3 excuses why it is so difficult to start eating right and lead a healthy lifestyle

Any change for us is a stress that must be overcome to start living differently. However, not everyone manages to get out of their comfort zone. As a rule, we start doing something only when the body is literally screaming for help. We switch to the right diet when we can not fit in our favorite jeans or enroll in the gym when climbing stairs becomes difficult.

We advise you not to start yourself up to this, but to start doing something useful now. We have gathered three popular excuses that prevent us from moving forward and ways to deal with them.

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How to set amazing goals and move on?

3 excuses that prevent you from starting a healthy lifestyle

I do not have time

Time is never enough, it is important to allocate it properly. First, you can review your life plan, eliminate trivial activities (for example, watching TV shows) and replace them with healthier habits – proper nutrition, exercise.

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I will start on Monday

I will start exercising or eating right away from Monday or the first of next month. Ordinary language translation – never.

I am lazy

It seems like you need to get in shape, but not so urgently. A person is waiting for some alarm calls to start a healthy lifestyle. This stimulus is most often the doctor when he reports heart problems or obesity.

Because we are looking for excuses

I will give you bright tips from an experienced professional trainer: just go and start exercising. Do not think about anything. We got up, got dressed and went for an hour walk or to the gym. Buy a subscription – and go. Just take the first step. For example, set a small goal, say, to lose a pound in a month. You will see that this is quite possible and it will become a habit.

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A healthy lifestyle is difficult to start for many reasons. All of these reasons are at different psychological levels of the individual, they also intervene and serve as excuses for continuing an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are the main ones:

Environment. When everyone around you follows an unhealthy lifestyle, it is very difficult to stay on the chosen path. Your friends or relatives, for example, drink and you like it. Or “everyone smokes” during a break, and you also go to smoke, because otherwise there will be no opportunity to relax (non-smokers work) and join the group.

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Habits. Habit is second nature. Stress is alcohol. Holidays are alcohol. Such a scenario becomes a well-trodden path in the brain, from which it is then difficult to get out.

beliefs. Let’s say you believe that athletes’ hearts wear out much faster and they die earlier from a heart attack. Why do sports then? This belief can affect sports.

commitment to something. Speaking about it, “my father did the same”, “we always drank on vacation”. Starting a healthy lifestyle in this case will mean separation from family, race, people and this can be a very difficult story.

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The choice of who I am. Am I healthy or not? Do I love myself or not? Is it pleasant for me to be sober, sane or do I eat my injuries and problems at work with pasta? It is usually a matter of strategy and the existence of various options for solving problems. All this prevents us from achieving this goal – to follow a healthy lifestyle. But everything can be solved.

Where to look for motivation to finally start?

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Everyone will have their own reason. One will see the second chin in the photo, while the other will begin to feel shortness of breath when walking. Someone will be helped by an outside opinion when you are angry and want to prove that you are the best. Sometimes not so good exams can push you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Enhanced lennoe state and psychological aspects. For example, in order to introduce some action into a habit, new neural circuits must be aligned in the brain. The more often we repeat something, the easier it is for us to do it. If you wake up at 12:00 for five consecutive years, then it will be more difficult for you to start running in the morning.

And we are constantly moving behind our emotions, that is, our self-knowledge and our inner evaluation are directly related to what we feel. It’s hard to start when we often reprimand ourselves, criticize ourselves, call names, think we’re not good enough for something. This leads to the fact that our mood is deteriorating and we do not want to do anything at all. By succumbing to these feelings, we distance ourselves from the values ​​that are important to us: to be healthy, beautiful and feel good.

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Therefore, it is worthwhile to start with a positive attitude and process negative beliefs: be sure to record them in a diary of thoughts. And instead of criticizing yourself, learn to support yourself.

Another good exercise is visualization. As often as possible, imagine that you have already achieved your goals. Create in your imagination a picture of an ideal future to have a smile on your face and improve your mood.

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Exercise and healthy eating offer far more benefits than a simple reflection in the mirror. This is a boost of energy, emotional release, a surge of endorphins, new acquaintances, strength and motivation for achievement. So the phrase “I like it so much” is a bit misleading. A healthy lifestyle is essential for good health. No one has ever been harmed by physical activity, a clean diet and the absence of bad habits.

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