The dog handler said it shortens the dog’s life

A dog’s life is short by human standards, but can be extended if you monitor the pet’s diet and well-being and do not spare preventive visits to the vet, Russian Canine Federation President Vladimir Golubev told RIA Novosti. .

Of course, we can not change anything globally, but it is up to us to make sure your beloved dog stays by your side as long as possible and lives his happy life. In fact, there are no special tricks, it is just important to follow a responsible approach to owning a dog, not to feed him with the remnants of lunch, to monitor his well-being, to supplement the necessary vitamins on the recommendation of a veterinarian and to participate in outdoor training more often.Vladimir Golbev

Special food

He said that contrary to myths, eating the same food that its owner eats can shorten a dog’s life.

The remnants of a human dinner or lunch will only harm the pet, as fatty, spicy, fried and smoked foods can be toxic and dangerous to the dog.

The dog handler reminded that dogs should not be given bones either boiled, fried or cooked. He explained that the dog’s body is not able to digest them and the tubular bones that the animal has gnawed into small fragments can cut the intestinal walls and lead to death.

Chocolate and its derivatives are also considered poisonous to dogs – milk and white chocolate, sweets with nuts, cocoa and drinks based on it.

All of these products contain theobromine, which is a poison to the dog’s body and causes irreversible damage to the stomach and other organs.

A dog can develop pancreatitis or even hepatitis after eating it. Bakery products, porridge, pasta and other foods should not be part of your dog’s diet. If you love your pet and care about his health, never feed your pet from your table.Vladimir Golbev

Another reason why a dog can live less, Golubev called an unbalanced diet.

Pet food should contain animal proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace elements and vitamins, as well as dietary fiber, which regulate intestinal activity.

Traffic and rules

Also, the lack of complete walking and training that every pet needs, regardless of size and breed, can also harm the dog. During a walk, dogs are not only relieved, they are also needed for socialization, the kennel explained.

He clarified that active walks have a positive effect on endurance, reaction speed and growth. During the walk, the dog learns the world and communicates with relatives, Golubev noted.

He called training an integral part of raising a dog. According to him, every dog ​​should know the basic commands, this applies to both puppies and adult dogs. In addition, joint training helps to develop an emotional bond between the dog and the owner, contributes to the physical and mental development of the pet, keeps it in good condition and helps prolong life.


Constant stress and lack of rules also shorten a dog’s life. A dog that does not know the rules is unhappy, as it is forced to experience constant stress due to the fact that it does not know the limits of what is allowed, Golubev explained.

The rules make the pet’s life easier, making his life more predictable. According to him, the rules from the moment they are introduced should never change.

Rules are very important for a dog. They have no idea now that it is possible, but tomorrow it is impossible. What was once allowed is always allowed. And what is forbidden must always be forbidden. When the order is broken, the animal begins to live in constant stress, not knowing how to behave. Because of this, the dog becomes anxious, nervous, something that in the future affects his health and life expectancy.Vladimir Golbev

Watch carefully

He also talked about the importance of preventing various diseases that can occur in a dog.

Golubev recommended that you inspect the pet from the tip of the tail to the nose as often as possible. According to him, you should check that the pet has clean ears, no secretions from the eyes and also pay attention to the hair. A dull hair that has lost its density clearly shows a decrease in immunity.

A dog’s behavior can also say a lot about his health. If he has become lethargic, apathetic, sleeps a lot and prefers a quiet rest from active walks, then the owner should take care of it and consult a veterinarian. It is also very important to treat the parasites in time and to make the necessary vaccinations, explained the dog handler.

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