Volunteers will manually restore the forest on the shores of Lake Baikal

Buryatia has a special fire regime that restricts access to the forest. Not surprisingly, in the last decade, the strongest forest fires have been raging throughout Russia. Thus, in the Pribaikalsky reserve, the fire destroyed trees in an area of ​​37.5 thousand hectares, which is more than half of the entire area. At the same time, the shelter hosts animals, including Red Book animals. Therefore, large-scale reforestation will begin this year.

In the territory of the Pribaikalsky reserve, the fire destroyed 37.5 thousand hectares of forest from 72.5 thousand hectares (highlighted fire areas in 2015 – 2021)

About how to properly plant trees, why it is necessary to restore the forest now and how to help with it – in the material “Inform Polis”.

For the first time in a protected area

Hundreds of forest fires occur in Buryatia every year. The most violent of these have occurred in the last decade. It is particularly unfortunate that the forests off the shores of Lake Baikal, which are intended for the conservation of animals, have suffered from them. Roman Shaltagachev, president of the New Forest public organization, could not ignore this problem and developed the “Reserved Forest of Buryatia” program to rehabilitate forests destroyed by fires and glades.

In Buryatia in 2021, there were 115 forest fires in an area of ​​1.6 thousand hectares, in 2020 – 490 in 55.5 thousand hectares. In the Pribaikalsky reserve, in 2015 alone, a fire in the crown destroyed more than 9,000 hectares of forest. In just seven years, 37.5 thousand hectares were burned there.

– For the first time in a democracy, volunteers will be involved in permanent reforestation in specially protected natural areas (SPNA). Due to the inaccessibility, the high cost and the legal peculiarities, regular and complete reforestation has never taken place in protected areas, while a huge amount has been cut down and burned. “We are the first to start doing this,” says Roman Shaltagachev. The first in a row is the Pribaikalsky Nature Reserve, located 100 km from Ulan-Ude in the Pribaikalsky district. It is an example of the fundamental problems of our nature. Since 2015, more than half of the territory has burned there – 37.5 thousand hectares, or 52 football fields. The program is long term. Planting will be done once a year in May and once in September, but provided that there are natural and economic possibilities. The first works for the preparation of the soil for the planting of trees will begin on May 14-15.

The Pribaikalsky Sanctuary is located on the shores of Lake Baikal and was created for the conservation of animals. Its rich fauna also includes Red Book animals, such as white eagle, black stork, river otter, etc.

The people of Buryatia know Roman Shaltagachev as an extreme man who crossed the frozen Baikal on his own and is going to cross the South Pole alone in 2022. The man works as a technician. And after the fires that raged in the tenth year, he decided afforest and in 2021 created the regional public agency Buryat “New Forest”.

– The ecosystem of the reserve directly affects the ecosystem of Baikal. The forest is a key element of the system. If you do not start work now, then maybe the forest in this area will disappear and after that the whole ecosystem around the lake will start to change for the worse. That is, the health of Baikal and all its inhabitants, and therefore of all of us, depends on it! – notes the president. – In addition, Novy Les will restore the forest at the Angirsky shelter in the Zaigraevsky area, where most of the forest has been cut down by “black” loggers. This summer, the damage will be calculated and a place will be found for landings that will start in September.

You need help

Roman Shaltagachev agreed with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Belarus, the BU “Burpriroda”, the Democratic Forest Service, the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office of East Baikal to carry out reforestation work in the protected areas.

– A specific landing area is selected jointly with employees of these departments in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. For each planting, RALH develops a reforestation project, in the framework of which we carry out our activities. The difficulty is that any mechanized processing in the protected areas is prohibited, ie we will work completely manually. First, we need to clean the burned area, dismantle all the debris of the previously burned trees and prepare the soil. Only then will we be able to start planting, – adds the president of New Forest.

According to Roman, the planted trees will be assigned to the New Forest, volunteers will come from year to year to control reforestation and do agricultural care.

– This spring we plan to plant 8,000 pine saplings in an area of ​​2 acres, because before the fire / clearing, pines grew in this place. We grow pine in our nurseries and in the fall we will start working with larch and cedar, – Roman Shaltagachev shares his plans. Planting trees by hand is long, difficult and expensive. Therefore, they need volunteers and the more the better. In addition, you can help us in many ways: provide products, fuel, tools or any other help. After the snow melts, the road to the landing point is difficult, so those who wish can provide off-road vehicles (UAZ, jeep). Take part now! Only together can we give clean air and water to future generations.

Roman Shaltagachev tells how to properly plant a forest after fires / logging.

  1. We clean the future landing area from debris, remove fallen burnt trees and branches.
  2. Remove the top layer of soil with a shovel.
  3. We plant tree seedlings with the help of the Kolesov sword (a narrow steel shovel for planting saplings and forest saplings).
  4. In the following years, we carry out agricultural maintenance: we clean the area with trees planted from tall grasses and shrubs, monitor the survival rate and, if necessary, replant dead trees.

How to help restore the forest in the Pribaikalsky reserve?

  1. An individual or an organization can pay for the planting of additional trees on their behalf – a tree costs only 150 rubles! For this site en / pribaykal A payment acceptance form is attached with a detailed description of the “Bouriatia Preserved Forest” program. For each tree or planted area, a planting certificate is issued with the signatures of the head of BU “Burpriroda” Aldar Tsybikmitov and the president of BROO “New Forest” Roman Shaltagachev.
  2. Those who wish can personally prepare the ground and plant trees at the Baikalsky shelter if they have been vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis. For this site en / pribaykal A volunteer registration form is included.
  3. There are many ways to help Novy Les: become a partner or provide food, fuel, off-road vehicles (UAZ, jeep), tools or any other assistance. To do this, contact the president of BROO “New Forest” Roman Shaltagachev by phone: +7 (913) 115-23-74. Website: newles.ru ELECTRONIC ADDRESS: info@newles.ru.

Curator of the socially important project “Environmental Approach” Danil Dagaev:

– Under this heading, we will talk about the accumulated environmental problems, the difficult environmental situation, how air, water and soil pollution affect the health of the population, how timely measures taken will contribute to the preservation of the natural heritage and in improving the quality of life of People. We will get the opinion of independent experts, we will show interesting practices for the preservation of the ecosystem of Baikal and the nature of Buryatia and we will explain what environmental rights the inhabitants of the republic have.

E-mail of the project “Ecological Approach”: ecolog@infpol.ru

Author: Nomina Soktueva

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