baby food packaging trends

Baby food is a must – it comes in a special package that meets many requirements: the safety of the product and its taste, detailed information on the composition and possible allergic reactions. When developing the design and functionality of the packaging, it is important to take into account the interests of the target audience – these are parents and one-year-olds who can already express their reactions and attitudes towards the product. Nikolai Artamonov, founder and creative director of Otlichnosti, considered various approaches to category design.


The minimalist bright and light packaging with a bib design can be considered a classic approach. Communication targets basic instincts – “Your child will be very tasty”. Unusual flavor combinations also stimulate the desire to try the product.

Suitable for consumers of all ages, Applesauce Adventures Organic Applesauce is available in three flavors: Spicy Apple, Straight from the Tree and Sweet as Apple Pie. The apple sauce is packaged in a squeezable bag that allows you to eat it immediately or squeeze it in a separate container.

The Applesauce Adventures

Cherub Food jars are full of aesthetic emphasis – each of the plump glass jars is accompanied by a minimalist label with a cartoon mouth with a tongue.

Cherub Food, Me + James Studio

With their simple and modern appearance, Cherub Food jars magnetize the eyes and show that only the most necessary ingredients are used in the formula. Designed by Me + James Studio.

Cherub food

Useful products for an anxious audience

Parents are the most worrying target audience. The most important indicator for them is the usefulness of the products they give to their babies.

Windows and completely transparent packaging with a detailed description of the ingredients and how they are processed are used by baby food designers to convey the core values ​​of the brand.

UK-based startup Keep It Real Baby makes nutritious, clean, organic baby food that is as close to home as possible. The design of the Love Mondays package is inspired by the core values ​​of the brand: to be honest, to be playful, to remain inclusive and to continue to inspire.

Inspired by children’s books, the designers created handmade textures and illustrations on paper that perfectly matched the idea of ​​fair and fun food.

Horizon is a tribute from a farm to a table with high quality materials. All this is balanced with a very clean and modern branding and color coding to make it stand out on the shelf as much as possible.

Functional bonuses

When the product itself is already useful and tasty, the functional advantages of the packaging of a particular brand are used. Convenient doypacks for feeding outside the home, mini spoons, tight lids in case the child has not finished eating, as well as kitchen “gadgets” to make your own puree.

Little Spoon was first introduced to parents as a healthy baby food brand that produces baby food mixes for different ages that prioritize freshness. Subscription and delivery options are also available, with parents choosing the meal plan that best suits their schedule and their child’s needs, as well as receiving fresh, organic baby food once every two weeks.

Small teaspoon

The brand has also made sure to include a small ergonomic spoon in each package, as the company believes it is important for children to learn how to eat on their own and develop healthy eating habits from an early age.

Baby Garden Glaciers freezer trays from Cardboard Helicopter Product Design allow parents to save time and waste while preparing food.

Baby Garden Glaciers, Cardboard Helicopter Design Product

Each tray comes with six separate baby food containers that parents can store for their little ones in advance. On the caps of these capsules, you can make labels with markers – for lifetime compliance.

The baby food manufacturer Plum Organics solved the problem of feeding children on the street – so the company turned to the IDEO agency.

Plum Organics, IDEO

Designers have developed transparent containers – a resealable lid makes it easier for parents to store food between meals, and the container has a feature that allows them to watch the day they opened the package to make sure they would not throw away food. .

The new package is easy and safe to stack and has a recess in the lid where parents can place a spoon, making feeding neat and healthy.

Plum Organics, IDEO

Creative for children and their mothers

Modern parents are yesterday’s millennials. In addition to the benefits, the taste, the environmental friendliness and the functionality of the packaging, they appreciate the creative approach to design that is unusual for the class.

Latin Baby is a Florida-based brand that meets the needs and preferences of millennial parents. Unlike the classic brands that have been on the market for years, the company uses superfood ingredients and decorative packaging.

The Latin Baby

Latin Baby is designed to appeal to young Hispanic shoppers. The brand can reach consumers using ingredients such as corn, which are traditionally used in Latin American cuisine. The brand also avoids sugar and sweet fruits and chooses lively spices instead.

The manufacturer also uses neon light packaging to distinguish it from other baby food brands that choose more muted color palettes.


Startup Raised Real offers a subscription to baby food and a machine for its preparation. All food is organic and the menu is curated by one of the co-founders, who has a PhD in nutrition and is a registered dietitian.

Raised Real / Behance

This is a pre-portion meal that is not already served mixed. Instead, the company offers a machine that first steams the food and then mixes it.

Raised Real / Behance Raised Real / Behance

As we have seen from the selection of cases, baby food may be preferred by the target audience not only because of the price category and the compliance of the basic ingredients. Functionality and playful element, demonstration of the freshness of the products, the need for aesthetics – these tasks are successfully implemented with the help of packaging design.

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