In May, the Astra-Med Clinic launched promotions for turnkey implantation and correction of bites using an arm system

Director of the “Astra-med Center for Dentistry and Implantology” Irina Kuznetsova and assistant dentist-orthodontist of the Marina Kilina Clinic

Irina Mikhailovna, today you went on the air with your daughter. Do I understand well that your family business is expanding?

– Yes, I am very proud of my daughter Marina’s achievements. He is now finishing his 5th year at the PSMU School of Dentistry, working at the Astra-med clinic for 4 years, assisting a dentist-orthodontist. Recently, Marina and her husband Ilya received permission to open a new clinic at the Dominant apartment complex at 99 Lunacharsky Street. This clinic is part of the Astra-med center. The equipment has already been purchased and there are three treatment rooms, the official opening will take place soon.

I. Kuznetsova: I will not hide the fact that the current situation has greatly affected the increase in prices for consumables and spare parts for medical equipment. equipment. Prices have risen by about 30-40% and that is not the limit. For some patients, the question may arise: the dollar is falling, while the prices of dental treatment are rising. Because this? I will answer. The situation is related to the storage of consumables. If in the past the delivery of the Israeli implants we use was 1-2 days, now these conditions have become much bigger.How is the industry evolving in the new economic conditions?

All high profile dental clinics operate either with German equipment of SIRONA Dental Systems, KAVO, or with Finnish and Israeli equipment. Of course, there are big problems with deliveries from these companies. But I, as the director of the Astra-med clinic, have one goal – to make sure that our patients will not notice any significant difference between how it was and how it was done. Our core value is the health of our patients. We closely monitor the quality and shelf life of our dental materials. In addition, the best technicians in town carefully monitor the dental equipment so that we can maintain the highest quality bar in this difficult time.

Has the price of the implants changed? Tell us about the spring offers.

– In April and May, at the Astra-Med clinic, Permskaya 161, an action was announced for prosthesis in a turnkey implant without hidden options; now it costs 48 thousand rubles and what is important is the work with a guarantee. If suddenly the implant does not take root, then we never learn the reasons and reposition it at our own expense.

Let me remind you that for 20 years we have been cooperating with the Israeli company Alpha-Bio, which thanks to its quality has achieved the worthy respect of patients. The implants of this system are characterized by a high survival rate – 99% and have been approved by the Council of Europe, and this is a high degree of confidence.

M. Kilina: COVID-19 also brought its own adaptations to the periodontal condition: bleeding gums, increase in the number of caries, various concomitant diseases that can affect the condition of the oral mucosa. In May, the action expanded: the placement of metal straps on both jaws – for 49,900. In addition, they are placed first on the upper and then on the lower jaw. However, the basic condition is that the amount be paid in full before the end of the offer.

Why is summer the most convenient time to correct a teen bite?

Maria Kilina: In the summer, putting braces on your teeth is really easier, the holidays are coming, the mood is good. In summer, it is easier to survive the initial discomfort from the structure. And I remind you that it is better to put splints in adolescence, when the child is actively growing, the jaw changes and the orthodontist can control and correct this process.

Is it true that the main question from patients is: “Do braces hurt”?

Yes, this is the most common question. Arm systems are therapy and medical intervention. Yes, this is an unpleasant feeling, but the adjustment period passes quickly.


Can an excessive bite be corrected with aligners? What is this?

– It is simple. Aligners are removable. If the braces are worn for a year and are not removed, then the aligners can be removed. Brush your teeth gently, eat and the food will not stick to the metal construction. For many people this is important. Again, those people whose profession is related to speech and performances need to understand that metal construction slightly changes the structure. By the way, where the excellent import substitution really took place is the production of aligners. Made in Skolkovo by the company 3D smiley. Our clinic has been cooperating with them for 4 years. And those clinics that supplied them from the United States have now suffered a lot and many have been forced to discontinue treatment.

Detailed information can be found on our website. You can also consult the phone 258-34-34 or come to the Astra-med LLC clinic at 161 Permskaya Street. We are always happy to listen and advise our patients.

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