how to marinate meat tasty and safe

HSIA has gathered recommendations for the selection of meat and the best marinade recipes

The May holidays traditionally coincide with the start of the barbecue season. How to cook a delicious barbecue and what recommendations you should follow to choose the right meat – in the YSIA material.

Rospotrebnadzor recommends that you follow some simple rules that will help you avoid problems when you go out in nature.

  • Meat for barbecue must be purchased on the eve of the holiday.
  • The meat must be fresh. If you want to prepare semi-finished products for barbecue, you must marinate the meat before going out into the countryside.
  • When transporting, it is important to avoid contact of the raw products with the finishes. Cooked food can become contaminated if it comes in contact with raw food.
  • For the transport of marinated meat, it is recommended to use heat containers or heat bags with ice accumulators to maintain the optimum temperature for storing perishable products.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the readiness of hookah kebab, because poorly cooked shish kebab can cause gastrointestinal diseases and infections.
  • Excessive cooking of meat is also not worth it, because in this case you risk getting a lot of harmful carcinogens.
  • It is not recommended to prepare salads with the addition of mayonnaise, it is better to prefer fresh vegetables and herbs. Vegetables should be washed in advance at home, greens should be washed very well with running water.

To make the barbecue not only healthy, but also delicious, it must be marinated properly. Marinade is a mixture of spices, vegetable oils and natural products that contain acids. The meat that ages in the marinade acquires a soft texture and aroma. The harder the meat, the longer you have to keep it in the marinade. Adding salt is not recommended, as the hypertonic solution will simply “suck” all the juice from the meat and the kebab will turn out dry. For the same reason, you should not make the marinade too “sour”. We bring to your attention the most popular types of marinade.

Traditional marinade

The traditional marinade consists of vinegar, chopped onion slices, black pepper and salt. The disadvantages of this mixture are that the vinegar must be measured accurately for jewelry and not delay the booking time, otherwise the meat acquires an unpleasant aftertaste, although of course it smells great during cooking. But true barbecue connoisseurs reject vinegar and never add it to marinades. The same, by the way, applies to mayonnaise.

Mineral bread marinade

Cut the meat into 3-5 cm slices, cut the onion into slices and the tomatoes into strips, add to the meat. Cut the rye bread into small cubes, like crackers, pour over with lemon juice and mineral water, mix. Put the meat with the onions and tomatoes in the resulting bread pulp, add pepper and salt, mix with your hands and let the kebab marinate overnight at room temperature. The meat from the laces, alternately with onion slices, is fried in the usual way on hot coals on the grill until cooked.

lemon marinade

Lemon marinade does not cause rejection to connoisseurs and is excellent for pork. Instead of vinegar, add the juice of one or two lemons. The other ingredients are classic – onions, vegetable (preferably olive oil), black pepper and peas, bay leaf. For two kilos of pork, 2-3 onions, four tablespoons of oil and spices at will are enough.

coffee marinade

Coffee marinade generally does not involve the addition of acids to the meat. For two kilos of pork with spices, 4 tbsp. spoons of olive oil and chopped onion slices (4 pcs.) You will need 1 liter of hot, but not boiling coffee. Pour the meat over this coffee and then let it cool first at room temperature and then marinate in the fridge. The meat must be preserved for six hours. Shish kebab is tender and aromatic.

Beef skewers with pineapple

This barbecue cooks quickly. Cut the beef into small pieces and beat well. Pour in the soy sauce and the crushed garlic mixture. For 1 kg of beef fillet, you will need 4 tablespoons of sauce and 2 cloves of garlic. In such a marinade, the meat will be marinated in just one hour. Putting it on a skewer, alternate the meat with pieces of pineapple and sweet pepper. Shish kebab can be fried on charcoal, on a barbecue or grill, as long as you cook it for 10 minutes.

marinade with pomegranate

Pomegranate marinade is worshiped in the east. For its preparation, take two glasses of pomegranate juice, many bunches of greens (coriander, mint, basil), more ground pepper and one large onion per kilo of meat. you can also mix pomegranate syrup, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Pickling time – 6-10 hours. Ideal for lamb and pork.

wine marinade

The wine marinade gives the meat a delicate taste and makes it softer. However, not everyone likes the taste of wine. However, for those who want to try pickling meat in wine, it is recommended to get a liter of dry red wine, three medium-sized onions, more black pepper and fresh basil for the same two kilos of beef or pork. If you use white wine, your marinade will also work for the turkey.

Kefir marinade

Kefir marinade has recently become very popular. For its preparation, for two kilos of pork, one liter of low-fat kefir, spices and seasonings for taste is usually taken, as well as four not very small onions. Onions can be cut into rings or cubes, then mixed with meat and spices and pour the resulting mixture with kefir. Kefir marinade is not bad for both chicken kebab and beef, but it is not too hard. Yogurt-based marinade is prepared in a similar way.

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