Slim, soft, healthy: how to prepare your feet for the summer season

Swimming, cycling, stretching exercises, yoga are always useful

Spring is a good time to take care of your feet. To put it bluntly, prepare them for the warm season. It is in the cold season that it is best to perform cosmetic or scheduled surgeries to remove veins, vascular networks and other defects.

Ideal feet should be healthy. Varicose veins, swelling, joint problems will deform the legs of any length and thickness. Therefore, in case of foot diseases, we make an appointment with a venologist or orthopedist.

Varicose veins are considered an inherited disease, so if your mother and grandmother suffer from this disease, do not forget about prevention: consult a doctor and do regular leg exercises and use venotonic drugs. Potential patients also include cooks, surgeons, salespeople, promoters, managers and hairdressers – anyone who has to stand on their own two feet for a long time. Expectant mothers are also at risk, so in the second trimester of pregnancy it is worth discussing the problem with a doctor and taking precautions.

The vascular network in the skin is another aesthetic defect that has no place in the ideal legs. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend using products with isoflavonoids, wearing compression underwear (with a clear tendency to appear “asterisks”), doing lymphatic drainage procedures and often giving your feet a break from tight shoes.

If spider veins have already appeared, it is best to remove them. This is done in several ways: for example, a laser or a heat coagulation method. At the same time, the damaged vessel is sealed and withdrawn from the general circulation, blood no longer enters it, the vessel becomes invisible. With a large area of ​​the vascular network, you will be offered microsclerotherapy, in which a drug is injected into the capillaries.

The bones in the legs distort the shape of the foot and make it less attractive. Previously, the problem was solved with surgical removal, but today doctors will offer you a whole series of procedures that will help heal the joint and correct the load on the legs, so that the “blow” does not form again.

Fighting for subtlety

Here we have to work on two fronts. The first is to correct the shape of the legs by strengthening the calves and thighs. Tight muscles will make your legs smoother, straighter. Exercise or muscle stimulation will come to the rescue. By the way, if you choose a sport, then first consult the coach, describe the desired result. The fact is that the curvature of the legs can be of many types: O-shaped, when the legs do not converge on the knees, and X-shaped, when the legs rest on the knees, but not on the ankles. Therefore, it is better to choose exercises taking into account the shape of your legs, so that the curvature does not become even more noticeable. Swimming, cycling, stretching exercises, yoga are always useful.

The second direction when working on thin legs is the elimination of cellulite and weight loss. Wraps, special massages, LPG, press therapy, cavitation and other body shaping methods will benefit. By getting rid of the “orange peel”, the “ears” on the hips and the “pillows” on the knees, you immediately win the title of the owner of the slender attractive legs.

We achieve smoothness

Today, salons offer a wide range of hair removal services: from the temporary effect of shugaring to permanent hair removal with laser or electric pulses. Find your way. But even hairless skin may not look smooth enough. Do not neglect scrubs and gommages, moisturizing lotions, oils. This, firstly, will protect you from the appearance of hair that grows and secondly, it will make the hair removal more effective and, thirdly, it will give the skin a well-groomed radiant look.

Multicolored bruises do not look good on the feet, so if your skin is prone to bruising, you should take care of the condition of the vessels. To do this, try to increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet. And bypass the obstacles in your way!

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” no. 28779 dated 11 May 2022

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