Attention, food. When healthy foods go bad

From the body’s best friends, these foods can easily be turned into its worst enemies. Five dangers associated with eating healthy

They are always associated with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We think of them when we hope to lose weight and / or feel better. How frustrating it is to discover in the end that the consumption of these very useful products has failed. Concentrate Warning: Be careful with the following diet foods and beverages.

Pure table water

Competing nutritionists, cardiologists and neurologists recommend consuming more fluids, especially in the summer, frightening us with the effects of dehydration. The fact that sweets and fizzy drinks are not the best way to quench your thirst in our time is not only known by those who do not know how to read. But we treat clean water as a saving elixir – it promotes digestion, contains no calories, normalizes blood pressure and even displaces some harmful substances from the body that get there as part of colors and preservatives.

Having tasted something spicy, sweet, greasy or dry, the resident immediately remembers the healing properties of the water and drinks it with pleasure. This is where the problems begin. Gastric juice liquefies, the pancreas, liver and small intestine glands must compose a new part of the secretion. You have to pay for it with low acidity and gastritis. The ideal time to drink water is 10-15 minutes before a meal.

Salad with cucumber and tomato

It is equally sought after in the Middle East, post-Soviet space and Western Europe. The most popular vegetable salads can be considered variations on the theme of this simple, like all clever, recipe. Low calorie, pleasant taste and compatibility with any main course – what is not an ideal accompaniment. But here’s the thing – tomatoes create an acidic environment in the body and cucumbers create an alkaline one. Together they begin the process of salt formation. Tomatoes are rich in ascorbic acid, but are absorbed by the ascorbinase found in cucumbers. In addition, in order to digest these vegetables, the body must produce various enzymes. Both components are extremely useful, but only separately, together they become a source of problems.

Fresh orange

It is rich in iodine, so it is good for the thyroid gland and can be an effective means of preventing anemia due to its high iron content. Its tonic properties make it a potentially healthier substitute for morning coffee. Everyone knows that in the summer it is better to reduce coffee consumption because of the risk of dehydration and drop in blood pressure. And finally, vitamin C, who has not heard of the importance of vitamin C.

However, if you start leaning on freshly squeezed orange juice, you run the risk of gaining too much weight too soon. In terms of calories, fresh is about equal to the sum of squeezed oranges, only it does not bring satiety. Another hidden threat that awaits lovers of this drink is cross-allergy. Some allergens “work in pairs”, ie individually they do not cause harm, but together they easily deceive your immune system and make it act against you. In many of these “pairs” there are substances contained in oranges.


Gastroenterologists, not without reason, advise patients suffering from gastritis to start their day with banana puree. This breakfast option is perhaps the least difficult for the stomach. In addition, bananas contain vitamins C, A, B and E. They are rich in carotene and antioxidants. Women who seek to prolong the youthfulness of their skin know that this fruit is one of their truest allies in the fight against wrinkles.

However, if you are trying to lose those extra pounds, the banana is your enemy. There are almost 110 calories in 120 grams of product. For people suffering from varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, this delicacy is completely contraindicated. Banana promotes the removal of fluids from the body and this can cause blood to clot.


A rare gourmet restaurant makes no mussel salad. If you visit a seaside resort this summer and look for any institution on the waterfront, you will definitely see a large list of mussel dishes on the menu. In addition, the price will be favorably compared with other offers with seafood. Do not give in to temptation. Mussels are actually a living filter of the world’s oceans. Their natural function is to “pull back” the saxitoxin and other poisons released by the inhabitants of the deep sea. Mussels resist anthropogenic chemical pollution of water by absorbing the waste that is dissolved in it. This is good for those people who swim in the sea or just use clean sea water for something, but bad for those who eat mussels.

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