Weather. Weather forecast. Weather for summer 2022. What will the weather be like in summer?

Winter is not over yet and many are already wondering what the weather will be like in the summer of 2022. And this is not at all strange.

Remembering the well-known saying that the sleigh should be prepared in summer, and the cart in winter, the inhabitants of our country study meteorological reports in advance.

Traditionally, summer is a time for relaxation and travel. But even if you do not go on vacation, you can take your soul by going out of town for the weekend, to the river, to the lake, to the lake, to a picnic with friends or in the end just for a walk.

So what will the weather be like from June to August 2022 in Russia? So far, you can only focus on the long-term forecasts made by meteorologists by analyzing summer weather data for the last 10 years, studying information from satellites and passing everything through the prism of today’s meteorological news.

Of course, the accuracy of such weather compote is low – at best 60%, but it is still more than nothing.

What will be the summer of 2022 in Russia?

“Summer, oh, summer, starry summer, song louder. Summer, oh, summer, starry summer, be with me “, sang Alla Borisovna Pugacheva.

However, as meteorologists have warned, the Russians can not count on a calm summer this year. According to long-term forecasts of meteorologists, the summer of 2022 is expected to be unusually heavy across the Russian plain.

The atmospheric circulation of air masses will lead to a collision of cold and hot fronts. As a result, most parts of the country will be covered by heavy rains and strong thunderstorms. A series of bad weather will be replaced by stifling heat and so on for three months.

In general, according to scientists’ calculations, the average air temperature on Earth this year will immediately increase by 1 degree. According to experts, this is a very steep rise that will affect the summer weather – the hottest season on the planet. Therefore, the summer of 2022 in Russia may become one of the hottest in the history of meteorological observations.

The weather in the summer of 2022 in Russia. Where is the best place to spend your vacation in June 2022?

“And summer smells of grill smoke, blueberries, the sea, heavy rain, ripe cherries, sunscreen and the holidays we look forward to,” wrote our contemporary poet Mike Zinovkin.

And really, what better way than a summer vacation? Of course, summer vacation on the beach. Of course, the most popular domestic destinations for the inhabitants of our country are still the resorts of Kuban and Crimea.

Here, too, meteorologists do not promise anything good for the coming summer, predicting noticeable meteorological anomalies. Thus, in June, in the Crimean peninsula are expected heavy rains, strong winds on land and storms at sea. At the same time, the temperature background is likely to drop – thermometers in the first decade of the first month of the season are unlikely to rise above 14-16.

Heavy rains are also expected in the wider Sochi region, as well as in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk, at the beginning of the summer season. It is true that the wind here will continue to warm at plus 23-25, and closer to the beginning of July at plus 27. But the rains … They will go almost around the clock, accompanied by thunderstorms and stormy winds, causing floods, increased enthusiasm at sea and obstruction of proper rest.

Throughout June, Moscow will also be under attack by heavy rainfall and temperature fluctuations, with thermometers in early summer in the capital expected at a maximum of 14-15 degrees above zero. Some days it is possible for the temperature to rise sharply up to + 25 degrees, which will be replaced by another part of the cold weather.

Cloudy and foggy weather will meet in the summer of 2022 in St. Petersburg. According to long-term forecasts, the residents of the northern capital will experience a sharp drop in temperature to +10 and the same sharp jump to +20 during the first two weeks of summer.

It will be much more positive in June 2022 in the resorts of the North Caucasus. For example, in Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk and Minvody, at a temperature of plus 27-29, there will be no rainfall. It is true that there is no sea here, but you are provided with mineral water, fresh air, walks on the health path, therapeutic massages, interesting and rich excursion programs and therefore great mood.

You can go on holiday in June in Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod or Saratov. With sights and excursions, everything is wonderful here too. But over time, some problems are possible – long-term forecasts promise unusual 30-degree heat, thunderstorms, lightning, thunderstorms and hail.

What will the weather be like in July and August 2022 in Russia?

Waking up from the veil of rain and storms, the Russians will sink into the unusually hot July, which will cover the entire territory of the Russian Plain.

Thus, in Moscow, the temperature background will be set within 30-35. Both thunderstorms and thunderstorms are possible only after dark. Tropical heat is forecast in the Volga region, here for almost the entire second month of the calendar summer they promise almost plus 40, which can lead to a risk of forest fires.

In St. Petersburg, the cloudy mood will also change in the scorching heat. So far, in their long-term forecasts, meteorologists are writing for plus 30.

The heat of July, according to the same preliminary data of the experts, will definitely migrate in August. For example, in the capital at the end of the summer, plus 30 will remain, in St. Petersburg it will become a little cooler – plus 25. But the city on the Neva will be washed away by heavy rains, hail and strong gusts of wind.

Abnormal weather conditions are expected in August in the Far East. Here, at the end of the calendar summer 2022, it is possible heat, sudden cold, heat again, thunderstorms, hail, storm and calm. The weather anomalies will be more than enough for the inhabitants of the Urals, Siberia and the Far North.

And yet, we must remember that the beginning of summer is still far away: it will not start soon. Therefore, it is better to focus on the present now, and we will continue to prepare the basket for the summer to spring.

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