Restaurateur Orlov: 99% of the employees in my restaurants

In April 2022, the businessman faced a flurry of criticism from the Kazakhs: the public found his remarks about the inadequacies of local staff offensive and the tension hung on the restaurant’s social networks. The businessman believes that his words were misinterpreted.

– I just meant that we bring top executives to Kazakhstan to train local staff, but in our institutions in Kazakhstan, 99% of the employees are Kazakhstan. “I apologized to those who may have been offended by my words,” he said.

Orlov assures that his experts in SMM made the wrong statement.

– Indeed, these words sounded offensive and I understand that, so the officials who allowed this text have already been fired. “I do not write my posts on social networks at all, but I only coordinate them,” he said.

The restaurateur noted that he already had similar precedents, but never apologized for his words.

– It is true that I apologized for the first time. Because I never intended to offend the people of the country I really love. “That’s why I am creating jobs in Kazakhstan, developing businesses, employees,” he said.

According to Orlov, he felt the general negative of the public on his social media, but now the wave has subsided and the situation is evolving in a positive way.

“Today I am more careful in the texts that are offered to me and now, despite the fact that I am busy, I pay attention to all the nuances,” he said.

Today Orlov owns and operates a chain of dozens of restaurants in Russia, Kazakhstan, Monaco, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan and the United States. In plans – France, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, the businessman announced the launch of four projects in Kazakhstan, including the DragonFly Japanese-Chinese restaurant in Almaty, the More & More fish restaurant and the Blue Cat Coffee and Oryol Baths bath complex in Nur Sultan.

According to Orlov, the company has plans for active expansion in Kazakhstan.

“Now in Kazakhstan we will develop the Tanuki restaurant chain and if the people of Almaty like Blue Cat Coffee and DragonFly, we will move them to Nur-Sultan. “If we talk about the geography of presence, then it will expand, and we will go to cities like Karaganda and Simkent,” says the businessman.

Kazakhstan, the interlocutor states, is a priority country for the development of the Bulldozer Group.

Why is Kazakhstan conducive to business development? The country has a very developed culture of consumption, people love to eat delicious food and spend time in beautiful places, Orlov answers.

“For example, DragonFly has become very popular with visitors in a short period of time, gastronomic events, DJ sets are made there and now it is a very popular place in the city,” the businessman explained.

DragonFly is a new project of the Bulldozer Group, which is a Japanese restaurant izakaya. Includes leisurely meals and dinners, consisting mainly of snacks. Traditional Japanese dishes, according to the chef’s writer, are created in the open kitchen. Particular attention is paid to the cutting of large fish, which is regularly organized in the restaurant. For example, Almaty residents can watch the cutting of black marlin or 60 kg tuna, which are delivered by special flights to the southern capital. After cutting, you can order your favorite piece of fish.

Recently, another point was opened in Almaty – Blue Cat Coffee. The menu focuses on quality coffee, breakfasts, fresh pastries and desserts designed by the coffee patisserie.

– But Blue Cat Coffee is not a cafe in the classic sense, it is a completely new shape. “In the evening, the facility turns into a great restaurant where you can spend time with family and friends,” said the businessman.

Another ambitious project – “Oryol Baths” – recently opened in Nur Sultan. In the construction of baths, advanced technologies were used, special ovens that give a unique steam. A varied steaming menu has been developed by experienced hairdressers, the interior and the kitchen are particularly remarkable. For visitors there are 6 houses with a capacity of up to 10 people. As well as an administrative building, which includes a public bath, a restaurant and a spa center. The facility will open before the end of the year.

“I am confident in the success of this project, as it is unique not only for Nur-Sultan, but also for the Bulldozer Group, which developed and implemented such a project for the first time,” the businessman concluded.

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