UlGES is transported to the forest, where it will soon be eaten. “Simbirsk Courier”: why the city-building company turns into JSC Ulpressa

The Municipal Duma approved the transformation of the municipal enterprise (MP) “Ulyanovsk City Electric Networks” into a joint stock company (JSC). It is not clear why this is happening and no one considered it necessary to explain to the public the motives of the authorities’ decision.

Our authorities seem to live with the belief that they are the owners of the municipal property and they can do it as they think. Meanwhile, the city of Ulyanovsk itself is the owner, the owner of this property. That is, its population. In one of the modern cartoons about antiquity there is such an episode. Officials take walks in the city and inform residents that gold coins are being replaced by wooden rubles. The handing over of gold coins is demanded, assuring that “the population will not suffer”. After the meeting of the Municipal Duma, MP Igor Kryuchkov also assured the residents of Ulyanovsk at such a level, who immediately stated on television that “this is not a show [УльГЭСа] in private hands “, and further said how the Duma will control the process of transforming the company into a joint stock company.

In time, this process will take about a year, Kryuchkov said.

But Kryuchkov, as an experienced businessman, should understand better than anyone else that a joint stock company is just private capital. If JSC “UlGES” does not immediately turn into one, then over time – for sure. And the transformation of SE into a joint stock company is the first step towards the privatization of one of the oldest companies that appeared before the 1917 revolution, and now the companies that form the city of Ulyanovsk. In his sewer, in fact, not in private – Kryuchkov is here – but in a private pocket, which will mean his impending decline.

There are practically no other examples of the fate of companies that overnight turned into KEP. This is not the same as starting an AO from scratch and developing it as an AO, which is often successful. An example of UlGES is the former Ulyanovskenergo, which included city thermal power plants. After being removed from the regional property in various steps and introduced into the current Vekselberg PJSC T Plus, the thermal power plants were turned into cash cows for the owners and the area lost both energy capacity and income. The population, however, has received a steady increase in thermal energy tariffs, which is destroying both individuals and legal entities. In addition, the rudeness shown, for example, on April 29, when, despite the warning of meteorologists for a sudden cold, the heating in the town houses was turned off. The last juices are squeezed from the thermoelectric plant, but not for the sake of their further development, but for the sake of the pocket of Wexelberg and his deputies. For profit, in a word. Meanwhile, heating systems are deteriorating and all care for them has been limited to patches, although they could be replaced with new ones with money raised by consumers over the past 20 years, but why Vekselberg? You do not need it.

Deputy Kryuchkov is probably dishonest. Someone from Vekselberg probably has his eye on UlGES as a ready source of free enrichment and the only thing is to follow the standard procedures. So you can not get the grid from the city. Acquiring them as a municipal enterprise would also seem cheeky. And through joint stock companies – this is needed, it is like a buying mechanism. There will be a purchase not of walls and wires, but of a block of shares, and through these papers – walls and cables. Then all that remains is to redirect the financial flows from the needs of the business and the consumers to the profits and the dividends. No investments will be made in the renewal of electrical networks and equipment, in their development. And there will be “optimization” of the staff table. Reducing staff, in other words – to save on the payroll and transfer savings to profit. There will be no major repairs, in connection with which the electrical installations will fail more often, which will lead to an increase in costs. When the costs cover the profit, the owners of UlGES will get rid of it and its history of over a century will be completed.

And for some reason all this intensified with the arrival of a new management team in the area, which had already taken on the role of one of the few profitable joint-stock companies – Teplichnoye JSC, whose team is suspected of selling the agricultural complex to a private owner. In general, the sale of the homeland is on the agenda. Our homeland.

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