Weather forecast for summer 2022, construction of agricultural machinery plant in Taganrog and Rostov victory in Khimki: results

We remind you of the main events of the coming week.

In Rostov, a solemn parade was held in honor of the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War without the participation of the air force.

During the broadcast of the Victory Parade in Theater Square, it was announced by the TV channel DON-24 that there will be no air parade.

Recall, earlier it was reported that about 40 aircraft – planes and helicopters will take part in the Victory Parade on May 9, 2022 in Rostov.

The air parade was also canceled in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and other Russian cities due to bad weather.

A new agricultural machinery factory will be built in Taganrog.

The volume of investments in new production is estimated at 1.5 billion rubles.

The company will produce five types of equipment: plowing, livestock harvesting, grain processing, self-propelled and trailer sprayers, as well as adapters for combinations.

According to Vasily Golubev, this is another step towards the expansion of the national complex of agricultural machinery.

“Six months ago, the construction of a tractor factory in Rostov started, now we are starting the construction of a high-tech production in Taganrog. In the area of ​​the former factory, a complex will be created for the production of modern agricultural machinery. “The companies of the Rostselmash Group of Companies are already among the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery and continue to prove it by moving forward,” said the head of the region.

The Governor stressed the importance of creating jobs at the new plant in Taganrog:

“In the first stage, there are 500 jobs, with a further prospect of up to 1,500. I would like to express my gratitude to Rostselmash for this,” he added.

According to Alexander Vinogradov, General Manager of Rostselmash Trailers and Installed Equipment, Taganrog’s return to the region’s agricultural engineering complex will increase production volume and bring the Rostov region to a new level of industrial production.

The construction of the facility is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

The head of the Rospotrebnadzor regional Evgeny Kovalev // photo: Olga Gopalo,

IN THE Rostov Oblast in In May, the regional Rospotrebnadzor stepped up cholera prevention due to the onset of heat and large number of refugees. About ΚΠ Rostov-on-Don» he said chief health doctor of the Rostov region, head of the Rospotrebnadzor regional Evgeny Kovalev.

IN THE The hot season is particularly favorable for the spread of intestinal infections. Except, due to increased migration flows, it was also decided to strengthen precautionary measures cholera detection. Everything works inside the improved function goes through second decade of April. IN THE depends we will decide on the current situation keep acting this function or switch to planned», he said Evgeny Kovalev version.

Rospotrebnadzor experts check all refugees border crossing points: people are being investigated, they measure the temperature. IN THE case of complaints about The well-being of the citizens of Ukraine is taken into account by doctors.

also in Rostov takes water samples from tanks. 800 such samples have already been taken, the results are negative cholera was not found it was.

Kovalev told how to prevent cholera and other intestinal diseases.

IN THE First of all is hygiene. Wash your hands before eating, drinking and cooking use safe water. You have to try no swallows water inside bath time at water body. It is very important to follow the rules of preparation, transport and pantry. And, of course, communicate doctors. So you can protect you from other people’s diseases», summed up the head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor.

// photo: //

In the Rostov region, the summer of 2022 will usually be hot. Especially in August.

In June, normal weather is expected in the territory of the Rostov region, with an average monthly temperature of 21.9 degrees and 59 mm of rainfall per month.

In July, the temperature in the northern regions of the region may be slightly lower than in the summer of 2021. The normal average of the average monthly temperature in July in our region is 26.5 degrees with 50 mm of rainfall during the month. But in July last year, rainfall in the Rostov region fell by 50% more than usual – due to rainfall.

The hottest weather in the Rostov region in the summer of 2022 will be in August. Average monthly temperatures can exceed 25-29 degrees.

However, Wilfand noted that the forecast is long-term and preliminary. The situation can change under the influence of strong cyclones and anticyclones.

Rostov – Khimki // photo: Denis Demkov

fourteen May on stage Rostov arena» the fight was over 29th RFPL tour between Rostov» and Club Khimki».

IN THE the first half 12th minute first goal after the assist Dmitry Poloza scores Roman Tugarev. Then at 17th minute, thin yellow blue increase the lead my 14 ball inside league applies Poloz.

Khimki» in first half lazily attacked and no response target scored.

In second half Rostov» attacked unsuccessfully, but Khimki» intensified considerably. However, for 45 minutes of the second half without a goal was and Only in the football player scores in overtime Khimki» Resiuan Mirzoff.

The game ends with score 2: 1 in the benefit of the Rostovites. Yellow blue» moved from tenth up ninth place with 38 points and caught up Αχμάτ». Grozny’s team today at 19:00 playback will start from Wings of the Soviets».

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