Have a great weekend in Voronezh: Victory Day

Voronezh. 05/06/2022. ABIREG.RU – Business Information Agency (ABIREG.RU) presents you an announcement for events for the coming Week that you will definitely like.

The short working week has come to an end. The long-awaited holidays of May are coming. We have prepared for you a selection of events for the coming weekend.

Friday 6 May

On May 6, at 17:00, there will be a concert (12+) in front of the Young Spectator Theater, the program of which will include wartime songs, known to all from Soviet films, and military lyrics. . And at 18:00 the Youth Theater invites you to watch the musical comedy “The Blue Handkerchief” based on the work of Valentin Kataev.

At the Drama Theater. A. Koltsov On May 6, the comedy Lucky Number (12+) by the famous French playwright Jean-Marie Chevre will be screened. Start – at 19:00.

The premiere of the play “Smirnov, Popov and Balabaikin” based on the stories of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (16+) will take place on Friday at the Chamber Theater. The show, which will combine eight independent miniatures, will feature old Russian romances. Start – at 20:00.

On the roof under the dome (BC “Everest”) on May 6 you can watch the drama “Good Will Hunting” (16+). The start is at 20:30.

On May 6, on the stage of the restaurant Pinta Haus – the cover of Naked Gun (16+). If you like Russian folk songs in the style of Lyapis Trubetskoy, Tsoi and the Leningrad band and so on, these guys will definitely love it. Start – at 21:00.

Weekend, May 7-10

The musical fantasy Alice in Wonderland (6+) by composer Vladimir Baskin will be screened at the Voronezh Theater for Young Spectators on May 7. It is a brilliant musical tale based on the works of Lewis Carroll. Start – at 12:00.

On Saturday, the Palace Complex of Oldenburg invites you to a concert by the wonderful band Green Castle (12+). The program includes Celtic music. On the roof of the palace you will hear both well-known and favorite melodies, as well as rare acoustic, but no less heartfelt works. Start – at 14:00.

Voronezh “Fakel” on May 7 at the Central Stadium of the Unions will play a match with the football team “Volgar” (0+). We call on all football fans and fans to support the team. The meeting starts at 16:00.

May 7 at the club “Parnassos” – Splice Party (14+). A concert of artists Voronezh and Daybe is waiting for you. The start is at 17:00.

May 7, at 18:00, on the stage of the Cott Theater, the play Pheromone (16+). Perfumery craftsmen work together to create the perfect fragrance. Perfect, isn’t it? Of course, all this is poetic, but with one caveat: today someone will die. Great achievements always require great sacrifices.

May 7 at the Drama Theater. A. Koltsov, the festive comedy “The Night Before Christmas” by NVGogol (12+) will be screened. This will be a charity event in support of DPR and LPR residents temporarily residing in the Voronezh region. Start – at 18:00.

The restaurant Pinta Haus on Saturday invites all lovers of beer and Russian rock to the concert of the band “Silver Bullet” (16+). The band continues the best traditions of Russian rock, offering you both original material and an incendiary cover program. Start – at 21:00.

From 7 to 10 May, at 12:00, the Oldenburgsky Palace Complex invites young visitors aged 7-10 to the “Who stole the chocolate?” Mission. Young visitors will help confectioner Louie figure out who stole the old hot chocolate recipe kept at the Oldenburgsky factory, how the abduction took place and where the recipe is now hidden. They will also try to find the secret ingredients for the most delicious hot chocolate. Participants will then be able to prepare and drink this wonderful chocolate drink.

On weekends at the Star & Mlad cinemas (shopping center Moskovsky Prospekt and Grad City Park) you can watch new movies: the family comedy Artek. Great Journey “(6+), animated adventure” Suvorov. The Great Journey “(6+) and action movie” Brest Fortress “(16+).

On Sunday, Neapolis pizzeria (Pushkinskaya street, 2) will host a children’s pizza cooking master class (3+). The chef will teach the little guests how to knead the dough, prepare the toppings and put the pizza in the oven. The start is at 11:00.

On May 8, at 18:00, a British comedy with a happy ending Everyone Has Their Flaws (16+) will be screened at the Cat Theater.

On May 8, at 18:00, at the Opera and Ballet Theater, the operetta “Waltz of Sevastopol” (12+) will be screened.

At the Chamber Theater on Sunday a moving performance “Storm” (16+) based on the play of the same name by AN Ostrovsky. Start – at 18:00.

On May 8, at 18:00, on the stage of the Drama Theater, the non-lyrical comedy “Zygaria” (16+) is one of the most moving and tender works of the famous contemporary playwright Evgeny Grishkovets.

May 8 at the Philharmonic Concert of the ensemble “Voronezh Soloists” – dedicated to the Great Victory (12+). The program includes military songs: “For this guy”, “Rio Rita”, “Ballad for a soldier”, “Oh, roads”, “Victory Day” and more. Start – at 18:00.

On May 8, at the Pinta Haus restaurant, the charming singer Elena Kislova will create an indescribable holiday atmosphere (16+). The evening starts at 21:00.

On May 9, at 10 am, the traditional Victory Parade will take place in the center of Voronezh. A rock festival and a “Lights of Victory” fiery arts festival will take place on Admiralteyskaya Square. Victory Day will end with fireworks at the Chernavskaya Dam at 22:00.

On May 9, on the big stage of the Koltsovsky Theater, a free gala concert “Songs of Our Victory” (12+) will be held for residents and guests of the city. Artists of the Voronezh State Academic Drama Theater will perform war songs accompanied by the VGII Symphony Orchestra. Start – at 12:00.

On May 9, the Palace Complex of Oldenburg invites you to the concert “Music of Victory” (12+). Performers: Mikhail Knyazev / piano, Elena Starkova / song. Start – at 14:00.

On Victory Day on the stage of the Chamber Theater, the play “Uncle Vanya” (16+) based on the play by Anton Chekhov. Start – at 18:00.

On May 9, Anastasia Gruzda (16+) will sing for you at the Pinta Haus restaurant. Start – at 21:00.

On May 10, the Frenni Music trio (12+) will perform on the rooftop of Oldenburg Palace. The group will perform written versions of well-known Russian and foreign compositions. Start – at 14:00.

On May 10, on the stage of the Youth Theater, the play “Vasily Turkin” (12+) based on the poem by Alexander Tvardovsky. Start – at 18:00.

On May 10, at 18:00, the Cat Theater invites you to the dramatic performance Pillow Man (18+). A show-statement about the nature of creativity with a police story and black humor inherent in M. McDonagh.

A Dramatic Theater. On May 10, A. Koltsova will screen the comedy “The Same Day” (18+). Start – at 18:00.

May 10 at the Chamber Theater drama “Stone” by contemporary German playwright Marius von Mayenburg (16+). The start is at 19:30.

Happy Victory Day! Have a nice weekend!

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