“There is nothing to turn off, there is no equipment.” The war in Ukraine has deprived Russian firefighting planes

A state of emergency has been declared in some parts of Siberia. The problems with the fires here started earlier than usual due to the fact that military aircraft, which were previously used for firefighting, are now busy in the war between Russia and Ukraine. This is what experts believe.

The worst situation is now in the Irkutsk region and in Hakkaya. In the Minusinsk area of ​​Krasnoyarsk Territory, the fire spread to residential buildings in the village of Znamenka – residents of the entire street had to be evacuated, leaving behind their homes. The inhabitants of the region confessed to Siberia. The fact is that the houses were not damaged “miraculously” due to the sudden rain.


“Yesterday was very scary. “Smoke was hanging all over the village for more than a day, it smelled burnt, there was a fire right next to the houses,” said a resident of Znamenka village. Zaytuna Abdyukhanov.

According to another Znamenka resident Nikita Novozhilovamore than a dozen houses were evacuated urgently, the rest of the residents spent more than a day at risk of falling victim to the fire.

– It burned for a long time: it started loudly from 11 in the afternoon and burned actively until 7-8 in the evening. The road, which is next to the forest, was completely evacuated. “There are 10 houses or more,” says Novozhilov. – Yes, and the whole village was smoke. Volunteers were sent to dig trenches around Znamenka to prevent the fire from spreading further.

The locals say that forest fires in the area occur every year and often, but “being so close to the village is the first time”.

– It was very scary that we were notified of a possible evacuation – so they collected documents and so on, but did not take them out. And now everything is burning around, cracking, and we are sitting at home and waiting. As a result, the rain helped, because there were few people in the fire and a big fire broke out, even a horse! – HE SPEAKS Galina Popova from Znamenka. – So I’m sorry for the forest, a very good young forest burned.

I think the reason is the careless attitude of some people towards nature. As I heard, vacationers left burning grass in the cemetery near the village of Krivaya. And then the wind rose, here you are – a fire. It is unlikely that the lumberjacks hid the plot – very young pines fell under the fire, not a business forest. But here is the negligence [в Красноярском крае] some wild. I myself am from Hakasia and I often see unquenchable fires here, they are completely wild for me – we have a taiga there, they protect nature. And here people have no consciousness, they should rest if in nature, then in the desert. This is not how you treat your nature.

The locals themselves say that after Znamenka, despite the rain, the fire spread to neighboring villages and today it is burning near the village of Kutuzekovo.

Authorities in the Krasnoyarsk Territory have confirmed the “threat to the settlement of Znamenka” and announced that they have opened a criminal case under the article on the destruction or damage of forest plantations and other plantations as a result of careless fire handling (part 1 of Article 261 of the Russian Penal Code Federation).

“The burning area is currently 250 acres (of which 80 acres are exposed). No property damage was allowed,” said the commission of inquiry into the area, promising to “evaluate the work of business services and others in topical measures to eliminate forest fire, prepare the area for the fire season.

At the same time, shortly before a large fire broke out near Znamenka, the press service of the main directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Krasnoyarsk Territory announced that the state of emergency imposed in the Minusinsk region on May 2 was canceled by the decision of the administration.

– There is no real help, here it is necessary to extinguish the fire by helicopter, not even a fire truck will help, the fire in the trees, the wind is still strong, – write eyewitnesses.

Foreign media, citing experts, write that the area of ​​fires in Russian areas will increase, because in the context of the war in Ukraine, Moscow does not have enough forces to eliminate them – especially the military air force.

Residents of the area say that a dangerous situation is developing not only in the neighborhoods, in the villages near the forest, but even within the boundaries of the regional capital. Another fire on Tatyshev Island in Krasnoyarsk had to be extinguished by visitors to the park.

Fire in Krasnoyarsk

– The price of such a catastrophe, as it is now in Tatyshev – a carelessly thrown bull. Further – dry grass, windy weather. On the leeward side they were able to extinguish and then fell, as in the video, slightly stopped with sluggish air. Well, do not go there. The water was dragged in bottles or the fire was extinguished in the already burned with wood, some with their feet.

We lost 10-15 people, mostly young people. There are dozens of spectators and operators. We went out for about half an hour, the firefighters did not arrive during this period, although there was a call, not one, – said a resident of Krasnoyarsk, one of the activists of the environmental movement “For a clear sky” Andrey Skovorodnikov-Erlich.

After the fire on Tatyshev Island in Krasnoyarsk

After the fire on Tatyshev Island in Krasnoyarsk


Residents of another part of Siberia – the Omsk region – say the same thing: there is not enough equipment to put out fires.

– I am a village MP. Last year, in our village in the Lyubinsky district, many houses were burned by grass fires in the spring. Fires have started this year as well. And this month, houses in another village in the Lyubinsky district, Vladimirovka, have already burned. There are victims. At the same time, the information is officially hidden, since there is nothing to put out the fires, there is no equipment, – he says Alesya Grigorieva.

In Vladimirovka, the fire started on April 15, 2022 – according to the Research Committee for the Omsk Region, the fire started in two streets of the village due to dry grass. “Two houses belonging to two retirees were completely burnt down. The owner of one of the houses, a 64-year-old man, was treated in a hospital in Omsk with second-degree burns,” the ministry said.

Omsk, May 4

Omsk, May 4

Residents of Omsk call the situation with the fires difficult.

“Now around Omsk, hearths are lit regularly, mostly grass is burned, but often the forest is also burned. Because of this, there was constant smog in Omsk, especially suffocating at night. The largest fire broke out along Cherlak Street a few weeks ago. “The smog usually collects at night, when the wind recedes,” he says Daniil Chebykin from Omsk.

According Alexandra Anohin, the smog over the city has been accumulating for the last three weeks. Residents are complaining about deteriorating health and frequent calls to the ambulance due to the dense fog.

“It started a little earlier than usual. The versions of the inhabitants are the following: the governor and the regional authorities do not pay any attention to this. Burkov last year (Alexander Burkov, Governor of Omsk Oblast, – SR) held regular meetings on fires. He is now busy with the “Za President” festivals, Chebykin explains. In addition, each year the funding of the regional budget for emergency prevention is reduced. See data for the last two years – the cost of fire safety and emergency prevention has been reduced from 300 million rubles in 2021 to 270 million in 2022. For 2023, only 259 million are committed! While defense spending, on the contrary, increased. Or here – the cost of forest management (hiring foresters) – reduction from 370 million to 80!

In Omsk and the Omsk region, for the fourth time in a week, a “black sky” regime was established due to the fires. Residents of different areas complain about the smell of combustion, chemicals and chlorine in the air. According to the application Ecovisor, air pollution in Omsk “causes discomfort” to most residents of the city and prolonged exposure to the street can be a threat to health.

As of May 4, the extent of forest fires in the regions of the Siberian Federal District, as well as in Buryatia and Transbaikalia, has increased to 5.7 thousand hectares, according to Avialesokhrana. During the day, the area of ​​forest covered by fire almost doubled.

In Khakassia, the extent of fires increased from 1.2 thousand hectares to 2.1 thousand hectares, in the Irkutsk region – from 816 to 2 thousand hectares. In the territory of Krasnoyarsk, the fire covered more than 500 hectares of forest, in Tuva – about 400.

The state of emergency has been declared in three Russian regions: the Kurgan region, Hakkaya and Buryatia. A special fire regime operates in 42 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The critical situation in the Irkutsk region due to forest fires was confirmed by Governor Igor Kobzev – in his telegram channel, he announced that the fire had reached near the Siberian highway.

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