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16:28, 6 May 2022, updated 23:01 6 May 2022

Ecology, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk decided to check how the area next to the Limestone test site feels. It has already been done many times messages on the fact that garbage is scattered in the area: both from the landfill itself, where it is not yet briquetted due to lack of necessary equipment, and from the garbage trucks that bring it here from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Together with environmentalist Dmitry Lisitsyn, we arrived at the landfill and walked around to see if there was rubbish behind the fence. And it turned out to be a lot. Not from the “front” side, everything is clear here, because yesterday an important mission came to the training ground: and. about. PSO Deputy Chairman Oleg Popov, the leadership of the Ministry of Housing and Public Welfare of Sakhalin, the regional body, deputies of the regional duma … And from the side where there is no entrance, which is adjacent to the forest.

A drainage ditch runs along the fence, a stream flows through it. Its entire length is full of garbage. Whatever the wind blows from the landfill is collected here, contaminating the water body and also scattering in the forest. Pictures describe the situation better than any word.

According to the technology, purified water from the landfill flows into the stream. The places where it is removed are also full of bags and a wide variety of packages: from toilet paper, cat food, seeds, chips … It seems that they do not clean here in the first place, they have accumulated so much. In the current you can see a tire, in the woods – deposits of bags, plastics, cardboard packaging, as well as material for reinforcement of slopes, which were apparently abandoned during the construction work. All of this pollutes the environment precisely because it is not obvious. The conclusion suggests that the landfill workers put things in order only from the front.

According to the head of the landfill, Dmitry Zinakov, this is not the case. They also clean the back of the landfill, but not so often. The fact is that the workers are afraid to go there, as a bear was seen there. Two workers are sent to clean, just in case. Today, Zinakov promised, all garbage will be removed. However, given the strength and stability of the winds that blow in this area, in a few days the image can return to its original state.

Updated yesterday at 17:40

As Dmitry Lisitsyn adds, Ecowatch wrote to the environmental prosecutor in March that this would happen.

The Izvestkovy MSW landfill operates in violation of the approved project documentation and the terms of the commissioning permit. In particular, the accumulation of food organic matter transported along with garbage in small streams on the upper bank of the Polozhka with the establishment of hot weather can lead to a sharp deterioration of the health conditions of the river, various bacterial infections and related diseases in citizens – members of homes and gardens, garden associations located downstream (“Algeos”, “Vitamin”, “Mebelshchik”, “Kalinka” etc.) Summer residents use the water from the river Podorozhka for drinking, household needs and irrigation, therefore, the large cl “Long-term pollution of the river basin poses a threat to the life and health of citizens,” he said in the appeal.

The prosecutor’s office carried out an audit and recently the environmentalists received an answer stating:

“As part of this inspection, the prosecutor’s office made a trip to the landfill, during the control of the events of the pollution of the adjacent area with waste was not found.”

Meanwhile, dirty garbage drains are already flowing directly into Podorozhka and further into Tunaichu.

Updated yesterday at 23:01

Maxim Fedotov, General Manager of the Department of Waste Management of the Sakhalin Region, sent photos and videos to the author of the material, in which the same as in the photo in this text are placed, but without garbage. The head of the regional operation wrote that these photos and videos were taken today from 17:00 to 18:00. Fedotov expressed doubt that the author used the photos today, although this can be confirmed even by the landfill guards, who today chased away the correspondent and Dmitry Lisitsyn and forbade them to take photos. We could not dream of garbage, so there is only one conclusion – after our visit, they were removed, photos and videos were taken and now they claim that it never existed.

“The fact is that at 22:04 the team and I personally toured the entire perimeter of the landfill and removed the rubbish. There is snow in some of your photos, I did not see it there yesterday. I hope I am wrong,” Maxim wrote. Fedotov.

But even today we did not dream of snow.

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