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Duchess Camilla’s eldest son, Tom Parker-Bowles, is a restaurant critic. He recently interviewed his mother about her favorite foods, recipes, restaurants and cooking.

In an interview published in You magazine, the Duchess of Cornwall spoke about her favorite foods, her favorite restaurants, her culinary experience and her success in gardening.

Favorite baby food: cheesecake, potatoes and ice cream brown bread

Duchess Camilla of Cornwall / Associated Press

Camille says she learned to cook by watching her mother, Rosalind Shand, make food the “heart” of family life.

Camilla admits that she grew up in a very happy family, who also enjoyed gardening: “Growing everything from tomatoes and melons to peas, beans, carrots and fresh potatoes.”

“One of my first memories is cooking peas and beans with my mother, a skilled cook,” she says. “I learned from my mother. “I have never followed a recipe in my life.”

The Shand family spent their summers on the island of Ischia, near Naples, which, according to the Duchess, “instilled in her a lifelong passion for Italian cuisine.” Among the Italian dishes that Camilla has carried her love all her life, she especially highlights beef with lemon, fried zucchini and pasta.

Duchess Catherine, Duchess Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II / Associated Press

Apparently Shandal’s family upbringing was quite strict, the Duchess remembers that she was not allowed to proceed to the dessert if she did not finish the main course: “We always had to finish what was on the plate before eating the pudding. It was not a problem when it was rice pudding because I hated it. ”On Friday night, the children had the opportunity to choose their own dinner, and Camille always chose chicken pie. Mostly, Camille remembered the black bread ice cream, which was served there.

Camilla remembers her first school, Dumbrell’s in Ditchling, East Sussex, where the food was amazingly excellent. They served a lot of steamed puddings and once a week they were allowed to help the cook prepare dinner. The Duchess still remembers the potatoes and cheesecake they made there.

Favorite and less favorite foods

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In the 60’s, in one of the fashionable restaurants of that time, Camilla first shrimp with avocado. Her combination looked incredibly exotic. Although Camille did not like avocados at all before, now, by her own admission, she eats them every day.

“One of my favorite foods is toasted beans.” admits the Duchess. Camille also confesses her love for AND freshly cooked fish and chips wrapped in paper, which, in her opinion, nothing can overcome: “This smell!”

But the pepper – raw or boiled – the Duchess can tolerate and avoid chili and garlic. He is also not a fan of by-products, except for a very good liver.

For her own cooking skills and the food she cooked for children

Duchess Camilla of Cornwall / Getty Images

Camila wonders how her son became a restaurant critic, because he considers himself “not the most business-like of the cooks”.
The Duchess specialized in simple, healthy food and never followed recipes: “Lots of chicken tarragon, omelette and bacon and chicken pot. Sundays were always hot. The kids ate a lot of cheese on the toast. We had a vegetable garden, so when we ate produce it has not become fashionable yet “.

The Duchess admits that sometimes she even cooks alone when she is at home and loves her garden:

“I love gardening. I am very proud of my white peaches. “My husband is an excellent gardener and we are quite competitive with our fruits and vegetables.”

Her last menu for dinner

When asked what she would prefer the Duchess to order for dinner if she knew this was her last dinner, she replied in a rather original way:

“My last meal would probably include asparagus from my garden with a lot of butter. Angela Hartnett’s risotto. I love her cooking. Dover sole meunière with ratte potatoes, fresh beans and peas from the garden. A little bittersweet ice cream. “Raspberries and a lot of whipped cream. Along with a very good glass of red claret. Considering that this is my last meal, probably two.”

Duchess Camilla of Cornwall / Getty Images

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