Forest nursery for 10 million seedlings to be set up by Yakutia resident ASEZ for forest restoration – News of Yakutia

YAKUTIA.INFO. An environmental project aimed at restoring and preserving forests is to be implemented by a new resident of the Yakutia Priority Development Area. Under an agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Company, Grow Forest of Yakutia will attract 300 million rubles in investment, which will be used to build a 2.5-hectare greenhouse.

“The idea of ​​creating the project arose after fires raging in Yakutia, the area and the power of which have reached record levels in the last two years. An additional incentive for us was the changes in Russian legislation, which opened the possibility of creating a market for seedlings within the democracy. This is very important for the largest area of ​​the Russian Federation in terms of area, as, according to the recommendations of scientists, the maximum distance for the transfer of seedlings is not more than 500 km “, said the General Manager of Grow Forest of Yakutia LLC Alexander Makarov.

The modern greenhouse equipment will allow the establishment of seedlings with closed root system, which today are a modern and high-tech type of planting material and make it possible to create forest crops throughout the growing season and not only in spring and autumn. . The seedlings are grown in special containers, which ensures a 90% survival rate during further transplanting. In total, 10 greenhouses will be built on the outskirts of Yakutsk, where up to 10 million future trees can be planted.

The demand and relevance of the modern forest nursery was noted by the lead researcher of the Institute of Biological Problems of the Permanent Ice of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexander Isaev. According to the scientist, the Republic of Saha (Yakutia) is one of the richest areas in natural resources, where geological exploration of the subsoil, exploration and extraction of minerals in forest areas, infrastructure projects and other work is carried out on the development of forests. of the area.

“All this requires mandatory reforestation, including artificial reforestation. “In one way or another, the need to create forest nurseries in the territory of Yakutia extends, which would provide the democracy with local planting material adapted to local natural conditions and meeting the principles of economic expediency,” said Alexander Isaev.

Significant support for the work of the company “Growing Forest of Yakutia” will be provided by the tax benefits provided by the ASEZ regime and the reduced rates of premiums. “According to our calculations, the income tax benefits will reduce the amortization period of the project by three times, in 3-5 years. “A significant reduction in premiums will allow a large number of staff to be attracted – from 48 initially to 82 after all stages of the project have been completed,” said Alexander Makarov.

In addition to income tax benefits, Yakutia ASEZ residents have zero land and property taxes for the first five years. Insurance contributions to PFR, FSS, MHIF have been reduced from 30% to 7.6%. In addition, investors receive preferences for the implementation of their projects, including the provision of land for the implementation of the project and the possibility of applying the free customs zone regime. This was stated by the director of the management company TOR “Yakutia” (a subsidiary of KRDV) Dmitry Borisov.

“In Yakutia’s priority development area, there are also additional property support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is an opportunity for preferential rental in universal production buildings, where entrepreneurs who, in the initial stages of implementation of their projects, do not have the ability to build their own buildings, can host production or assembly shops in fully prepared spaces. “, Added Dmitry Borisov.

According to the Far East and Arctic Development Company, today 33 companies with a total declared investment of 13 billion rubles are residents of Yakutia ASEZ. The full implementation of all projects will create 1.9 thousand jobs. At present, 12 projects have been implemented by investors, 4 billion rubles have been invested in the economy of the democracy and 600 jobs have been created. The press service of the Society for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic reports

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