Israel celebrates International Museum Day with free events

3 בגלריה בגלריה

At the Museum

Museum of Man and Nature in Ramat Gan

(Photo: Nadav Cohen-Yonathan)

On Thursday, May 19, Israel will host International Museum Day. It is held every year around the world in May to reveal the cultural richness of museums, to encourage the public to visit them and also to raise general awareness of the role of museums in society. . In Israel, Museum Day usually coincides with Lag B’Omer.

On this day, dozens of museums across the country will host events dedicated to the theme of International Museum Day 2022. It is called “The power of museums”. Special tours and educational excursions, meetings, speeches, art workshops for children will be organized, as well as acquaintance with new exhibitions and unique exhibits.

Admission to the museums is free, but some events will be charged for a fee.

You can see the full list of museums, admission to which will be free on May 19 here

3 בגלריה בגלריה

At the Museum of Animation and Comics in Holon At the Museum of Animation and Comics in Holon

At the Museum of Animation and Comics in Holon

(Photo: Shai Ben Ephraim)

:North: Beit Hashomer Museum, Beit Lohamei HaGetaot Ghetto House Museum, Yarmuk Museum of Culture, Circassian Heritage Center, Khan Museum in Chandera, Ein Dor Museum, Bar David Museum in Kibbutz Baram, House Kupferman Collection.

Haifa and surroundings: “Mishkan Le-Omanut” Ein Harod, Janko Dada Museum in Ein Hod, Haifa Museums (National Maritime Museum, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa Art Museum, Haifa City Museum, Hermann Struck Museum), Wilfried Museum of Art and the East (Kibbutz Hazorea), the Ha-Emek Museum, the Madatek Museum – the Museum of Technology and Space Science in Haifa, the Umm el-Fahm Gallery, the Reuven Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa.

HaHasharon area: Museum of Modern Art in Herzliya, “Beit ha-gdudim” Museum, Kfar Saba Museum.

ΑTel Aviv: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Ramat Gan Museum of Man and Nature, Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Eretz Museum Israel, Haganah Museum, LEHI Museum, Nachum Gutman Museum of Art, Nano Museum of Art and Technology at Bar Ilan University, Ruben Rouen House-Museum .

OlHolon, Bat Yam, Rehovot, Petah Tikva: Israeli Museum of Animation and Comics in Holon, Holon Design Museum, Moby – Bat Yam Museums, Rehovot Municipal Gallery, Petah Tikva Art Museum.

AzMazkeret Batya: the Mazkeret Batya Museum, the Eran Shamir Museum of the First Settlers.

►Ή Judah: Babylonian Jewish Heritage Center.

IshReshon Lesion: Rishon LeZion City Museum.

: Jerusalem: Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Tower of David Museum, Underground Prisoner Museum, Bloomfield Science Museum, Old Yeshub Museum, On the Edge Museum, Joseph Agnon House-Museum’s Ison Museum, Bibliography Museum Art.

South: Museum of Islamic Art in Beersheba, Ben Gurion House Museum, Joe Alon Center for Bedouin Culture and Heritage.

Ben Gurion House Museum at Sde Boker Moshav in the Negev He makes theatrical tours, during which you can get to know the image of Ben-Gurion, visit his house in the desert, see his personal library and meet members of Sde Boker, who met the first Prime Minister of Israel.

Museum of Man and Nature in Ramat Gan will host a variety of activities for the whole family related to the new Tailed Family exhibition that explores the connection between humans and pets. Activities include making pet toys and pet stories from ancient Egypt to the present day.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art will host another event for Yayo Kusama: A Retrospective, which includes reading and creative angles to read about the artist, share ideas and thoughts about the exhibition, and write letters and drawings led by Yayo Kusama.

On the Edge Museum in Jerusalem will tour the “Touch” exhibition, which reflects the mood of the art community during the epidemic and describes how the world is reshaping itself during the quarantine and after the epidemic.

Valley Museum (“Ha-Emek”) to the north, he will take guided tours in the footsteps of the pioneers, visiting the existing handicraft workshop, the agricultural machinery room, the old photo studio, the costume warehouse and the laundry of the past.

3 בגלריה בגלריה

Yarmouk Culture Museum Yarmouk Culture Museum

Yarmouk Culture Museum

(Photo: Maya Tzur)

Yarmuk Culture Museum in Kibbutz Shaar HaGolan organizes excursions for all ages and activities for the way of life in antiquity, such as grinding seeds in basalt pots, sculpting pots from clay and natural materials, archery, making decorative pendants and much more.

Circassian Heritage Center in Kafr Kam offers to get acquainted with the Circassian culture through a story about the Circassian language and watching a film about the historical heritage of the Circassians, as well as through a tour of the Circassian Museum and the ancient part of the village, accompanied by a local guide.

Museum of the Tower of David in Jerusalem will take an outdoor tour of the courtyard of the Acropolis Tower, during which visitors will be introduced to the history of Jerusalem and learn how the face of the city has changed over the centuries. The tour serves as a window into Jerusalem’s rich heritage and includes an ascent to an observation deck with stunning 360-degree views of Jerusalem, as well as a tour of the museum’s archeological park.

Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem will hold master classes for the whole family, dedicated to the wonderful properties of fabrics. In these workshops, participants will be able to create, weave and renovate different types of fabrics, which will help them gain knowledge of the history of fabrics used to make modern garments.

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