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Early in life, a child always listens to important adults. If these adults are old school, they may impose somewhat outdated beliefs on the children. For example, “fat = ugly”, “rich = dishonest”, “thinks of himself = selfish” and many other stereotypes. These beliefs, as well as bad habits that are passed down from generation to generation, can cause health problems – mental and physical. Natalya Sokolova, a rejuvenation specialist, told Wday.ru about the actions and thoughts from which a child should be weaned in order to avoid serious health problems in the future.

Natalia Sokolova is the founder of the “School of Physical Rejuvenation”, author of 7 methods for restoring the beauty of the face and body, a member of the Russian Folk Medicine Association (NASM), head of the NASM accredited Training Center.

Poor posture

Each of us at least once in our lives heard the phrase “keep your back straight” and after a while sat down again in the place of the shrimp. Lack of a culture of self-care, which should be formed from childhood and come mainly from parents, can lead to serious health problems.

– So, for example, if a child is not taught to hold his posture in time, in the future this can lead to curvature of the spine and, as a result, uneven load on it, accompanied by pain in the back, shoulders and lower back. Few people know that problems with the spine can also negatively affect the position of the head and jaw, which also causes severe discomfort, says the expert.

Lack of movement during the day

“It used to be different” is the most popular phrase that can be heard from our grandparents. And indeed, if you see today’s children, it is unlikely to see them running in the yard and playing hide and seek. Most likely, they will sit with a tablet, watching cartoons or playing games. At the same time, children are better at using gadgets than many adults.

It is not just parents who suffer from a child’s sedentary lifestyle. The habit of adolescents to spend most of their time still can lead to serious problems with overweight and joints, curvature of the spine and vision problems. If from an early age the baby is not accustomed to an active lifestyle, then later the lack of physical activity will contribute to the fact that the muscles lose their tone and this, in turn, can accelerate the aging process, says Natalia. .

The habit of supporting the face with the hands

In the experience of the expert, this habit is often formed in school students. If your child likes to support his chin with his hands, it is worth explaining to him that this can negatively affect the condition of the facial skin. If you do not get rid of the addiction in time, you can accelerate the appearance of the first wrinkles and premature relaxation at the level of the bones of the skull and masticatory muscles, which will lead to the formation of asymmetry.

Sit cross-legged

This position has only one plus – convenience. There are many more disadvantages: varicose veins, cellulite, pelvic curvature, swelling, gynecological problems and much more. All this is due to the narrowing of the perineum. When we sit cross-legged, we interrupt the normal outflow of lymph and venous blood from the lower half of the body, the nerve (supply of nerve cells to organs and tissues. Note. ed.) does not work properly, the pelvic floor is displaced, which leads to stagnant processes in the body. In addition, this position is also dangerous for men: their reproductive function can be disrupted and they can start having problems with the prostate.

Do not express your feelings

“Be patient, Cossack, you will become an ataman,” many of us in childhood were told when blood was drawn from a finger, smeared green paint on a bruised knee, or forced to do hate work on chemistry. The habit of endurance is one of the most indistinguishable, but at the same time, harmful factors that affect the child.

Some parents teach their children from an early age not to cry when they are hurt and scared and often try to embarrass the children for any display of emotion. Suppressing emotions in oneself is wrong and even harmful. Any, including negative, emotions are important for you to experience.

Phrases from the series “boys do not cry” can lead not only to psychological problems, which at a more mature age sometimes have to be solved by a specialist, but also to psychosomatic diseases. When we hold the emotions, the diaphragm suffers, the masticatory joints are tense and a crouch is formed. In addition, a person ceases to value himself and take care of his mental and physical health, and this is also a sure way to premature aging.

Nutrition and premature aging

It has been shown that malnutrition or diet can also trigger the aging process of the body. The fact is that the products do not only provide us with energy and building materials in the form of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Food can either acidify or alkalize the body.

The doctor of anti-aging medicine Olga Shuppo explains: when there are many acids, acidification of the internal environment of the body occurs, the chronic inflammation in the tissues begins. These procedures are the main causes of aging. It happens as follows. With the acidification of the intercellular space, the intracellular functions of the cell begin to decrease. The cell dies or the functionality of its work is reduced. Within the whole organism, cellular dysfunction means the aging of the organism.

The doctor listed food groups and named eating habits that lead to aging. First on the list were simple carbohydrates and excessive fruit consumption.

Admit it, you do too
Admit it, you do tooPhoto: Alexandra Mamontova / 76.RU

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