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The classic St. Petersburg community cycle: “when will they start to heat up?”, Ice, dust storms, overheating – has reached the stage of “when will the batteries go out?”. The response of employees over the years has not changed – as the weather will give. But now at least you can guess.

The allegations of the residents of the city, like avalanches, started appearing on the official social networks a few days ago. And in unexpected places. Under Governor Alexander Beglov’s post about support for St. Petersburg movie studios and how much he loves Mikhalkov and Gaidai, a spring message appeared: “When you turn off the heating, finally! Every year this pandemonium with heating. Already turn off the fire! We are constantly drowning the road and we pay for it “. This was followed by a planned response (we emphasize not from the mayor): “In a week there will be frosts … you will start whining, what to turn off the heating”.

In the energy committee group, the first comment is on the profile: “When are you going to turn off this fucking heating? How much longer will I suffer from the heat and pay for the street heating with the windows open? In the apartment 27 ° with closed windows, with open – 25 °. I do not understand why houses heat up like that? So the bills are huge? What is the meaning? “Screenshots of the weather forecast for Saturday (+15 points) and Sunday (+14 points) are attached.

“We wrote them 4 collective appeals, 3 weeks ago, they do not respond”, writes one of the users under a festive post for Victory Day. – This is a mockery of our bubbles from year to year. I will not be surprised if they stop heating on August 31st and start on September 1st. “You have to burn the loot.”

By the answers they probably mean the answers of the section, posted here: “Every year, the exact date of switching off the heating is affected by the weather conditions, so the average daily air temperature will judge everything. The heating season in St. Petersburg will end when the average daily outside temperature in the city will be above 8 ° C for five days and above +10 for 3 days. We will definitely publish information about the end date of the heating season 2022 in our official team. ”

This is indeed a mantra that is repeated from time to time, but not a deletion – these are the patterns. The residents of St. Petersburg are trying to disagree with the committee and claim that all the criteria have been met:

The average temperature has been above 8 degrees for a long time! Why do you count to some extent in the fall and force us to live in damp apartments and now you are drowning in zeal ?! Does not the opposite happen?

If I get cold, I turn on the heated floors. So what about the fact that the condition for an average daily temperature of over 8 degrees was met in April?

“These parameters have not yet been achieved,” the committee said with restraint the previous day. “Please do not rush to turn off the heating – the weather in the city is very changeable, it was only 2 degrees above zero tonight.” How variable it is is shown in the direct speech of the employees. As early as May 3, they wrote: “We are monitoring the temperature parameters and we are already within the required values ​​for the transition to turning off the heating.”

Judging by the production schedules, the electrical engineers themselves were calculating another spring: on May 13, the hydraulic tests of the State Single Enterprise “TEK”, which take place during the non-heating period, should already begin. They will be reprogrammed, the company said. The fuel and energy sources are now operating in the specified mode, focusing on the plus 10 outside the window. The St. Petersburg Heating Network, which has scheduled the start of the plumbing at 17, has not yet changed its schedule.

The Fontanka in Smolny confirmed that they were expecting a five-day hot marathon. They do not focus on the daytime temperature, but on the average daily temperature. In addition, the valves can be activated immediately if there is a sudden prediction of heating. “It’s not there yet,” he said. “The limit of 8 degrees was exceeded only on May 10.” So, We are now in our third day of observation. We could assume that everything will end on Sunday, but there is no obligation to turn off the heating after five days – this is only a minimal period, the weather may get worse again. According to Fontanka, this time, as last year, it is supposed to be done without the transitional regime of periodic heating, which continues to provide heat to social facilities.

At the same time, the committee reminds again and again: “The comfortable temperature in your apartment depends on the competent settings of the mechanical system in the house. You can contact your Penal Code and state your comments. His eyes open just as methodically: “Thank you. It can not be “competent arrangements”, unfortunately. House built in 1903 without overhaul. Somehow I do not want to pay for the whole of May 3000 rubles “.

A year ago, the heating season ended at midnight on May 13th. The 2019/2020 season was the biggest of the last 40 years: it started on September 24th and ended on May 26th. In 2021, the heating opened on September 20, leaving another twelve days before the record, if any.

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