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Are you planning a party? Pay close attention to these points – most couples have problems.

In European countries, and in the big cities of our country, such a service as the organization of weddings is common. Any whim for your money – the specialist will find where to spend, how to decorate, what to feed and where to sit the guests. But what if one does not want to trust the most important day of one’s life?

If you approach the issue in detail, then you can plan your wedding on your own. Maybe it will turn out even better – who, if not you, knows all your preferences? Budget is also important in this regard. Only you can properly allocate finances and evaluate your material capabilities. At the same time, there are expenses for organizing a wedding, in which it is absolutely impossible to save money. What to consider when planning an “independent” wedding to avoid disappointment?

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When choosing a restaurant, you should be guided by a practical approach: it is much more important that the room has air conditioning and not carved columns, the room is clean and there is enough space for all guests (their number should be calculated in advance).

You should definitely go to the selected restaurant a regular, daily or weekend to appreciate the cuisine. Of course, the menu of the banquet will be different from the daily one, but it will be possible to understand the approach to the visitor.

It is also important how the restaurant solves the problem with alcohol: it is possible to bring your own drinks, there is a charge for corkage and so on. Sometimes this time can be crucial, as buying your own alcohol is usually more profitable.

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For the wedding to sing and dance

To sit the suit

From the huge number of hairdressers, it is very important to choose one where there is not only a wide range and reasonable prices, but also real professionals. Every year more and more stylistic trends, styles, colors and fabrics appear … In the chaos of such a variety, it becomes almost impossible for the bride to decide on the image.

But there is a solution! A competent counselor is what you need for a stunning wedding look. A true professional will never dress a bride in the blind. He will listen to the wishes of the girl and try to take them into account as much as possible, without losing the characteristics of figure, type and even character. Do not forget the accessories. Earrings, necklaces, bouquets, shoes and even a hairstyle are all the duties of a consultant, because improperly selected jewelry can erase the whole image.

And the biggest mistake: under no circumstances should you choose clothes for the bride and groom separately! Counselors will be able to create a unified style so that the image of the future married couple is complete and complete. By the way, in a good living room they will not only dress the groom, but also choose harmonious images for their friends and relatives.

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For the wedding to sing and danceSmile!

Despite the fact that the phrase “marriage is once in a lifetime” has put its teeth in the end, it is worth capturing the holiday. Therefore, a photographer or videographer is an important expense item, which is not worth saving money. After all, it is unlikely that the newlyweds and the guests want to see themselves not in the best perspective or at the wrong time. Professionals in their field with many years of experience will not “please”.

Be sure to check out the photographer’s portfolio or better yet, order a pre-wedding photo to find out if the boss suits you, his style and the way he works. But beige-
You should not believe in innovative reviews – here, as they say, everyone judges according to their taste.

This practice – a “trial” service – applies to both make-up artists and stylists. Bringing the beauty to the bride and agreeing with the image “in practice” is worth it in advance, so that on the wedding day it is not clear that the gentleman got the “wrong” color of the shadows and the curls are twisted “in the wrong direction”.

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For the wedding to sing and dance

beauty is infinity expressed in finished form. Friedrich Schelling

Festive decoration, decoration of your celebration, whether it is a wedding, anniversary, birthday. Creating photo zones and preparing photos, including costume making, making individual decorations, scrapbooking and much more …


According to fashion trends, the color of the wedding this year is blue. The patterns are floral, delicate, as romantic as possible.

The main trend is minimalism. It is modesty in the abundance of design details, clothes, jewelry that should be in the first place today if you want a truly fashionable celebration.


In fact, many things will be really useless. It is worth saving them and spending them on something completely different.

For example, an abundance of fresh flowers: young people will probably be given a lot of bouquets without it, so decorating arches, tables and other things with live plants will simply take money out of a newlywed couple’s wallet. Do you want beautiful decoration?

You can rent it at a holiday agency and replace the flowers with, say, balloons – kids are excited about them and this design looks just as good. There is another popular ecological choice – artificial flowers. It is worth rejecting prejudices – modern silicone or silk flowers are literally impossible to distinguish from real plants.

Another unreasonably expensive “beauty” is the fireworks at the end of the celebration. This spectacular holiday finale may not take place at all – due to bad weather, a restaurant ban and it is not always easy to photograph it in a colorful way. Definitely not worth organizing fireworks yourself, it is better to trust professionals. There is an interesting alternative for those who are still attracted to the dark: night check-in. It just looks magical!

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For the wedding to sing and dance

The money saved is better spent for other purposes. For example, renting a better car will make it easier for the main characters of the occasion to move around the city (the bride will really appreciate this with her outfit). And you can rent a hotel room – the newlyweds should relax after the holidays and enjoy each other’s company in a new environment.

And, you see, there is always room to spend extra money: a nicer outfit, a bigger restaurant, a more original menu or maybe it’s worth saving money on a honeymoon? In any case, the holidays should be a joy. And organizing your wedding, as it turns out, is not that difficult!

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For the wedding to sing and dance


The initial trend of this year’s weddings will be the presence of the couple’s pet at the celebration. If the dog or cat is not ready for such events, then you should take your pet for a photo shoot – it will turn out madly cute!

Just not that. You can not do that!

Let’s briefly list all the things that absolutely can not be done.

Do not think of plan B. When designing outdoor events – an outdoor photo shoot, horseback riding in the city and so on – you can “run” in the rain or, conversely, in a thunderstorm. There is no way to change this fact, but you can prepare. The same goes for other difficult times, which you can not influence in any way.

Shoot the event. A successful wedding (or any other vacation) is a maximum of six hours. It is best to start around 18:00 so you can finish by midnight. Then the guests will have only pleasant impressions from the celebration and the young people will not get too tired.

Rely on the fact that “marriage will win”. A common mistake is to assume that the money donated will help cover the cost of the celebration. Hence the excessive chic of the holidays, followed by indignation and debt. Therefore, when planning your vacation budget, you should only rely on your own strengths.

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For the wedding to sing and dance

Listen to tips. How many people – so many views. Your girlfriend knows better which dress suits you best, your mother knows better where to go on her honeymoon and how many children you need to have. Taking into account the wishes and characteristics of the guests (for example, if someone is coming with children or, say, there are relatives with limited mobility on the guest list) is important, but you should not go on.

It is taken very seriously. In fact, a wedding is just a celebration for family and friends, an opportunity to have fun and chat. The “not this” shade of the curtains in the restaurant, the delay of the presenter by five minutes and the guests in the “wrong” clothes should not lead to outbursts and fainting. Relax and just have fun!

One thing is important: there are no wrong marriages. There are no rules and regulations, and a wedding is, first of all, a meeting of relatives and friends, a celebration and a celebration that will help you relax, remember the moment and have fun.

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For the wedding to sing and dance

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