Rural tourism in the Moscow region: 10 places where you will learn how to cook cheese, milk a cow and mow grass


The address: Kolomna urban district, Parfentyevo village

Contacts: +7 (495) 152-02-77

Prices: cheese making master class – 4000 rubles (group up to 10 people). snail cooking master class – 4000 rubles (group up to 10 people)


“EcoVillage” – not an ordinary farm. Here live not only the usual sheep, pigs, horses and goats, but also exotic animals: crocodiles, snakes, squirrels and more. Here, too, industrial snail farming is organized. During a snail farm tour, you can try escarpments, pate specialties and snail fillets and learn how snails can be used to improve health.

The farm hosts cheese and snail making workshops with tastings. Must be pre-registered.

Ecological farm “Vankovo”

The address: Mozhaysky urban area, 116 km from the Minsk highway, turn towards the village of Sivkovo

Contacts: +7 (915) 349-80-32

Prices: accommodation – from 4900 rubles per night


Ecological farm

In the ecological farm “Vankovo” you can spend a weekend or vacation renting a wooden house by the lake or by the forest, chatting with animals at a mini zoo, riding a horse, going fishing and even learning how to milk a cow, cook homemade cottage cheese and cheese, and cut grass.

The farm feeds visitors only with its products, which are lovingly cultivated in indigenous soil. Vegetables and herbs straight from the beds, pickles and jams, honey from our apiaries – all at your disposal.

“Ecological farm in Nea Riga”

The address: Klin district, Kuznetsovo village, house 34

Contacts: +7 (925) 502-48-55

Prices: accommodation – from 7400 rubles per room (this rate includes: breakfast, lunch and dinner, farm visit and other entertainment). Goat milking, collection of chicken eggs – 300 rubles per person


“Ecological farm in Nea Riga” was created for a comfortable stay away from urban culture. To get away from the noisy metropolis completely and enjoy the rural romance, it is better to come with an overnight stay. You can stay in one of the wooden cabins. The farm has its own livestock and poultry yard and brewery, where all guests are offered a free tasting of 14 beers.

In addition to entertainment – saunas, horse riding, SPA, visit to the zoo – on the ecological farm you can watch pets and birds, take part in the process of milking a goat and enjoy fresh milk.

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Ecofarm Teterins

The address: Egorievsk district, Ryzhovo village, house 46A

Contacts: +7 (925) 181-95-96

Prices: house rent – from 15,000 rubles per day. excursion around the farm, acquaintance with animals + horseback riding – 500 rubles per person (minimum program). family program (farm tour, animal feed + horseback riding + master class + tea) – 1500 rubles per person (from four people)


Ecofarm Teterins

In the ecological farm Teterins A completely different world awaits the inhabitants of cities: life built according to the rhythm of nature, unusually clean air, the purest water, natural products, breathtaking nature and friendly people.

You can stay in a bright, comfortable house, enjoy the measured life of the village, actively participating in work or just watching them. If you wish, any visitor can learn the secrets of cooking agricultural products or even learn how to milk a cow and a goat. And also – take a steam bath in a Russian bath, take a walk in the garden for meditation, bake a cake in the tandoor, take a horse ride and try a delicious meal made from natural products.

House “Mirodolie”

The address: Sergiev Posad district, Vaskovo village, 1

Contacts: +7 (926) 222-58-92

Prices: master class “Permaculture” – from 3500 rubles, master class “Maintenance and preparation for storage” – from 2500 rubles, master class “Cooking marshmallow” – from 3000 rubles, master class “Collection of mushrooms and berries” – from 2500 rubles, master class “Collection of herbs and preparation of tea” – from 2500 rubles


Mirodolie house in the Moscow region

In a huge area ecological villages There are dozens of families who share common views on life, the household, raising children and more. Particular attention in the settlement is given to the preservation of traditions and respect for nature.

