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Summer is one of the most amazing times of the year. Summer is a wonderful time. Summer means long school holidays, vacations, trips.

Summer is also a very unpredictable time. And in recent years, (the weather) does not please the people of Russia.

What will happen this summer is still impossible to say with certainty – meteorological science has not yet reached such heights to predict the weather for several months in advance.

But we all believe that the climate throughout the Russian plain will be at least calm. However, so far the meteorologists do not thank us.

Based on the statistical indicators of recent years, as well as the analysis of satellite data on the movement of the atmospheric fronts and currents of the World Ocean, the experts concluded that June will not meet our expectations.

At the beginning of the calendar summer of 2022, the weather in Russia will be strange – it is possible prolonged periods of rain, heavy cavities, temperature fluctuations and other unpleasant natural disasters.

And what awaits us in June 2022?

Wet June 2022. Russia will flood from Moscow to the Urals

The long-term weather forecast for meteorologists at the beginning of the calendar summer 2022 is upset.

Thus, according to their data, June 2022 in Moscow will start with very strange weather. The first half of the first summer month is expected to be quite cool in the area of ​​the capital.

Under the influence of cyclonic gas masses coming from the Arctic, in the first ten days of June, rains will cover Moscow and the region and the air will be heated plus 13-15 during the day. With the onset of darkness in thermometers, there will only be plus 8-10, which is more typical for late fall at best, but not for early summer.

This weather will continue in the capital at least until mid-June, after which there will be less rainfall, but the wind will intensify, the gusts of which in some places will reach 18-20 meters per second.

According to a similar scenario, the climate situation will develop in almost all areas of the Central Federal District, as well as in some areas of the Central Volga region. Frequent rainfall and strong winds will also contribute to the coolness here.

At the same time, meteorologists warn, a wet cyclonic front will continue to provide atmospheric humidity in this part of Russia at least until the 15th. 30.

Will June 2022 not meet our expectations? Meteorologists say where it will be dry and comfortable in early summer 2022 – weather forecast for June 2022

And yet, it is impossible to say that June will not meet our expectations and everywhere at the beginning of the summer of 2022 there will be disgusting weather. According to the long-term forecast of meteorologists, in some parts of Russia in June there will be more sunny dry days than cloudy and wet.

So in the Urals at the beginning of next summer overall it will be very comfortable. While meteorologists promise that the daily temperature background in June 2022 for the inhabitants of the Urals will range between 20-27 degrees. At the same time, they promise at least 16 sunny days in the first month of the calendar summer and a maximum of 14 cloudy days.

But there will be very little rainfall throughout June. But you can not do without atmospheric pressure drops, which will bring some controversy in the generally quite comfortable beginning of the summer of 2022.

Experts in the Far East predict dry weather. It is expected that throughout June 2022 the thermometers will not fall below the plus 25-26. At the same time, at the peak of the heat in Khabarovsk, a heat of 30 degrees with a lack of rainfall is also possible.

A similar climate is expected in Blagoveshchensk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Birobidzhan. In Vladivostok it will be a few degrees cooler. In addition, in the Primorye areas at the end of the month, heavy rainfall with thunderstorms, hail and stormy winds is possible.

There is also the possibility of differences between day and night temperatures – and this is a serious burden for boats. Therefore, the elderly, as well as citizens suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, should follow all the recommendations of their doctors.

Weather forecast June 2022 for Russian seaside resorts. What will the weather be like in Crimea and Krasnodar Territory in June?

Neither ours nor yours – so you can probably assess what to expect in June 2022 in terms of weather in the Cuban and Crimean resorts. Many, of course, remember how unusually rainy it was here last summer, when due to bad weather the holidays of many tourists were interrupted.

By 2022, they still do not promise irregular rainfall – the amount of rainfall, according to meteorologists’ forecasts, is likely to be below the norm, at least in the south of these areas. But the temperature background with its indicators will not surprise at all.

Specifically, the summer in Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Yalta, Tzankoi, Evpatoria, Tax will start with the usual indicators. It will be a little cooler than usual in Novorossiysk and Kerch.

Towards the end of June, the temperature background in all the seaside resorts of southern Russia will rise and in early July in some places will be over 30 degrees. There will be no rainfall either. There will not be many of them, but at the same time it is possible rains some days and a possible hurricane in the sea.

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