Capricorns, you should spend this day in nature.

Horoscope for May 8 according to the zodiac signs

ARIES Today, your relationships with representatives of other cities and countries (including staff) have the opportunity to become more streamlined. Most likely, this will happen on someone else’s initiative and you just have to accept the proposed terms. If you did not have time to express your feelings, send a letter, make an important proposal, hurry: the very next day your attempts to correct the situation may fail.

TAURUS Today, the stars allow you to walk on the razor’s edge, but at the same time do not advise you to risk your safety and health. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. A short trip should be not only interesting, but also as comfortable as possible. In the family it is possible to talk about moving, religion, debts or inheritance.

TWINS Today, love affairs and marital relationships are especially important to you. Emotional sympathy, romanticism of emotions and similarity of spiritual interests will be successfully supported by the presence of common ideas for the future and the readiness for mutual responsibility. In this context, small differences in habits or aesthetic preferences will not play a role. If you want to please strangers, understand their tastes.

CANCER Your relationship with households today is marked by a desire for peace and harmony. This is a good time to go back to old family or national traditions (for example, shared meals or dinners). Daily housework can be unavoidable, dictated by a sense of responsibility to parents, older family members or the marriage partner, or related to caring for a pet.

A LION Think of an action plan in advance, even if a romantic encounter is on the agenda. It is possible today to be tempted to differentiate your love affairs with a hobby on the side, especially if you are in a pleasant company. In this case, a well-designed plan in advance will keep you from making mistakes. This is a good day to appear on stage and complete your creations.

Virgin By nightfall, you may be haunted by a sense of hopelessness. You may also be constantly torn between old habits and new hobbies. The situation in the family today can remain uncertain, and plans and tastes – variable. However, an inner voice will tell you persistently that you need to make a decision and draw a line down the recent past. Choose what is really valuable and important to you.

LIBRA Today, conditions are volatile, but your actions are by no means random and well thought out. Wherever fate takes you, you will not go astray. In the sea of ​​possibilities, you will undoubtedly choose the one that best suits your intentions. You should not turn down an invitation for a walk or a party. Try to keep a person who is attractive to you and whose beliefs are similar to yours.

SCORPIO The climate of the day does not favor too much seriousness and makes you move away from monotony. At the same time, it does not allow carelessness and disrespect. You can buy a funny junk bauble today, but it is unlikely to blow up your entire fortune. In matters of the heart, a light relationship with a romantic tone is not ruled out, but due to a random hobby you will not be able to forget the object of your constant liking.

SAGITTARIUS Today you need the advice of an older friend or a solid system of your own principles. In the absence of such support, you can become a very unpredictable person, unreliable both for yourself and for others. Sociability and the ability to choose the right words in a timely manner will help you to correct small mistakes quickly. If you did not have time to confess your love or talk to the child, do it without delay.

CAPRICORN Excessive expediency today will not be appropriate. This day is favorable for finding additional opportunities: for example, contacts or sources of information. You can enjoy an interesting conversation, private correspondence, be in nature or easily flirt. If you are tired of worries, you may enjoy temporary loneliness. Food these days should not be too heavy.

AQUARIUS Today it is difficult for you to share romantic, spiritual and spiritual sympathy. You may start to feel a completely unfriendly interest in one of your like-minded people, which will add a special bitterness to the communication. Fortunately, your natural rationality, honesty and strong belief system will not allow you to be driven by random moods, you will be able to maintain an objective view of the situation.

FISH The need for diversity today is balanced by the need to adhere to rules and standards. If you are confused in love affairs, you are not sure about your marital status or you divide the money too casually, try to consult a more experienced person (for example, with an older friend). This is not the best time to start a romantic relationship, it can be superficial.



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