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The extent of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory increased by 1.6 times a day, reaching 13 thousand hectares. In the area, forces of “Avialesouhrana” are attracted from neighboring areas. A difficult situation with burning forests also developed in Khakassia and the Irkutsk region, where the area covered by fire amounted to 2.8 thousand and 2 thousand hectares, respectively. Smoke from the burning forests of Siberia covered Buryatia. Rosleskhoz recommended the establishment of regional emergency regimes in the forests of the Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia territories and in the Irkutsk region – in individual municipalities. At the Krasnoyarsk Ministry of Forests, this recommendation was astonishing: the state of emergency throughout the region has been in force since 7 May. In addition, on the same day, due to fires, a state of emergency was declared in the territory of the Irkutsk region.

Fires continue to rage in Siberia. As of May 16, according to Avialesookhrana, there have been 105 forest fires in Russia in an area of ​​24.2 thousand hectares. Most of them are located in the regions of Siberia: 88 fires, 21.1 thousand hectares have been covered by fire.

IN THE Krasnoyarsk Territory now the situation with forest fires is the most serious in the region: their area increased by 1.6 times during the day, amounting to 13 thousand hectares, by night the situation remained almost unchanged: there are 33 forest fires in area total area of ​​12.1 thousand hectares. There is no threat to the settlements, Avialesoohrana noted. The regional government says 17 forest fires have been extinguished in the last day. “In several areas, there was a risk of fire that moved from the forest to settlements and financial facilities. “Firefighters managed to put out the fire in some cases literally on the outskirts of cottages and residential areas,” said authorities.

“Avialesookhrana” calls the cause of part of the forest fires the passage of the fire from the fields and other areas adjacent to the forest. One week ago, as a result of huge natural fires, 827 buildings in the area were destroyed, of which 518 were residential buildings. Eight people died.

Rosleskhoz, taking into account the difficult fire situation in three regions of Siberia, recommended the introduction of regional emergencies in the forests of the Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia territories and in the Irkutsk region – in individual municipalities. In Hakkasia, as Kommersant clarified, a similar decision can be taken before the end of today, emergency situations have already been introduced in two areas of the republic. According to Avialesookhrana, as of this morning, there were six forest fires in Hakasia in an area of ​​more than 2.8 thousand hectares. About 100 people are involved in the firefighting, including 40 aircraft firefighters from the FBU of Avialesookhrana. “We asked for additional help from the Federal Reserve. “On Monday, a plane flew towards us from Cheetah with an additional 50 firefighters,” the ministry’s press service added.

Today, 100 air firefighters from the Kurgan region have been deployed in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. “According to the weather conditions, Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia, where an additional transfer of the forces of the Federal Avialsuhrana is taking place today, are in the extreme fire danger zone until the end of May. The same difficult situation is expected in other regions of the Siberian Federal District.

At the Krasnoyarsk Territory Ministry of Forestry, the recommendation of the Federal Forest Service to introduce a regional emergency regime in the forests was astonishing. The department told Kommersant that the state of emergency in the forests throughout the region has been in force since 7 May and, therefore, there is no talk of another one being introduced.

According to the ministry, more than 4,000 people and about 1.1 thousand pieces of equipment are involved in the work to protect the forests from fires, 8 Mi-8 helicopters and an An-2 aircraft with overflow are in service.

A state of emergency due to the situation with the forest fires on May 7 has entered the territory Irkutsk Oblast. According to Avialesookhrana, as of May 16, there were 23 fires in the area in areas of the forest fund in an area covered by fire, over 2 thousand hectares. Smoke from the burning forests of the Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarsk Territory has arrived Μπουριατία. The Buryat Democratic Forest Service reported smoke in Ulan-Ude and several other areas. The cause, according to the hydrometeorological center, was the “northwest transport of smoke” from neighboring areas.

The declaration of a state of emergency gives authorities additional opportunities to fight fires: maneuvering reserves, attracting forces and third parties (from the military, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the political structures), says WWF Russia expert, coordinator of the Forest Wildlife Fund (WWF) for Konstantin Kobyakov High Conservation Forests.

“It would be good to implement this measure not when the disaster has already happened, but in advance. In fact, an emergency is a bureaucratic act. “However, regional authorities are often afraid to introduce the regime in time, so that they do not seem to have allowed an emergency,” Kobyakov said.

He believes that it would be possible to simplify the process by linking the receipt of the necessary resources to fight fires with the introduction of emergency situations. “The state of emergency at the regional level does not allow the use of federal reserves. “Introducing it may slightly change the process of allocating firefighting funds to regional authorities (for example, something can be done without long-term competitive processes), but it does not add to them,” said Gregory Coxin, head of the Greenpeace Department of Firefighting. . .

Alexander Gliskov (LDPR), a member of the Natural Resources and Ecology Committee of the Krasnoyarsk Krai Legislative Assembly, sees no need to establish additional emergency regimes in the region: “All existing resources have already been mobilized, so believe that this regime will not offer additional opportunities to the authorities. “There will be no more firefighters, aircraft, equipment and there will be no more money in the budget than the announcement of the state of emergency.”

Daria Resetnikova, Novosibirsk

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