Magnetic Storms May 15, 16 and 17: Magnetic Storm Schedule for May, What to Prepare for Meteorologists

Magnetic storms are an extremely negative phenomenon that affects not only the reality around us, but also human emotions and health.

Magnetic storms in May 2022: magnetic change program

14 to 16 May Including May, there will be a less bright but prolonged storm. His strength throughout the period will be equal to 3 points. In general, this magnetic storm is weak and stable, so it can be characterized as even more neutral. However, this period will not be liked at all by sensitive people who depend on the weather. They should take good care of their condition.

From 19 to 21 May there will be a smaller but the same activity as the previous, magnetic storm. Its strength will be equal to 3 points, however, due to its short duration, a small number of people who depend on the weather will be able to feel it.

Strong magnetic storms in May – magnetic storm calendar

The strongest period of activity of magnetic storms will be at the end of May and we need to talk about this in more detail.

From 23 to 24 May the strongest and strongest magnetic shock is expected. Experts from an independent laboratory rate it with 5 points. According to the ratio of indicators, this is a moderate magnetic storm, however, there is a slight moderation in it. Such an activity will bring many unpleasant sensations to all people, even to those who are not subject to metapathy. These days, it is important to monitor your condition very closely and provide yourself with timely medical care.

From the evening of the 24th of May until the evening of the 27th of May the storm will weaken, but its index will be constant at the point of 4 points for the whole period of time. This is also an unpleasant situation, as the symptoms that appear from the first strong earthquake will persist for all days, if the person does not provide proper help to himself and does not consult a doctor if his condition worsens.

May 27 to May 28 the storm will subside. Its index will be equal to 3 points and meteorologists and healthy people will gradually begin to recover after a series of solar activity.

Note that May itself will end with a period of complete magnetic calm, during which no disturbances from the Sun will be observed.

Magnetic storms in May 2022: a program of magnetic storms for 15, 16 and 17 May 2022, what meteorologists should prepare

The most dangerous magnetic storms are expected from May 15. Metopaths need to be more careful about their health. The real geocorm will fall on 24-27. First, the geomagnetic fluctuations will reach a power of 5 units. Then they gradually decline to 4 points. Many people will get worse, behavior will change. It will be difficult to control emotions.

On the night of May 28, the level of magnetic storms will be 3 degrees. There will still be weakness and malaise, but it will be easier to experience disturbances in the magnetosphere. The geomagnetic state should be stabilized by the end of the month.

Because magnetic storms are dangerous for humans. Recommendations for Meteorologists on How to Reduce the Impact of Dangerous Magnetic Storms

Dangerous days include magnetic storm dates. They are very affected by weather sensitive people. At the same time, storms can be strong and weak, as well as moderate in intensity. They are divided into short and long.

When the Sun is calm, healthy people hardly feel its effects, since the Earth has its own magnetic field. Protects against cosmic particles until their intense motion is observed, leading to disturbances. When the Sun launches ionized particles, there is a surge of currents in the magnetic field.

The level of impact of such phenomena depends on several factors. Gradually, they have a cumulative effect, causing rather negative consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the dates of the disturbances in the magnetic field.

On unfavorable days, people with chronic diseases and simple meteorological addicts suffer more.

Mainly, in unfavorable times, those who have diseases of the heart, blood vessels and nervous system are at risk. Complaints in magnetic storms, as a rule, are the same – a sharp jump in pressure up or down, severe fatigue, insomnia, apathy.

Unfavorable days in January 2022 for all weather sensitive people can pass much easier if you follow these rules. They allow you to maintain normal well-being, as well as take measures to improve health.

How to prepare for magnetic storms to withstand them more easily

On the eve of a magnetic storm, do not overload, spend at least an hour a day in the fresh air. Eat light meals, cut down on smoking, drink alcohol. Get enough sleep, do light morning exercises. People with chronic diseases should be provided with the necessary medicines.

It is important to stay calm, not to exaggerate the effect of a magnetic storm on the body.

How to protect yourself from the negative effects of a storm on people who depend on the weather

To reduce the negative effects of the storm on the body, limit strenuous physical activity, rest more, walk in the fresh air and ensure good sleep. Insist on a healthy diet: eat fish, vegetables, whole grains, drink more water.

What not to do during a magnetic storm

Avoid coffee, alcohol, smoking. Do not give in to stress, avoid conflict situations. Do not take on a job that requires concentration and attention. Limit your driving.


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