The restaurants in St. Petersburg are located to the southeast

Let’s start with the new arrivals. The Japanese restaurant Kiku Izakaya opened on Maly Prospekt on Petrogradskaya Storona. Chef Antonina Smirnova focuses on fresh seafood dishes and homemade sauces according to classic Japanese recipes. The menu includes Japanese seafood dishes with author sauces: various sashimi, tuna tartar marinated in soy sauce with avocado. Japanese okonomiyaki pancakes with crab and fruit sauce. gedza with shrimp, citrus sauce and truffle ponzu. beef tataki with shichimi sauce and marinated wasabi stalk. duck breast with yuzu and black bean sauce. The dessert menu includes traditional Japan and delicate Asian-European fusion: miso creme brulee and yuzu panna cotta.

In terms of form, the Kiku Izakaya can be called a transformative establishment. During the day, people come here for fragrant filling ebi ramen in fish broth with shrimp and miso paste, and at sunset they will relax with friends and colleagues who appreciate traditional Japanese cuisine and fresh seafood. In the evening, the izakaya bar welcomes guests with original snacks and cocktails performed by Ilya Netsvetaev (COCOCO team, Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, BURO TSUM) under the shade of a sakura chandelier and the most popular places are by the wood-burning fireplace.

By the way, Antonina learned the subtleties of cooking Japanese dishes from Munechika Ban, the chef of the Japanese restaurant MEGUmi at Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg, who called her his best student.

The MEGUmi restaurant does not give up its flagships and its permanent Japanese chef remains at the helm of the store. In the typical menu of Munechika Bana, tender wild yellow tail fillet, cut into thin slices in the shape of a Japanese fan. royal crab phalanxes in spicy sauce. various seafood on a hot salt stone. and sous-vide duck breast cooked with leek and sweet sauce based on saiko miso paste and nuts. The pride of the institution is the menu of the aquarium: several types of seasonal marine life are served at the table by the aquarium located right in the room.

MEGUmi’s permanent bestseller is Wagyu’s typical marble beef steak cooked on Mount Fuji rock. Serving a steak turns into an impressive show: the steak reaches the table on a 300-degree hot volcanic rock on Mount Fuji and is inflated with premium brandy in front of the guest. In 2022, for his contribution to the development and spread of Japanese cuisine around the world, Ban-san received the honorary title of “Goodwill Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine”, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

A second wind opened at the Sintoho Asian Restaurant at Four Seasons Lion Palace St. Petersburg. After a two-year break, guests are welcome back here. The idea has changed from formal to more democratic, approaching the form of a Japanese bar izakaya, which traditionally requires the absence of a single portion and all menu items can be carefully considered in the company.

The new chef, the Japanese Toshikazu Kato, kept true to the culinary traditions of Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong – the three cities from which the restaurant’s name derives – by offering them a fresh and modern interpretation. Nikkei sashimi, wagyu beef rolls with yuzukoze peppers, sauteed tofu ajentasi with buckwheat and radish and ginger broth. Hedonists will appreciate the sea urchin with black caviar and those who like to experiment should pay attention to the authentic Japanese dish chawanmushi – a spicy egg cream served with royal crab, black caviar and wasabi.

“Everyone remembers Sintoho as a gourmet restaurant, an expensive accommodation for a special occasion. It is now our job to break away from this stereotype. We want Sintoho to become a place where it is pleasant to gather with friends for dinner on weekdays, to try, to share impressions. “Where do you want to go on Friday night to have a few glasses in an informal setting?” Notes Toshikazu Kato.

A new address for those who love minimalism, a conceptual approach and subtle Asian-European fusion is the Match bistro at the intersection of Bolshoy Prospekt and Pionerskaya Street. Match is the first project by chef Nikita Kuznetsov, known to St. Petersburg residents for the Hamlet + Jacks and Dudes projects.

“In my opinion, the main trend in food today is simplicity and conciseness, combined with the creative and bold approach of the chef. “This is the menu I was trying to create in our new restaurant,” says Nikita. – For starters I suggest salmon in nori with ponzu and wasabi and stracciatella with pesto mousse and anchovies. I also advise you to try fried roman with furikake and yogurt, polenta with shrimp and mussels and drunk cherries – our group favorites.

Among the favorites of the guests is the green orzo with chicken hearts. For specialties, you must order bread from the Animals restaurant. Author Chang’s Asian cuisine restaurant is located on Moskovsky Prospekt, just off the path of gourmets and gourmets. However, the path to the Victory Park in Moscow is definitely worth doing by someone who knows and loves Asian gastronomy and does not accept substitutes and compromises. Your reward will be a modern, bright and spicy display of Asian flavors in the atmosphere of the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle adventure movie. Culinary traditions of Thailand, Japan, India and China, artisanal approach and impressive presentation: in the hands of chef Denis Prokhorov, even Asian street food is transformed into haute couture gastronomy. Samosa and pho bo, tom yam and pad thai, dim sums and mochi – here is gathered in the menu the whole palette of Asia and the emblematic specialties of the countries of the East, with which Denis Prokhorov is familiar first hand. The chef has a successful career at Four Seasons Lion Palace St. Petersburg, experience with chefs from Singapore, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, internships in Michelin restaurants and numerous trips to Asia.

A modern Asian direction, unusual taste combinations and a bold approach to gastronomy are on the menu of Mr. Bo you will not find regular traditional recipes. Each dish is the result of the tireless experiments of the series of chefs Dmitry Bogachev and Eldar Muradov, each of which is a discovery.

The menu is like a fascinating culinary novel: sea urchin, yuzu cream and corn spaghetti. salted sea bass, avocado and banana sauce. Japanese bamboo, scallops and red caviar. roasted eggplant, miso and coconut sauce. crispy salmon, sweet potato cream and turmeric.

In the first line of the author’s idea, Mr. Bo Eldar and Mr. Dmitri gave the sauces. The main ingredient of the dish traditionally remains almost untouched, bringing the sauces to the basic places, allowing the well-known products to sparkle with new flavor aspects. The creative duo of Eldar and Dmitry fully share the view on sauces in gastronomy, then expressed by Henry Hill, the author of the famous New York cookbook and legendary Mafia, whose story is inspired by the film Goodar . “You can’t make the same sauce twice,” Hill said. “It’s like sex: the ingredients are the same, but the result is always different.”

And in the cocktail menu Mr. Bo tone always sets the Asian mood and the focus is on carefully selected classic and popular drinks, redesigned in an Asian way. A special cocktail line in collaboration with the St. Petersburg Imbibe cocktail bar includes, for example, a variation of the Italian Sgroppino with lemongrass and gentian and a redesigned Negroni with plum and cardamom.

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