Sobyanin opens Control Center for Moscow Municipal Economic Complex

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Photo by M. Mishin. Press Service of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow

The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, has opened a management center for the municipal economy complex in the south of the capital.

“Moscow’s residential and communal housing complex is probably the largest in the world, because, apart from its large population (13 million in Moscow), Moscow is the only city of its size in the north. . geographic latitudes. Therefore, the communal complex itself, the energy complex is completely different than in the southern cities. In general, there are about 360 thousand employees directly in the state of the complex of the urban economy, including the joint-stock companies operating in the energy complex, the largest systems of heat supply, energy supply, gas supply, etc. on; road operation, especially in difficult winter conditions, when we observe one after another extreme situations. All of these need to be addressed and dealt with very quickly, efficiently and effectively. “To manage this more complex complex, a control center has been set up for the urban economy complex, which ensures the operation of 30 life systems in the city, about a thousand parameters,” said Sergei Sobyanin.

According to him, thanks to the work of the center, the effectiveness of the response will be significantly increased, the time of elimination of accidents and the time of interaction between the various services will be reduced.

“In addition, the Sistema-112 was created here, which receives calls for all emergency services in the city of Moscow. “It has been boosted many times and will increase its capacity, making it practically the only phone to respond to extreme situations,” Sergei Sobyanin added.

He noted that all the latest technologies are gathered in the center.

“I hope that the people of Moscow will receive additional quality of services with the opening of this center of the municipal economy complex. “In general, the economy of the city will be better and more efficient,” said the mayor.

According to the materials of the press service of the mayor and the government of Moscow, the control center of the urban economy complex is a single automated control room. Approximately 430 automated jobs have been created here for employees of the municipal economy complex and Sistema-112 operators. In the 60-seat emergency room, operators monitor and evaluate the performance of housing and community services in real time and also take action to eliminate incidents that have occurred.

It is noted that specifically for the new center, an automated information system (AIS) was developed and implemented for the interaction of the Moscow urban economy complex, which collects data for about a thousand indicators from 50 different sources, including the inhabitants of the city, resource supply agencies, control and surveillance authorities and telemetry devices – more than 60 thousand events daily. As a result, business management decisions are made without wasting time receiving and transmitting information in traditional ways: over the phone, through paper workflows, and so on. It is estimated that the time to resolve emerging issues and incidents will be reduced by at least 25%.

The materials also state that the number of Sistema-112 pilots has increased from 65 to 125 people per shift. In the last two years, the average connection time between a subscriber and an operator has been reduced four times – to nine seconds. At the same time, the number of processed calls has doubled – up to 17.5 thousand per day.

The management center of the municipal economy complex is located in the southern part of the Pechatniki district – in a building specially constructed for this purpose, as well as in a pre-existing building where restoration work was carried out.

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