Natural fires destroyed several homes in two Primorye villages in April

The Primorsky Territorial Prosecutor’s Office organized an investigation into the fires, as a result of which, in April, the fire hit the settlements of Yakovlevsky and Chernihiv districts and destroyed the property of the citizens. According to the first information, the cause of the fire was the uncontrolled fallen dry grass. And the heads of the settlements will probably be found guilty.

According to at the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, both fires occurred on April 21. At 15:35, a message was received about a fire in the village of Starosysoevka, in the rural settlement of Novosysoevsky in the Yakovlevsky district. And at 21:10, firefighters were informed of the dry vegetation fire in the village of Orekhovo, urban settlement Sibirtsevo, Chernihiv region.

In Starosysoevka, at the time of the firefighters’ arrival, three semi-detached houses were engulfed in flames. As a result, all three houses were destroyed by fire in a total area of ​​about 300 sq.m. There are no dead or injured, the damage is being investigated.

“Based on the technical conclusion, the immediate (technical) cause of the fire could be the ignition of flammable materials (dry grass, household waste) in the fire from an open fire source or from a low power source in the form of a smoldering smoke product”, said the Ministry of Emergency Situations, clarifying that a decision was made not to prosecute.

In the village of Orekhovo, at the time of the firefighters’ arrival, an uninhabited house and three auxiliary buildings were on fire. As a result, they were destroyed by fire in a total area of ​​about 150 square meters. m. There were no dead or injured.

Investigators from the Ministry of Emergency Situations found that the fire was caused by burning unclean dry vegetation and the wind spread the fire, including throwing it on the road to the outbuildings. Interviews were conducted with the owners of the buildings, it turned out that there were no documents for them, the plots of households, according to the public cadastral map, were not demarcated and no damage was reported.

The governor is angry

For some reason both fires lost the daily reports of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but did not go unnoticed by the regional authorities. On April 29, a video appeared on the governor’s official account with an excerpt from the meeting and a horrific caption that Kozhemyako considers the work of some mayors and settlements in times of fire risk ineffective, immediate action must be taken, there will be no other warnings.

“You drive to the edge – there are fires everywhere. Everyone does everything, but not fires. According to the heads of settlements where fires broke out, where houses burned: send documents for damage. And send the governors to the prosecutor’s office. And we will direct from our side. We warned that the heads of the settlements should check the situation in their settlement, look at the fire lanes, the availability of firefighting equipment, so that gardens, sheds and dead wood are not wiped out. Whose responsibility is this? Completely lazy. Nobody wants to do anything. Why has no work been done on annealing? I’m waiting for the results. “You will go through the committees today or tomorrow and let him write an explanation why he has a field without the relevant documents”, the governor almost shouts in this video.

The prosecutor’s office responded to a request from the authors that, according to the department, 3 houses in the Yakovlevsky district were burnt down, in one of which people lived, outbuildings and two non-residential houses were damaged in the Chernihiv district. As a result of the incident, people were not injured, while citizens were not required to be placed in temporary accommodation centers. But there was material damage. According to the first information, the cause of the fire was the uncontrolled fallen dry grass.

“In connection with the above, as well as with the events of other natural fires in the area, the Primorsky District Prosecutor’s Office organized inspections, the results of which will give a fundamental assessment of the activities of officials in preparing settlements for fire risk period and their completeness. “measures are taken to prevent fires, eliminate them and minimize the consequences,” the ministry said. What threatens the heads of these settlements, the prosecutor did not specify, since the inspection has not been completed.

However, they added that at present, all the data are controlled by the territorial departments of the supervisory activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the results of which are under control in the district prosecutor’s office.


The Ministry of Emergency Situations also noted that earlier a warning was sent to the administration of the rural settlement Novosysoevsky as part of the start of the fire season, during which the head of the settlement was asked to take immediate measures to clear the existing and neighboring area. snow cover, for the development of a set of measures aimed at preventing dry vegetation fires in the area of ​​jurisdiction, etc. Inspectors of the State Fire Authority during the scheduled road inspection revealed violations, ie the absence of metallized fire protection strips along the perimeter of the settlements of the rural settlement Novosysoevsky. Based on the results of the audit, an administrative protocol was drawn up for the head of the settlement based on art. 20.4 h. 2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

In the Chernihiv region, the investigation into the fire continues, with regard to the head of the urban settlement Sibirtsevsky, the department of surveillance and preventive work sent a notice on the preparation of a protocol for an administrative offense. At the same time, three warnings were issued to the administration of the urban settlement Sibirtsevo earlier in 2022.

But it is not just officials who are accountable. A few days after the announcement of the governor and the announcement of a special fire regime, a meeting was held in the regional government on the situation with the fires in the landscape. They said that since the beginning of the year, 77 arsonists have been identified, more than 100 protocols for administrative offenses have been drawn up, the amount of fines has already exceeded 50 thousand rubles. At the moment, the number is higher, as arsonists, such as students in the Partizansky district, continue to be arrested.

In addition, criminal proceedings may be instituted against those who deliberately set fire. And the region’s Minister of Forestry, Konstantin Stepanov, suggested that any unorganized surveillance be considered arson, which should be dealt with by law enforcement agencies. In other words, it is necessary to inform the business services about the time, the place of its holding, to obtain a permit for it, to organize it according to all the fire safety requirements and to report the completion at the end.

The government noted that the work of state oversight, police, forest protection and municipal administrative committees has been strengthened in the area. But the situation with the natural fires in Primorye remains difficult, despite the previous rains. This will now be confirmed by the inhabitants of the island of Putyatin and Dalnegorsk. Primorsky Krai already ranks among the hottest areas country, since the beginning of the year, fires have covered 17.9% of its territory.

Reminds the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Landowners (landowners, land users, landowners and landlords) located within settlement boundaries, nonprofit horticultural associations, gardeners or dachas are required to regularly clean the rubbish and mow the lawn. The boundaries of the soil clearance are determined by the boundaries of the plot based on a cadastral or boundary plan. Beneficiaries of the plots must take measures to protect the agricultural land from overgrowth with weeds and timely grass in the grass.

State authorities, local governments, legal entities, agricultural enterprises, public associations, individual entrepreneurs, officials, citizens who own, use and / or dispose of the forest area, during the period of the day the snow cover melts until the creation of stable rainy autumn weather or the creation of snow cover, are obliged to ensure its clearing from dry grass vegetation, crop residues, dead wood, logging residues, residues and other flammable materials in a strip at least 10 meters wide or separate the forest with a refractory mineralized strip at least 0.5 meters wide or another fire dam.

The rules of the fire regime of the Russian Federation prohibit the burning of dry herbaceous vegetation, reeds, crop residues on agricultural land and reserve areas, causing fires in the fields. It is forbidden to burn dry grass, ignite fires, burn shrubbery, lumber and flammable materials, as well as remove dead trees and shrubs on the right side of the road, on the right of way and on the highways and railways. products.

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, violation of fire safety requirements provides for administrative and criminal liability.

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