Glamping, camping and hotels in the Moscow region will be developed according to uniform standards

Domestic tourism is becoming increasingly popular, including in the Moscow region. Shatura is no exception. In October last year, the village “DASOS” appeared in the district of the city. Its owner, Nikita Gorelov, attended a meeting with Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of the Moscow Region.

During the meeting, a new measure was proposed to support glamping entrepreneurs in the Moscow region. They will be able to select a plot on the investment map of the Moscow region by opening the “Hotels” tab. All investors are provided with support from the moment of choosing a plot until the registration.

Nikita Gorelov shared his impressions from the meeting with the governor:

– The basic message of the governor, which seemed very important to me: “We are together!”. Andrei Yuryevich has repeatedly stressed that they do not need to grow and develop all separately, but together. This is how we achieve the best result. It is also important that we discussed issues related to the reconstruction of hotels of all kinds, including camping sites, and the support measures offered by the Government of the Moscow Region. Now the tourism business in the Moscow region is receiving huge support, this is a great incentive to grow, to offer visitors the best service and thus to develop the tourism industry of the Moscow region as a whole.

“FOREST” is not just an outdoor recreation with comfortable service. This is a dream come true for two. This is a corner of happiness and silence away from dusty big cities “, say the creators of the village, Gorelov, about their village. Last fall, here, in a pine forest, not far from Lake Lemeshinsky, two houses appeared, stylized as camping tents.

Camping enthusiasts Olga and Nikita Gorelov took a few months from the idea to its implementation. Nikitas built buildings from the foundation to the roof with his own hands. The family of course helped.

Olga said that the houses with frame A are equipped with everything you need: towels and bed linen for each guest, TV (SMART TV), Wi-Fi, air conditioning, washing machine. There is also a full bathroom with shower and kitchen. Guests can use the refrigerator, electric stove, kettle, microwave and even dishwasher. Each house has its own space for barbecue with skewers, cauldron and barbecue.

Photo: FOREST ecovillage


Photo: FOREST ecovillage

“Now the heating is electric, it will soon be natural gas, a floor with hot water has been installed and the ‘smart home’ system is working,” Nikita Gorelov added.

Ecovillage “FOREST” offers holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The house accommodates up to four guests, children stay for free. There is also a sauna in the area, a fire area with a swing. Free access to sport bikes for forest walks. For lovers of the countryside – off-road travel by jeep.

More than 370 visitors have been here for half a year. They do not only come from Moscow and the region. The inhabitants of Tula, Orel, Kazan rested here. Here, photos are often taken as a souvenir and sometimes festive business photography is ordered. Newlyweds Artem and Tatiana recently immortalized their “honeymoon” weekend.

Ecological villages attract here, however, not the charm of a comfortable life, but the possibility of loneliness and communication with nature. A leisurely stroll through a pine forest can lead to the habitat of charming huskies. Dogs can pet them, treat them and walk along forest paths.


Photo: FOREST ecovillage


Photo: FOREST ecovillage

“We want to organize many sports activities for children and adults, where our huskies can also take part. These are areas like canicross – running, bikejoring – cycling, winter – skijoring on skis. And of course, a sleigh “, wife Olga shared her plans.

In addition to these entertainments, the owners of the ecological village develop tourism in local attractions. To do this, they buy off-road vehicles and develop routes along with local historians.

“We want to cover all the important and exciting parts of our neighborhood, to create routes according to the interests. We will definitely take them all into account. “Part of the itineraries is planned to open this year”, says the businessman Nikita Gorelov.

Meanwhile, the fourth house is being built on a forest area of ​​about one and a half hectares. It will be different from the previous ones. The Barnhouse-style house will accommodate a larger number of holidaymakers. Meanwhile, new ideas are born in the head of Nikitas and Olga. For fans of The Lord of the Rings, the kids decided to make a hobbit. And for those who want to merge with nature, glass houses will appear.


Photo: FOREST ecovillage


Photo: FOREST ecovillage

Nikita Gorelov shared his plans and ideas with Aleksey Artyukhin, the head of the Shatura district. First, there will be further improvement of the beach on Lake Lemeshinskoe, which started together last year. And the Micheron guy also wants to develop sports, tourism in his home village and just improve the lives of his compatriots.

“I want to do something useful for my country and those who live here. So that we can have a cultural rest together and grow here. We should be proud of our little Homeland. Shatura is one of the most beautiful districts of the Moscow region, we have rich nature, a huge number of lakes and rivers, forests. “People need to see this beauty, this is the culmination of Bolshaya Shatura,” Nikita said.


Photo: FOREST ecovillage

The eco-village continues to grow; tents and field equipment for recreation directly in the forest have already been purchased here. The kitchen of the field will cater for up to 200 people. In the area in the process of creating a jeeping and husky park, the construction of a playground. “FOREST” for the right, environmentally friendly and cultural recreation. And you can book a house at any convenient time by calling: 8-903-525-07-70. Olga Gorelova herself will help you choose a comfortable accommodation.


Evgenia CHIRKUNOVA, President of the Youth Council headed by:

– At the beginning of April, the most active children from the Youth Council under the head of our region spent the weekend at the FOREST Ecovillage. This place immediately immerses you in an atmosphere of comfort and homely warmth, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the flow of business. In the area we were able to play with cute and active husky puppies and enjoy the beauty of the Meshchera forest. It is worth noting a pleasant and warm welcome: our hosts showed us the area, cooked delicious pilaf and soup in a cauldron and in the evening made tea in a samovar and melted a bath. Ecovillage leaves the warmest and kindest memories, so I got back there a week later, but with my family. If you want to take a break from the business flow and spend it alone with nature, then this place is perfect for you!

Oksana Biryukova

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