalitov.

The bay can be expected from passengers with children.

“A young couple with a child got into the car, the mother was in the front seat, the father was back with the child. On the way, the baby started crying, the woman started complaining to her husband that he had done something wrong. He then asked to stop the car to change position. At that moment, I was moving on a busy avenue in the left lane, it was difficult to change lanes for a stop. I said I would stop as soon as the opportunity presented itself. But he started screaming, saying: “You do not hear anything, the child is crying, stop immediately.” “I stopped as soon as the opportunity arose, the father took the child, got out of the car, apologized and said they would not go any further, the girl followed,” said Timur Nikolaev.

“One passenger tried all the way to convince me to join a sect, saying that people live wrong, and if you do not convert to his religion, then the higher powers will surely punish him,” smiled taxi driver Dmitry Makarov.

It’s scary to remember

Sometimes taxi drivers are very scared.

“I took the order and saw that the place where the customer had to be delivered was in the forest, I thought there was some kind of recreation center. A healthy bald man in a leather jacket with a scar on his face got into the car. When I asked him exactly where to go, he replied that he would show the way. He then asked me to stop in a dense forest, where there are no recreation centers or other buildings. At that moment I was very scared. He just came out and hid in the thicket. “After that, I could not work,” taxi driver Timur Nikolaev shared his memories.

Ainur Khalitov has some terrible stories in store.

“The order stated that the customer would pay in cash and the trip should be short. The passenger got in the car and said he had no money, but he had a knife and if I did not take him to Ufa, he would use it. “I stopped on a crowded road and by a lucky chance, the customers decided to jump out of the car and hide,” said Ainur Khalitov.

“Once I was driving a group of drunk guys, they decided to smoke in the car. I asked to stop, so they started insulting me and threatened to set the car on fire, stating that they could do whatever they wanted, after they had paid the fare. I stopped and said I would not go to them anymore, one of them hit me. Another beating was avoided because I informed them that I had pressed the panic button and there would be many taxi drivers here in a minute. The drunken group fled. “After such customers, there remains an unpleasant aftertaste and bruises”, sighed the taxi driver Artur Zakiev.

“Most of the time, insufficient passengers appear in autumn and spring. One tried to pay with money from the joke bank, proving that it was true, and then started shouting when I refused to accept it. Another saw me wearing a medical mask and began to state that I was a spy working for the government and refused to go. There was a client who asked to translate the cabinet meeting. “When I said it was impossible to do this in a car, he said ‘it’s not his problem’, they say he paid and I have to fulfill the order,” Artur Zakiyev shared.

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