Truths and myths about nutrition

There have always been many myths surrounding the subject of proper nutrition.

Truths and myths about nutrition.  Photo: Dmitry Lobanov /

The truth and myths about proper nutrition are what those who want to have a slim figure should know.

Pursuing a beautiful silhouette, modern women do not abandon any of the ways and methods to achieve what they want. Today at the peak of popularity is the right diet. It implies a balanced use of all the substances and trace elements that are necessary for a person. The truth and myths about proper nutrition will allow you to develop your own diet and avoid mistakes.

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Truths and myths about nutrition

Myth 1. The less fat, the better.

Many believe that fats are the main enemies of health, longevity and slim waist. This is the most common myth. In fact, fats are vital for our body. That is why it is necessary to include in the diet dishes with a moderate amount of vegetable and animal fats. Reduce saturated fats and trans fats as much as possible. They are found in foods such as spread or cooking oil, fast food and foods fried with large amounts of vegetable oil (especially harmful if this oil has been used repeatedly).

Myth 2. Juices are just as good as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another misconception, especially when it comes to industrial juices in cardboard packaging. Even if you make freshly squeezed juices at home, that does not mean they are as healthy as fresh fruit. The main disadvantage of the juice is the lack of fiber and the reduced amount of useful vitamins and minerals. If you want to treat yourself and your loved ones with a delicious and healthy drink, then it is better to prepare smoothies from vegetables or fruits.

Myth 3. Proper nutrition is an expensive treat.

This is the favorite excuse of opponents of a healthy lifestyle and does not correspond to reality. Proper nutrition is calculated in the use of seasonal vegetables and fruits. The healthy menu includes cereals, the price of which is affordable for everyone. Attempts to include in the concept of “proper nutrition” the use of products exclusively labeled “bio” are wrong.

Myth 4. Japanese cuisine diet dishes

Looking at the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, many conclude that they have achieved their harmony by using only sushi and rolls.

Myth 5. Snacking is bad.  Photo: eldar nurkovic /

In fact, the rice used for cooking and the soy sauce, which we love so much to dip in sushi, are not diet foods. In addition, soy sauce is high in calories.

Myth 5. Snacking is bad.

Snacks are essential if you eat right. Even if you do not follow strict diets and dietary rules, it is not recommended to give up snacks. The most important thing in snacks is the right foods. Excludes from this list muffins, chocolate, sweets and other sweets that harm the body.

Myth 6. Chocolate is the biggest enemy.

Proper nutrition does not mean complete rejection of chocolate and other sweets. The most important thing is to choose the right products. If you want to give yourself a piece of chocolate, do not deny yourself. Just choose dark chocolate, which also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.

Truth 1: Frozen foods are just as healthy as fresh foods.

You can pick vegetables and fruits yourself or buy them frozen commercially. Freezing vegetables and fruits is best in the summer, when they are full of vitamins and minerals. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits out of season is much more harmful than eating properly prepared frozen foods.

Truth 2: You do not need to count calories.

Counting calories consumed is, of course, an exciting but non-informative activity. If you have already decided to do the calculations, do it right. In addition to calories, it is essential to measure ingredients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Ideally, the ratio should be 15-20% protein / 30% fat / 55-60% carbohydrates. It is also important to consider how many calories you are burning.

Truth 3. Its beneficial properties do not depend on the color of the bread

Indeed, there are no companions for taste and color. The notion that black bread is healthier than white bread is wrong. Since many bakeries and bakeries, to reap greater benefits, do not use rye flour and whole grain cereals to make brown bread, but caramel. Gives the bread a nice rye color.

Truth 4. You can eat after 18:00!

There are restrictions on eating at night. But these are just restrictions, not a complete ban. Nutritionists recommend paying attention to digestible foods in the afternoon.

Truth 2. You do not need to count calories.  Photo: Alexander Dashewsky /

The only thing you need to remember for sure is that the last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Truth 5. By chewing food well you help society.

The quote from the great Ilf and Petrov is relevant at all times. And this is not because everyone reads “12 Chairs” with pleasure, but because it is a naturally integrated process that we forgot in our constant desire to hurry and be on time everywhere. The more carefully you chew the food, the faster it will be absorbed by the body. Nutritionists recommend that you do at least 20 chewing movements.

Truth 6. Sugar substitutes are not a dietary product.

Sugar is a very harmful and insidious product. Until recently, this was exactly what most of those who tried to be lean and healthy and turned their eyes to the shelves with sugar substitutes believed. As practice has shown, sweeteners have proven to be particularly dangerous and harmful. They disrupt metabolism and can cause the development of diabetes.

Rules that will definitely help you lose weight

Rule 1. Drink water

Whatever diet you choose for yourself, the main thing to remember is that drinking water plays an important role. To maintain the health and youth of the body, it is recommended to consume at least 1.5 liters of clean water daily.

Rule 2. Learn to combine products correctly

Nutritionists do not recommend combining the following products in one dish.

  • Cheese and meat. Complete digestion of these products at the same time is normally impossible.
  • Eggs and bacon. The assimilation of such a dish will require a lot of effort from the body and the fat found in the bacon negatively affects the absorption of selenium present in the eggs.
  • Cake with tea and yeast. Such a cocktail of products will lead to fermentation in the stomach and the tannins contained in the tea will prevent the absorption of trace elements and minerals present in the roast.

A slim figure is a great job. But since harmony is closely linked to health, all efforts are not in vain. Be slim, healthy and beautiful!

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