The waitress threw a bowl of soup on the head of the restaurant owner’s wife and left them … And a day later the boss asked her to return

Massa went to work in a restaurant after school. It was one of the most famous and visited in the city. Massa knew about this and was prepared that she would not be hired immediately. So I worked as a dishwasher for almost a year. And every free minute I watched how the waiters move, how they serve the customers.

He once had to replace an experienced waitress who had an appendicitis almost in the hall. In the morning, the manager praised Massa in front of everyone and said he could go out for replacements. And as soon as there is a vacancy, it will be the Machine.

And there was a vacancy. So the girl became a waitress. At work, she was valued and respected, including by clients.

Massa wanted to become a manager at this or a similar restaurant, but she realized she needed training. He decided he needed to get a diploma. But I did not think about marriage, although it seemed like it was time.

But now, a new deputy director, almost the same age, has come to work with them. And the unmarried waitresses were thrilled.

“How do you like it, Massa?” – they asked her.

“Yes, it looks pleasant and professional,” he replied.

“And that’s all? And that he does not take his eyes off you?”, Continued the colleagues.

After a while they started talking about Massa and Roman in the restaurant that they were a couple. It basically was. They met openly, they did not hide their relationship. And then everything changed. Massa, communicating with clients, learned to understand people quickly, they were different. The difference was in how they treated the staff. It was basically a good attitude, but there were exceptions.

The exception was the wife of the restaurant owner. She came to the restaurant, as in her house. Her simple appearance already guaranteed that someone would not have a problem. This time Massa took a lot hard. The other waiters took a sigh of relief.

The extremely kind Massa accepted the order. After ordering the soup, the lady leaned back into the soup. After waiting a while, Massa went for soup. And when he returned, the lady changed her mind, now she wanted broth with croutons, and she also shouted at Massa that she had been waiting a long time.

Massa did not react to this either, wrote the order again and followed him. When he looked outside, the lady was no longer there. Massa went to look for her and then something told her to look in the back room. The door was ajar. When he entered, he saw that this lady and Roman were so absorbed that they did not even notice the waitress. And she, as if at someone’s prompting, took out her phone and took a video and then left quietly.

As she walked, she tried not to cry, because Roman had just told her an hour ago that it was time to decide and think about marriage. The girl cried quietly, so that no employee saw weakness and confusion in her eyes. And after calming down a bit, he went back to the cooks and immediately heard this lady, who had returned from the utility room, screaming.

“Where is this waitress?” Where is my order? “

Massa brings her the broth and when she prepares to put the plate down, the lady asks out loud.

– “Did you get enough sleep? Refreshed; “You have an enviable job.”

And then Massa herself, without waiting for you, pours the broth on the lady’s head. This situation will certainly not be forgotten here. With the lady crying, Roman runs out, out of nowhere, and does not know which of the women to approach him. And Massa knocks on the door and leaves the restaurant.

In the evening, her phone received an angry message from the director that she no longer works here. And that he can forget forever a career in the restaurant, he will take care of it …

So at some point the girl lost both her fiancé and her favorite job …

Standing in the shower with tears in her eyes, Massa pondered everything that was happening. Then she sat on the couch and started watching videos on her phone. Everything is visible here, so because only she needs to see it, you have to share it with someone. In the morning the girl woke up and went to the restaurant for the calculation. He realized that after yesterday he would not work here.

With a heavy heart, he stood at the door of the restaurant, and still could not decide to enter. In one hand she held the phone itself on which she managed to write everything and with the other she nervously straightened her hair.

For several minutes she was tormented by doubts whether she was worth coming in at all, because after yesterday all the employees did not greet her. But daring to open the door, something happened that changed her life forever.


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