When will McDonald’s return to Russia, in May or June 2022: will there be a return after the sanctions? Latest news

McDonald’s departure from Russia was a painful event for some. Others praised the move. Meanwhile, the company itself is calculating the losses from leaving the Russian market. There were reports that the leadership of a foreign organization was considering returning to Russia.

The Russians noted the benefits of closing McDonald’s in the country

The Russians pointed out the benefits of closing McDonald’s fast food cafe. First of all, these include street cleaning, next to closed restaurants, reports Penzainform.ru.

“No bags, no spilled cola, no french fries in the kitchen eye. “Silence, order and grace”, writes a user on one of the social networks.

Russians have repeatedly complained about household waste being piled up in bins on benches in the recreation area on social media.

We remind you that on March 15, shortly after the start of the special operation in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions, McDonald’s closed. Many commentators praised the changes: “It has become cleaner”, “There are no sparrows”. Others explained the square, sown during the work of the cafe, by the irresponsibility of the people.

“It’s not for the Mac, it’s for the people who throw garbage,” “It’s not for the McDonald’s, they are people who behave like pigs. “They probably did not teach them as children that you should not throw rubbish.”

Many Russians have complained that leaving McDonald’s also means losing jobs, the opportunity to buy a cup of coffee early in the morning, live communication options for young people and places with free toilets.

An alternative version of McDonald’s appeared in Noyabrsk

In Noyabrsk (YaNAO), a Krasnodar Boy burger shop opened at 34 Izishateley Street. The fast food restaurant offers more than 10 different types of burgers to the townspeople. As the director of the burger restaurant Dmitry Potemkin told URA.RU, the residents of the city will like the new facility.

“We are sure that Krasnodar Boy will be liked by the residents of the city and will become one of their favorite restaurants. “Any of the burgers can be ordered directly at the restaurant for takeaway or delivered to your home, there are no seats at the moment,” said Dmitry Potemkin. The businessman invested about six million rubles in the project and also received half a million regional support.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that the Krasnodar Boy burger shop is preparing to open in Noyabrsk. The fast food restaurant is a franchise. Earlier, the head of Noyabrsk, Alexei Romanov, said that in 2022, a McDonalds fast food restaurant should be built in the city. However, the company left Russia.

McDonald’s wants to return to Russia, but under a different name

Oleg Paroev, General Manager of McDonald’s Russian representative office, announced that the foreign fast food restaurant chain is considering returning to the Russian market.

According to him, today the foundation of the program is as follows:

  • McDonald’s returns to Russia, but under a slightly different name.
  • the logo will change as well as the order.
  • the territorial purpose of the restaurants that operated in the past will remain unchanged;
  • The administration plans to maintain as much as possible the quality and taste of the food, which the Russians love so much.

The issue of returning to Russia was raised by the CEO of the company Chris Kapchinsky.

According to experts, the management of McDonald’s did not plan to leave the Russian market for a long time and believed that it would return to work as soon as the political situation returned to normal.

This explains the fact that the company still pays salaries to employees who were forced to take unplanned vacations and make rent payments.

The Russians positively evaluate the departure of McDonald’s

Not all Russians were upset about McDonald’s’s departure. Some, on the other hand, welcomed the fact that the American company had left the Russian market. For example, this is how they think in Penza.

In addition, the inhabitants of the city note not only a positive economic result, but also aesthetics. On the social network VKontakte, users are discussing the closure of McDonald’s restaurant in Penza on Lenin Square. According to them, it has now become so clean that you want to come here again and again.

Users noticed that earlier there were labels, cups everywhere, french fries were scattered, cola was spilled. Now this is nothing.

Household waste is constantly accumulated in bins. Utilities did not manage to dig them up, which caused a lot of conflict.

Others disagree with the claim that the closure of McDonald’s had a positive effect on the aesthetics of the city. In their opinion, this is not about the restaurant, but about the people who throw rubbish under their feet. If you did not teach them to clean themselves in their childhood, then put no fast food coffee here, and not just McDonald’s, the road will be the same as before.

Fast food alternatives to McDonald’s open in Russia

The main reason many Russians criticized McDonald’s departure is that they did not have the opportunity to buy a cup of coffee before work or meet at a cheap cafe to chat with friends.

According to experts, if a worthy replacement for the American restaurant chain appears in Russia, then everyone will quickly forget about McDonald’s.

And in YNAO they went further. In the city of Noyabrsk, he opened a fast food restaurant “Krasnodar Boy”, where they sell hamburgers, no worse than Mack. While you can buy 10 kinds of different combinations. In the future, it is planned to expand the range.

The director of the burger, Dmitry Potemkin, says that the residents of the town have already appreciated the place. At first glance, people liked the cozy corner, which serves as a kind of alternative to McDonald’s.

Many people come to the restaurant every day. There are often situations where there are simply no places. But you should not be upset. The “Krasnodar guy” is ready to work for packaged food or to deliver food directly to the customer’s house.

Potemkin noted that he spent 6 million rubles to open a burger. Another 500 thousand rubles were presented to him by Okrug.

A new McDonald’s is being built in Yekaterinburg, but its opening is now threatened

A new McDonald’s building is being built on Furman Street in Yekaterinburg. The restaurant was previously expected to open in late summer or early fall 2022. But now its discovery is threatened.

The management of the company understands that the tension between Russia and the western countries will not subside in the near future. Therefore, there are no conditions for returning to the Russian market in its previous form.

It should be noted that at the moment the construction of the Mack building in Yekaterinburg has been temporarily suspended. The company does not yet have the money for the construction of the building. But once the situation returns to normal, McDonald’s promises to return to Yekaterinburg.

In addition, the company does not leave its employees to their fate. He continues to pay their salaries. According to experts, McDonald’s has already spent about $ 27 million for these purposes alone. Another 100 million in US currency had to be written off, as this amount was used to buy products that, after the mass closure of restaurants, only deteriorated.

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Source money-budget.ru, vbanke.info

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