In the tour of Mirodoll, guests are introduced to local customs and invited to take part in interesting master classes. For example, here you can learn how to properly equip a garden and a garden, organize the water balance and manage the household, how to maintain and make jams without the use of chemicals and how to properly make marshmallows.

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Ileg Cheese Factory by Oleg Sirota

The address: Istra urban area, Dubrovskoye village

Contacts: +7 (926) 975-96-22

Prices: tour of the cheese factory (for a group of up to 20 people) – 2400 rubles, tasting – from 100 rubles per person (depending on the size of the group)


Oleg Sirota Cheese Factory in Istria

In the Ileg Cheese Factory by Oleg Sirota produce hard and semi-hard cheeses and yogurts. On tour, real-time visitors through huge glass walls watch the entire delicious cheese-making cycle – from the time the milk is poured into the crucible to the sending of fresh cheese heads to the salt room. And at the treasury they will be told what refining is. Besides, there is cheese tasting and a visit to the farm accompanied by a guide. Excursions must be booked in advance and paid for in advance.

Walk service at reindeer farm

The address: Dzerzhinsky, Lesnaya Street, 38

Contacts: +7 (495) 798-88-58

Prices: occupational therapy “Where the hell” for children and adults “- 3900 rubles


Foxes on the Walkservice farm in Dzerzhinsky

The farm offers a unique occupational therapy program “Where the hell”. It is suitable for all those who have never held anything heavier than a spoon in their hands and want to participate in the work.

Initially, participants will be given a tour of the farm with a story about animals. After a pleasant excursion the working day begins. You will need to take a rake, remove soiled bedding from animal pens and change it for clean hay and sawdust. After cleaning, you should feed the animals – foxes, raccoons, arctic foxes, rams, rabbits, donkeys and chickens – and bring them water. Guests will then have the opportunity to grab a snack and drink tea in a makeshift café. After that, everyone will have a master class on milking a cow, walking the dogs, collecting firewood to heat the yurt and making dog porridge. The duration of occupational therapy is from 4 to 6 hours.

Bylinkino Farm

The address: Lukhovitsy district, Bylinkino district, section 1

Contacts: +7 (910) 487-71-50

Prices: tour of the dairy and cheese tasting – from 1000 rubles, tour of the goat farm – 500 rubles


Goats on the Bylinkino farm

In the Bylinkino farm Alpine goats live. Delicious cheeses are made from their milk. In addition to the production of dairy products, the farm is actively developing agritourism. You can try yourself as a farmer, learn how to raise goats and other animals and create organic products. Work is offered in poultry farms, rabbits, in beds and on a farm with payment for natural products (depending on the season). Pre-registration required by phone.

“Free Work” Farm

The address: Dmitrovsky urban area, Gorki village

Contacts: +7 (926) 677-70-07

Prices: “Summer on the farm” excursion – 1400 rubles, “Strawberry weekend” excursion – 2500 rubles



In the farm live more than 100 dairy cows. On the farm there is a cheese factory, a zoo, an apiary and a tasting room. Greenhouse cultivation includes growing vegetables, growing plants and floriculture.

For those who want to get acquainted with the production processes, there are two excursion programs. “Summer on the Farm” includes a visit to a dairy, tasting of 20 types of dairy products and a master class for the preparation of mousse for curd. The “Strawberry Weekend” tour takes place in the greenhouse.

Organic snail farm

The address: Dmitrovsky district, SNT Temp-Sheremetyevo, 138

Contacts: +7 (999) 550-34-31

Prices: a tour of the farm – 350 rubles, a master class in cooking snails – 2000 rubles, a master class in cosmetics – 5000 rubles


Organic snail farm

In the farm There are interesting excursions where visitors are informed about the contents of snails, the benefits of their meat and much more. They are conducted by company employees and guests can ask any questions and receive appropriate answers.

In the master classes, you will learn how to cook snails according to the classic French recipe (Burgundy snails) and how to make soap and cream based on snail mucus, which has a beneficial effect on the skin.

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